Knowing and Unknowing

Joann S. Bakula
November, 2012

Looking through Sagittarius to the center of the galaxy is like looking at the hub of the wheel, the inner center around which the whole circulates. This lighted galactic body in which earth finds its solar center in an outer arm is like the spacious lighted center of Self in which the small orb of the senses and conceptual mind let in what little can be known through them. The extension of the sensory mind through microscopes, telescopes, vehicles and other inventions gives us a peak into the larger and subtler whole but the vastness of what can be know draws us forward. Indeed, the Seventh Dalai Lama called this experience in the samsara of temporal space, the wheel of unknowing. The temporal mind burrows a whole in the concrete of material life and we forget where we came from through unknowing. It's a practical act born of necessity. We forget through unknowing our essence and the larger whole of which we are a part and from which we came, in order to navigate through a small particular time, space and outer body. From birth we begin the unknowing process in favor of knowing the immediate phenomenal world.

Reversals that Liberate
In maturity some of us — often called disciples — reverse the process and begin to extricate ourselves from the spinning wheel of samsara and regain knowledge of the whole, lifting ourselves out of ignorance and into wisdom. Innate luminosity is found once again and we do as the Seventh Dalai Lama, known for his spiritual songs, wrote, "Bathe consciousness in the innate luminosity, shape subtle energies into the form of the deity, and abide unwaveringly in the deep union that does not divide meditation from non-meditation." Our values and ethics begin to reflect this change in perspective and perception born of our own subjective experience to choose the reversal and begin to go back the way we came. Then the center of the mind/soul/bodhichitta is no longer bound by the skin-encapsulated ego but finds a ground reality that is vast, spacious, limitless, and timeless. What was up in the heavens now comes down to earth.

The Buddha's famous lengthy description from the Samyutta Nikaya of the wheel as Bondage and Liberation traces the steps as the 12 links of dependent origination. A few lines from Bondage are, "Upon ignorance, karma depends; upon karma consciousness depends...upon birth existence depends." Liberation follows the steps in reverse, "Upon cessation of ignorance karma ceases; upon cessation of karma consciousness ceases...upon cessation of existence birth ceases" and concludes with "thus the entire aggregation of misery ceases" and the wheel of samsara turns no more. We don't usually think of karma and consciousness as co-dependent but so it is if have knowledge of Buddhism.

Creative intelligence is the theme of this meditation in December/Sagittarius, the third ray manifesting through Earth. The seed thought commonly used is "I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another." As we know, the seed thought is what is used for concentration. In the higher interlude of the meditation absorption into the center should take place and meditation becomes seedless. "Seedless meditation is samadhi" and is not based upon an object (Yoga Sutras, Book 3). Absorption into the center of the threefold nature of a thing: life, quality, appearance, leads to discovery of the thing-in-itself, the central life of all things. What theosophists call the soul of a thing and philosophers like Kant and Heidegger call the thing-in-itself.

Rumi, the mystic Persian, put it this way in a poem called "The Lord of States," 'I am only the house of your beloved, not the beloved herself: true love is for the treasure, not the coffer that contains it.' The real beloved is that one who is unique, who is your beginning and your end. When you find that one, you'll no longer expect anything else: that one is both the manifest and the mystery. That one is the lord of states … dependent on none: month and year are slaves to that moon. When He bids the 'state,' it does His bidding, when that one wills, bodies become spirit.

Using the Yoga Suturas of Patanjali, the ancient source book of meditation, as a guide for development, we know that the four stages are described in what are called the four books of the Yoga Sutras: concentration, practice, powers (siddhis) and 'kaivalya' (Snskrt) usually translated literally as isolation or isolated unity, as in the Eliade and Taimni renditions, and also variously described by others as liberation (Prabhavananda & Isherwood), independence (Vivekananda), Illumination (Bailey), enlightenment (Mishra), and salvation (Johnston). It's from the condition and conditioning of isolated unity, like being on a mountain peak, that the life aspect, the soul of a thing, or the thing-in-itself may be directly perceived. This is the heart of the group consciousness that can envision a new birth for humanity, a new human in the evolutionary road from its beginnings timeless aeons ago. From this state and stage of development the goal of a whole system may be realized and a field of creative intelligence, a Higgs field as it were, brought into conception. Such is our work as a planetary group of meditators leading up to the winter solstice on Dec 22, being used by many as a convergence in time/space, as a Birth 2012 (Hubbard) when the new may come into being, the farther reaches of human nature seen, and new goal reached. Birthday 2012 is described as "a day to encourage, connect, and celebrate what's being born through all of us. It's a day to identify what's good, what's knowing, and what's able to create a future that works for all of us." (Science of Mind, Dec 2012, pp. 11-12.)

Birth 2012 coincides with the New Group of World Servers celebrations and seminars in New York, London and Geneva. This new group has no outer organization; it is simply the totality of world servers in whatever field or country they work, and they work in all fields in which the betterment of humanity is the motivating impulse. They are representative of the whole because people of all races, nationalities, genders, religions, ideologies, and philosophies contribute to the advancement of humanity. They have a subjective unity based upon goodwill toward all, an absence of separatism, and a sense of the synthesis of life. Bailey describes them in Talks to Disciples as "a vast powerhouse and station of light.… it is a diffused and widespread light and its channels are to be found all over the world, in every country and in every city, (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 53). This could be counted as the beginning of the new time and new being, a truly human being.

Visions In his remarks at the dedication of the new Four Freedoms Park, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon paid tribute to FDR: "He had the vision. He helped develop the plans. He even gave us our name. President Roosevelt was driven by a global vision … .He believed deeply that leaders everywhere must help people everywhere live [their] dreams." "The park's name, Four Freedoms Park, derives directly from that vision in which President Roosevelt enshrined freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want and freedom from fear, which as he emphatically affirmed, needed to be implemented everywhere in the world. In his address to the U.S. Seventy-seventh Congress on 6 January 1941, Mr. Roosevelt, made clear that these four freedoms were not meant to be a utopian dream for a "distant millennium," but were meant for us now and for all.

The birthing of the new age may also include wild new discoveries of science and intuition. Meditating on the nature of God, I once had a vision of a multidimensional Reality that appeared as seven brothers. Only one decided to make his breath visible. He breathed out and the universe came into being; he breathed in and it disappeared. His six brothers thought that making breath visible was a bad idea. They each 'existed' (meaningless in this context) in dimensions that held no phenomena. Our own Reality in the body of the God with Visible Breath is composed of both seen and unseen natures. All seven dimensions co-exist with each other and are never separated. The more we unknow, the more we yearn for the hidden dimensions yet to be known. Even science is beginning to speculate about multiple unseen universes. What will our unknowing and our new knowing both bring to us as the light of the new dawn increases?

May the meditations of the many groups around the planet converge as one great invocative appeal for the best that is in us to come forth into the world,
Joann S. Bakula
November 2012

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