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Keynotes for the Full Moon

The table below is a handy reference to the full moon energies. The ruling planets are listed according to their influence on either the purpose, quality or form aspect. The number after the planet indicates the primary ray energy working through the ruling planet.

I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule.

Purpose: Uranus Ray 7
Quality: Mercury Ray 4
Form: Mars Ray 6

I see and when the eye is opened, all is light.

Purpose: Vulcan Ray 1
Quality: Vulcan Ray 1
Form: Venus Ray 5

I recognize my other self, & in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.

Purpose: Earth Ray 3
Quality: Venus Ray 5
Form: Mercury Ray 4

I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.

Purpose: Neptune Ray 6
Quality: Neptune Ray 6
Form: Moon Ray 4

I am that, and that I am.

Purpose: Sun Ray 2
Quality: Sun Ray 2
Form: Sun Ray 5

I am the mother and the child; I God, I matter am.

Purpose: Jupiter Ray 2
Quality: Moon Ray 4
Form: Mercury Ray 4

I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force.

Purpose: Saturn Ray 3
Quality: Uranus Ray 7
Form: Venus Ray 5

Warrior am I, and from the battle I emerge triumphant.

Purpose: Mercury Ray 4
Quality: Mars Ray 6
Form: Mars Ray 6

I see the goal; I reach that goal, and then I see another.

Purpose: Mars Ray 6
Quality: Earth Ray 3
Form: Jupiter Ray 2

Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back.

Purpose: Venus Ray 5
Quality: Saturn Ray 3
Form: Saturn Ray 3

Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty humanity.

Purpose: Uranus Ray 7
Quality: Jupiter Ray 2
Form: Moon Ray 4

I leave the Father's house, and turning back I save.

Purpose: Pluto Ray 1
Quality: Pluto Ray 1
Form: Jupiter Ray 2



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