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Full Moon Times and Dates

Lunar phases


Times and Dates of the Moon Phases 2014

All times provided are in Universal Time (UT) - Greenwich Meridian

Full Moon

New Moon

Jan 1 11:15 Capricorn
Jan 16 04:53 Capricorn Jan 30 21:40 Aquarius
Feb 14 23:54 Aquarius Mar 1 08:01 Pisces
Mar 16 17:09 Pisces Mar 30 18:46 Aries
Apr 15 # 07:43 Aries Apr 29 06:15 Taurus
May 14 # 19:17 Taurus May 28 18:41 Gemini
Jun 13 # 04:13 Gemini Jun 27 08:10 Cancer
Jul 12 11:26 Cancer Jul 26 22:43 Leo
Aug 10 18:10 Leo Aug 25 14:14 Virgo
Sep 9 01:39 Virgo Sep 24 06:15 Libra
Oct 8 10:52 Libra Oct 23 21:58 Scorpio
Nov 6 22:24 Scorpio Nov 22 12:33 Sagittarius
Dec 6 12:28 Sagittarius Dec 22 01:37 Capricorn
  • ( # ) indicates one of the Three Spiritual Festivals - please see details below.
  • Note: the above times do not take into account Daylight Saving Time (DST). When DST begins in your local area, just add one hour to the listed time.
  • Note: the astrological signs shown relate to the sun and not the moon.


The Three Spiritual Festivals 2014

The Three Spiritual Festivals will occur on the following days:
14 April Easter
14 May Wesak
12 June Christ's Festival and World Invocation Day

Further information on the Festivals may be found here.


Universal Time Conversion

Universal Time (UT or UTC) is also known as Greenwich Meridian or Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) — it is the basis for calculating time throughout most of the world. The following table outlines the conversion process from UT into local standard time for major areas around the world.

Please note: the following conversion hours do not take into account Daylight Saving Time (DST). When DST begins in your local area, just add one hour to that which is in the table for conversion.
Add the following hours to UT to determine the time in your local area
Time Zone Conversion
International Date Line East +12 hours
New Zealand Standard Time +12 hours
New Zealand Time +10 hours
Guam Standard Time +10 hours
Australian Eastern Standard Time +10 hours
Australian Central Standard Tim +9.5 hours
Japan Standard Time +9 hours
China Coast Time +8 hours
Australian Western Standard Time +8 hours
India Standard Time +5.5 hours
Russian Zone 3 +4 hours
Baghdad Time +3 hours
Russian Zone 2 +3 hours
Moscow Time +3 hours
Eastern European Time +2 hours
Russian Zone 1 +2 hours
Central European Time +1 hour
Middle European Time +1 hour
Universal Time (UT or GMT) 0 hours
Western European Time 0 hours
West African Time -1 hour
Newfoundland Standard Time -3.5 hours
Atlantic Standard Time -4 hours
Eastern Standard Time -5 hours
Central Standard Time -6 hours
Mountain Standard Time -7 hours
Pacific Standard Time -8 hours
Hawaiian Standard Time -10 hours
International Date Line West -12 hours


World Time Zone Map

time zone map


Links to other websites for further information

For all detailed time conversions and daylight saving information it is recommended that you consult either your local WhitePages (electronic telephone directory) or the following informative websites: