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Lunar Meditation Cycles

Lunar Cycles

At the time of the full moon, over a period of five days, the moon and the planet Earth are the recipients of more reflected light from the sun than at any other time. Symbolically speaking, the period of the most intense meditation of our Planetary Logos comes around at the full moon period each month.  This produces the inflow of radiance and energy, both subjective and objective, to Earth.

The veils that separate the higher from the lower are at their thinnest at the time of the full moon because the moon is out of the way, so to speak, and the work of disciples on the mental plane is facilitated as they are then able to meditate more successfully and to attain realization with greater ease.

In the words of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul:

The spirit of Invocation, of longing for and reaching for contact with higher beings is strengthened at Full Moon. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 419)

Further, at Full Moon, Hierarchy meditates to send outward to the New Group of World Servers that inspiration it received at New Moon, when Hierarchy meditates to contact source of inspiration superior to it. (Discipleship in the New Age Volume II, 217)

At each Full Moon, a stream of love is poured forth by all Masters and initiates who have taken at least the Third Initiation. (The Externalization of the Hierarchy, 538)

So it is the sun's motion, not the moon's, which provides spiritual direction at this time.  But the relation of the moon's motion to the motion of the sun indicates the rhythm and the timing of the ebb and flow of spiritual influences. The sun's passage through the sequence of twelve signs indicates which particular energy is ebbing or flowing.

The following contribution by author Glen Knape (in the style of his novel, Raising the Queen of Heaven, to be published in May 2005 by Preparation Press) outlines the importance of the lunar cycles:


Lunar Meditation Cycles

Terry: "But why a lunar cycle?"

Quinn: "Well, in part because it's a convenient clock. Everyone can look up and see it."

Thea: "In part?"

Quinn: "It's not just a convenient sidereal timepiece."

El: "Cider ale?"

Quinn: "S-i-d-e-r-e-a-l. It's the method of determining time by the motion of heavenly bodies. But that's only a small part of why we meditate on the Full Moon."

Celine: "The solar alignment?"

Quinn: "Yes. In fact, that's becoming a popular term for the Full Moon period in some meditation circles."

El: "What does the Soul...?"

Quinn: "She meant S-o-l, the sun. But actually, the Soul has a lot to do with it, and I'll get to both Sol and Soul." (He stood up, grabbed a marker from beside the white board and began pacing as he spoke.)

Quinn: "Keep in mind both the astronomy and the astrology of the Full Moon, the objective and the subjective."

Terry: "The what?"

Quinn: "Well, you learned the objective astronomy in school, how the same side of the moon always faces the earth. So, since that entire face is illuminated during the Full Moon, it's also facing what?"

El: "The sun?"

Quinn: "Right. There's an alignment between the moon, the earth, the sun, and beyond. Like this..." (Quinn drew three circles on the board)

moon earth sun

Celine: "Ah, with one of the constellations of the zodiac."

Quinn: "Past the sun, yes. (He added the sign of Pisces to the drawing)

"Now, alignments are a kind of polarity. You have the positive pole, the negative pole, and the magnetic field between. The positive pole is the source of purpose, power and will, the negative is the source of intelligent activity, and the magnetic field is the relationship between the two. The power flows from the positive, through the magnetic field of relationship, to the negative. The intelligent activity flows from the negative, through the magnetic field, to the positive. Eventually the two poles are so closely related that they become one, and you have union or at-one-ment."

Thea: "Is that enlightenment?"

Quinn: "It depends how you define enlightenment, but, yes, it can be.

"I've said it before, but keep in mind that everything that exists, in order to exist, has these two poles. That includes a human being, a kingdom on earth, the Earth itself, the Solar Life, and the larger life of which the Solar is a part. And since all of these lives have poles, all of them have their fields of relationships.

"What the poles are depends on one's placement, that is, where you are. During the Full Moon or Lunar-Earth-Solar alignment-

"The moon is the negative pole or anchor-point,

"The Son is a positive pole, and

"The Earth is the magnetic field of relationship between the two.

"Energy is flowing from the Sun, through the Earth, to the Moon, and back from the Moon, through the Earth, to the Sun, completing the circuit." (Quinn drew lines on the illustration, representing the flow of energy)

moon earth sun energy flow

Thea: "Like electricity in a battery."

Quinn: "Yes, exactly like that."

Celine: "What about the signs?"

Quinn: "Well, that can get complicated. You see, the Solar Life has its alignment with each of the signs, in which the various planets each play a role."

Celine: "As the negative pole."

Quinn: "Yes. Fortunately, at this point we're looking at the Earth as the negative pole."

Thea: "I thought that was the Moon?"

Quinn: "Only in the Sun-Earth-Moon alignment, at the Full Moon. In the Sign-Sun-Earth alignment, the Earth is the negative pole, and the Moon is effectively part of the Earth."

Thea: "Only at the Full Moon?"

Quinn: "Ummm... look, let's simplify this by moving the dynamics of the cycle down to our level, to an individual or group in meditation. As you've probably noticed, our meditations generally have four stages-an Ascent, upper interlude, Descent, and lower interlude.

"In the Ascent we relax the physical instrument, calm the emotions, and focus the mind on some thought or idea, such as the Spiritual Soul, the Divine Plan, or some overshadowing Aspect of Divinity.

"In the upper interlude we at-one with or become that idea of truth, then, in the Descent we precipitate that idea-

"Into the mental, where it takes on energy,

"Into the astral, where it takes on force,

"Into the physical-etheric, where it takes on activity, and then onto the reflecting surface of the physical-dense, where it takes on appearance.

(Quinn flipped to a clean sheet, and drew the lunar meditation cycle)

lunar meditation cycle

"Now, that's the same cycle as in the Moon-Earth-Sun alignment, but in this case the motion is from the negative pole of the physical-dense brain, through the threefold persona, to the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, and then back down again."

Thea: "So, each meditation uses the same kind of polar motion as the solar alignment."

Quinn: "Each meditation, yes. And not only each meditation, but each daily and lunar cycle of meditations. For instance, the morning meditations focus on the Ascent process, the noon on at-one-ment and the afternoon and evening on Descent and embodiment work."

Celine: "And the Full Moon?"

Quinn: "It's part of the same kind of cyclic motion of consciousness. One begins a new lunar cycle at the New Moon, emphasizing the ascent portion of the meditation for two weeks, goes for union or at-one-ment on the Full Moon, then emphasizes the descent for two weeks, and reach embodiment at the next New Moon.

"Now all of this -the ascent, union, and descent- works a lot like a child on a swing. Do you all remember that, how you move upward by rocking back and forth? This kind of works the same way, only it's a cyclic movement of the embodied consciousness within the form. During the ascent portion of the lunar cycle -New Moon to Full- you emphasize the ascent portion of your daily meditations. And during the descent portion of the lunar cycle -Full Moon to New- you emphasize the descent portion of your meditations, with the result that your 'highs' become higher and your embodiments have more energy, force, and effect.

"So, let's look at these alignments. You have the alignment built by the incarnate consciousness as it aligns with and precipitates the Overshadowing Spiritual Soul, the alignment of humanity with the Earth, of Earth with the Sun, of the Sun with the Signs and with everything in between, and we can participate in that cyclic life, we can contribute to the One Life, by leading our lives by those cycles.

"Any more questions? OK, that's enough for now."

Glen Knape

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