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Solar Lunar Phase Information Program

Here is a small program that will give you an instant display of the lunar phase and is especially useful for quickly and easily finding new and full moon dates and times in the past or in the future.

Initially the program will show the phase at the time indicated by your computer clock but any other time or date can be viewed.

The program has four main visual features:
  • Adjustable Calendar Control
  • Current Phase Info
  • Forthcoming Solar Fire Festival
  • Graphical display of calendar and solunar phases around the selected date

The file is zipped so you will need to expand it after you download it.


Esoteric Astrological Rulerships

A nifty little Windows program that enables you to see the traditional (or ancient), modern, esoteric and hierarchical sign rulerships and decanate rulerships at a glance. These include those rulerships which are described in the book Esoteric Astrology by A.A.Bailey, Pub. Lucis Publishing. Useful for students of Esoteric Astrology. Colourful and graphical.

Run the downloaded file to self-extract the program. You will be prompted for a location to unzip it to.


Grateful thanks to the program's developers for making these programs freely available. Visit them for much more at Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd
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