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Contributor's Links
Intuition in Service

Intuition in Service seeks to highlight the role the intuition is playing in the process of creating a better world.

United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative

Individuals and groups can help to make UN Days & Years more effective through meditation and prayer. While there is obviously need for much more outer work to be done on the global problems that the UN highlights, there is equally need for inner work to inspire, sustain and nourish that outer effort.

Triangle Centre

The Triangle Centre was founded in 1975, and registered as a non-profit charitable trust in New Zealand in 1976. It is based in Paekakariki, a seaside village 45 km out of Wellington and offers a number of service activities, all inspired by the vision of the spiritual potential of humanity.

Esoteric Astrolger

The web's best source of commentaries on the Science of Esoteric Astrology with contributions from leading thinkers in the realm.

Preparation Press

You can order Glen Knape's books here.

Pyramids of Power

Pyramids of Power comprise five people forming four Triangles who have agreed to join together every day to sound the Great Invocation as a service to the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity.

Wisdom Impressions

A group of students dedicated to making the work of Lucille Cedercrans available to the world by publishing her books, some of which are available free of charge from the website.

Our Favourites

Lucis Trust

Established by Alice Bailey, the activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based. The Lucis Trust publishes the books of Alice Bailey. The Arcane School provides esoteric training by correspondence. See the extensive list of groups around the world associated with World Goodwill and Triangles - many of these groups hold meditation meetings for world service during the full moon period.

School of Ageless Wisdom

The School of Ageless Wisdom in Arlington, Texas, USA is made up of a group of students of the Wisdom Teachings who have been studying and serving together since 1971. "Members participate in the School in several ways. There are weekly meetings where we read, study and meditate together. We also have group meditations near the time of each full moon. Introductory Classes are offered to help people familiarize themselves with the Teachings." Full moon meditation work is experimenting with using astronomical data to determine present positions of the constellations and astrological interpretations of energy patterns found in the Bailey and Agni Yoga books. Service activities include an annual Global Elementary Model United Nations attended by students of elementary and middle schools in Texas and throughout the USA and a number of other countries; Balanced beginnings, and the Robert Muller School World Core Curriculum Coordinating Center.

Seven Ray Institute

An extensive site with the on line Journal of Esoteric Philosophy; conferences, courses, articles, interviews and musical compositions.

Outstanding site devoted to bringing the experience of divinity to everyday life in order to cultivate, educate and inspire all towards universal truths. Comprehensive and easy to understand articles on the ageless wisdom in a very attractive layout.

Ma Ka Ra

One site access to extensive Esoteric Astrological, Rayological, and Cosmological Research and Resources

Agni Yoga Society

Agni Yoga texts are available for free downloading under the principle that the Teaching should be available to everyone but on the understanding that they are for personal use only, or copied for the use of others.

Esoteric Philosopher

Superb essays on a variety of esoteric subjects.

Triangles of Prayer

Triangles for Christians.

The Seven Rays Today

Excellent resources on the seven rays and related material.

Theosophical Search and Find Books

One of the best theosophical and other online resources search engines we have seen, produced by the Blavatsky Study Center.

Sydney Goodwill

Sydney Goodwill works in cooperation with the Lucis Trust to distribute the books of Alice A Bailey throughout Australia. Meditations are held at each Full Moon Festival and a newsletter is published monthly. The literature of the Trust is also available. Its purpose is to promote understanding, goodwill and right human relations across our planet.

New York Full Moon Meditation Info

This is a good site to see the different full moon meditation meetings held in the New York area of USA - it includes references to the Lucis Trust meeting and the meditations held in the Meditation Room of the UN by the Aquarian Age Community. There is also information about the sign with appropriate quotations from Alice Bailey's books.

Full Moon Meditations

Here you will find interesting information about full moon meditations and some thoughts about forming meditation groups. There is a list of Meditation Groups which appears to be mainly drawn from the Lucis Trust list of worldwide groups associated with World Goodwill and Triangles.

Morya Federation

Study of Ageless Wisdom, focus on meditation, study, and service in online interactive campus. Applications accepted anytime, new class group begins each December.

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