Spiritual Direction, Silence, and Unity through Diversity

Michelle Pearce
November, 2012

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges of the spiritual aspirant today is in achieving the needed methods to consciously sense and use right direction. The cacophony of "cross currents", as the Agni Yoga series of books by Helena Roerich refers to them, are felt strongly. These cross currents are the racial expression on the astral plane, a vast miasma of competing desires of individuals and, perhaps more importantly, competing groups. Because these desires are not rightly aligned and united with spiritual purposes for evolution and direction they are selfish and regressive, in competition with each other and, therefore, creating great clashes, tensions, and impacts that work out through thought, speech, and action.

Cosmic energy guides and moves humanity in the right direction towards spiritual evolution with all that entails. Sensitive aspirants everywhere on the planet feel the impulse to progress, to liberation, to freedom, to unity, and to right relations. Yet there are also regressive forces that keep the racial consciousness tied to its karmic past. At some point these evolutionary impulses and energies that are being gradually embodied and lived by the spiritually sensitive aspirants in the world will overcome the karmic forces and the needed movement into the future will be sufficiently attained to propel the culture of humanity forward in its next evolutionary step. An imbalance of the two opposing forces-regressive karma and evolutionary impulses, is felt as a tension and pressure by sensitive aspirants. The regressive karmic forces are primarily unconscious and often instinctual pulls to individual survival and achievement, most often in a way that is divisive and in competition with others. The tension and pressure felt might best be interpreted as an opportunity to create greater conscious intention and direction thus tipping the balance toward the spiritual evolutionary energies. Then the power of Sagittarius is rightly harnessed for the purposes of group spiritual evolution vs. individual materialism.

These cross currents begin with the material desires of each individual soul. Great ideologies become like magnets for the karmic desires of individuals who unite together in groups built around the impulse for material desires. Great fields of human expression such as religion, economy, and even education and science can become subverted by these strong group desires for materialistic gain. By their very nature these large groups built around selfish desires are exclusive of other groups and individuals and thus divisive creating further competition and desire, building and growing upon the seed of corruptness at the center. The financial sector builds a life of its own and seeks to control consumers. The pharmaceutical industry subverts science for profit. Education competes among itself and across the world for resources and determines outcome measures of testing scores and then focuses narrowly on the achievement of the highest scores possible rather than educating minds. Industry competes with itself for biggest profits to ensure further investment and growth and growth becomes the sole objective. Drastic measures are undertaken to ensure growth such as limiting pay to workers by hiring only part time workers so that fewer benefits need to be paid out thus ensuring the eventual demise of the very consumers it relies on for growth.

The competing groups thus ensure their own demise amid strangled competition for declining profit and resources because the entire structure is built on desire and competition. Spiritual aspirants see a different world, one that co-exists right alongside the declining world of material greed and competition. The evolving and unfolding spiritual world is one of greater unity and simplicity. The direction is towards unity and simplicity rather than growth and greed. The unification of desire, intention, and purpose is both the way and the effect of this new unfolding of higher spiritual values.

A leading neuroscientist and brain researcher, Richie Davidson, hypothesizes that when we set intention we may be doing something very significant in the brain. Alice Bailey in her book The Labours of Hercules discusses several important ideas related to use of conscious intention and achievement in Sagittarius. She states that Sagittarius is called in some older books "the sign of silence" and that the lesson of Sagittarius "is the restraint of speech through control of thought". "…We have built around ourselves such a cloud of thought forms about our aspirations, that we do not see the goal". "The moment we have freed ourselves from illusion, that moment we have entered into Sagittarius and we see the goal" (p. 160).

Today thousands of spiritual aspirants are guided by the principle of simplicity and silence, of being in the present moment. This is achieved by the intention to silence the discursive judging, planning, fixing mind, to let go of identification of the self with grasping and aversion and to see and accept the present with clarity. This is an important way of ending the cacophony and cross-currents of desire and practicing "being". The goal of unity, of simplicity, of right relations is clearly visible to many thousands of aspirants despite the competing cacophony of selfish materialism and strong group desires still clearly present in the world.

So what is right use of Sagittarius today? What is the need of the group of spiritual servers? Perhaps the very clamor of the cacophony and tension of competing desires itself points to the need and direction of the serving group —greater silence, unity, and simplicity. Perhaps each aspirant can ask him or herself how they as individuals can create greater intention to unite with the group who serves the evolutionary impulses to selflessness, unity, and right relations for all humanity. How each can strengthen their own inner silence and so see the goal more clearly thus contributing to illumining the mind of humanity. How each can unite with the group effort to negate the cacophony and desire through silence.

This silence of course is an inner silence. In expression and manifestation silence takes the form of simplicity and harmony. Like the difference between an orchestra perfectly tuned and playing from one score vs. one whose members or groups within the group are playing competing melodies. Or, scientists united under one goal and thus pooling and allocating resources to the achievement of that goal vs. various groups of scientists with diverse goals and ideas competing for ever scarcer resources. Or, a forest that has achieved a balance so that each life form within it, each plant and animal, has found its perfect function and place thus creating an exquisite balance and seeming simplicity and expression of life in perfect harmony. Each of these examples is a creation of great beauty because it entails right relations and unity through diversity. It is unity through diversity which is perhaps the great spiritual purpose, achievement, and practical realization of our time. The diversity achieved and perceived today can lead to great unity through an achieved inner silence which naturally and effortlessly leads to the expression of unity of vision and purpose.

The group servers must look to the future together. The goal of silence, of unity through diversity and right relations must be seen by each individual server in his and her field of service — economics, medicine/healing, education, science, religion, psychology. As each individual server achieves the needed inner silence (from competing desires and selfish goals) the greater spiritual and group goal is contacted and the vision becomes clear. Then all the fields of service become united in one synthetic vision of higher values and purpose and the advancement of human culture into a future of unity through diversity and right relations through a vision of possibility and united purpose unfolds.

An elegant expression of united purpose resulting in unity through diversity is "Giving Tuesday" in the United States. This holiday season in the U.S. is one of heavy marketing to consumers to spend money, to buy large priced items for Christmas. It is a time retailers eagerly look forward to attaining significant profits. This has resulted in heavy competition among retailers for consumer dollars. "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving, is eagerly anticipated by retailers and consumers alike as a day of big sales. People throng and wait in long lines in order to obtain the best deals. "Black Friday" was followed by the creation of "Cyber Monday", a day for online sales. One commentator on NPR suggested these days seem to be an appropriation of usual sacred days like Good Friday and Maundy Thursday.

But, this year, the idea for the creation of a new day of "Giving Tuesday" has come from a YMCA in New York City. It has turned into the cooperation of over 1400 non-profit charities in educating consumers about opportunities to give. These charities, all with right intentions and purposes at their heart, normally compete for consumer dollars just as retailers do. But, because there is a higher selfless and group value at the heart of all giving it becomes obvious that the unification of all the charities to appeal for people to give what they can and to a charity of their choice is a much simpler and more affective strategy than competing for donations. The goal is thus expanded from one of attaining or acquiring more for one particular charitable organization to one of educating and motivating the inspiration to give to those in need. The purer and higher spiritual motive of giving ensures a more pure spiritual expression and from a point of unity and right relation rather than competition and divisiveness.

The purpose uniting spiritual servers at the time of the full moon is one of unifying with a larger spiritual group effort and purpose to contact cosmic energies, to achieve right direction, and to uplift humanity and the planet. This purpose has the highest and purest spiritual heart or soul that is arguably possible to contact and participate in while in human incarnation. The purity of purpose ensures its right expression and manifestation. So, with joy and pure strong intention, let us join our hearts and souls with our group brothers and sisters and seek to serve humanity, hierarchy, and the planet through this meditation. So Let It Be.

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