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Full Moon Meditation


Article by Richard Bryant-Jefferies

Throughout the centuries people have looked to the sun and moon,bright orbs of light in the sky that seemed in some way to define their experience of night and day. The moon’s changing shape and the sun’s changing pathway across the sky would have left those who looked up with a reason to marvel. They became objects of worship with cultures making sense of these two great heavenly bodies through their myths. Imagine if you will that you look up at the sky with no understanding of stars and suns, planets and moons, space and orbits. You simply see these great sources of light, and two very different kinds of light – the hot golden light of the sun that it is so hard to look at with the naked eye, and the by contrast white, cold light of the moon. What were they? Why were they there? Who had put them there to rule over the day and the night?

The thoughts and wonder that were generated from those early days and since have created within human consciousness a vast pool of energy. Hearts and minds that were focused on the sun and the moon over hundreds and thousands of years have generated an evolving image of what these two great sources of light mean.

It may seem strange to be referring to the sun when this is an introduction to meditating at the monthly fully moon, but the moon, we must remember, reflects the light of the sun. Together, along with the earth, their movement produces the changes of shape and orbit that we witness of earth. But there is more to it than that.


The sun has been regarded as a focus for worship because it provides heat and light. The moon reflects that light in the night sky. The sun can be thought of as the symbol of the soul, the spiritual self, that pours forth its golden radiance within each of us. The moon then becomes a symbol of matter, of the material world.

Let us take this symbolism further. The sun symbolises the spiritual source of light and love and power at the heart of the solar system. The moon represents matter. The earth represents imperfection. At any time of the month other than that of the full moon, the earth partially obscures the moon from the light of the sun. The imperfection generates, if you will, an obstruction, symbolically speaking. This is reflective of the human condition for we, in our separative and materially oriented lives, can also obstruct the light from the soul in reaching our personalities. But at the time of the full moon, we have in the heaven portrayed an unimpeded alignment, with the light of the sun flowing directly to the moon, with no obstruction. It therefore symbolises a period on which the sun as symbol of the spirit can most fully reach the moon, symbol of matter. Yet there is more.

It is pointed out that the moon is not physically ‘in’ the zodiacal signs that are in some traditions emphasised at the time of the full moon as a source of spiritual energy. No, it is not. The sun is. And we must remember that in meditating at the time of the full moon, we are actually focusing on the symbolic relationship between the sun and the moon, and it is the sun that is in the particular zodiacal sign for that time of year. The moon at this time of the month through its fullness is the outer symbol of heavenly right-relationship. Yet is this merely symbolic?

Meditation at the full moon

Many believe that symbols can convey living truths. By meditating at the time of the full moon, or during the full moon period, we can be said to be acknowledging this unimpeded relationship in the heavens as a symbol of the potential for unimpeded relationship within ourselves, and between humanity as a whole and sources of light, love and power. It presents us with a time of opportunity, a time in which we can allow spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds. The meditating individual is part of a network of meditation. In places groups meet as well, strengthening the ‘channel’. It is a conscious and deliberate process, a reorientation of the heart and mind towards sources of spiritual energy and a conscious direction of the energies and impressions received out into the world, using the mind to create thought currents that will carry new ideas into the world of human thought.

Imagine, if you will, the world at the time of the full moon, with people from around the world sharing in meditation. A massive global intent is manifest in human hearts and minds, an expression of human will to serve in a spiritual sense. Each meditating unit adds to the network, adds to the focus. Like a series of radio telescopes focused on a particular part of the night sky, the worldwide meditation network focuses on the unimpeded relationship between sun and moon, and through that to the opportunity this time presents for unimpeded relationship between the soul and the human heart and mind, between humanity and sources of spiritual light, love and power.

It is a vast enterprise, unseen by many, like a regular monthly in-breath with the thought-life of humanity being replenished by the flow of spiritual energy, oxygenating it as our breathing oxygenates out blood. As more and more human-beings choose to share in this work, the breathing deepens, the oxygenation grows. Human thought is vitalised, human hearts are instilled with greater life. As a result, human behaviour and relationship can be adjusted to reflect the light, love and spiritual power that can be, and is, drawn into the world. For this we work. The full moon provides us all with an opportunity for spiritual service.

Richard Bryant-Jefferies

Article by Mary Bailey

We have been holding group meditation meetings at the time of the full moon every month for so many years that we may take an under standing of their function by those who attend too much for granted. And although we often reiterate the purpose of these group meetings it may be helpful to put it clearly on record once more.

Essentially, of course, these are meetings for meditation at a time when the technique of occult meditation by a subjectively fused and focussed worldwide group of servers can be effectively used by Hierarchy for the channelling of energy and for the purposes of human redemption.

Group meditation is, therefore, our intention in coming together each month. We do not use these meetings in order to teach elementary esoteric principles. We do not regard the talk given as a preliminary to the meditation as a lecture. It is intended to focus, unite and lift the thought process of those present.

We do, however, have three vital factors always in mind:

1 The work we do is based on the fundamental fact of occultism as the science of energy.

2. It is also based on what has been called the central idea of occultism - that even the smallest atom of substance contains within it that which can respond to spiritual energy and stimulation.

3. The few words on our full moon notices quoted from the hook "Discipleship in the New Age" provide the human and planetary framework in which our work proceeds. Let me quote them:

The effect of human meditation at this tine is to change conditions, to invoke the higher, spiritual potencies, to work with concentration both vertically and horizontally within the world of men and within the Kingdom of God. This vertical and horizontal activity holds the secret of creative meditation. It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contact between soul and spirit. This is brought about by what I have called "vertical meditation". It is also evocative and creates a ferment or dynamic movement in the level of being which must be affected or changed, and this is the horizontal aspect. Both the vertical and the horizontal activities are descriptive of the method of invocation and evocation, as employed by all the linking groups between the various planetary centres.

Bearing these three essentials in mind:

1. Occultism as the science of energy.

2. The divine permeation or ensouling of all substance so that the impact of spiritual energy can evoke response, and

3. The effect of human meditation aligned with higher centres of life within the planet establishes the needed changes in consciousness

What should be our attitude and intentions when we attend these full moon meetings?

Let us also include the very important fact that we have been holding meetings for group meditation at the time of the full moon every month for over 30 years. We are, therefore, engaged in a building process: we are not starting anew every month or every year. Over the years we have created a usable group channel for energy transmission which continuously grows and builds on what has been achieved, and which demands of us at all times a deepened understanding and an increased ability to penetrate to new levels of consciousness, so lifting the consciousness of humanity as a whole even by an immeasurable fraction.

That this may be difficult for those coming in periodically to these meetings as newcomers is understood.

But with the emphasis on the contribution each one can make in meditation, and in view of the group nature of this work, which includes individuals at various levels of growth and understanding fused together through group action into a functioning unity, it is possible to maintain an open group in a fluid condition without affecting the power of the group channel, while at the se time opportunity is proffered to those who wish to contribute what they can. In other words we come to give - not to get.

There is also the very important fact that we are working as occultists through the technique of occult meditation. Occultism is the science of energy; and occult meditation is based on mental activity in receiving, wielding and directing energy. There is a clear distinction, therefore, between certain types of more mystical meditation in which the effort is made to render the mind inactive, or passive; many confuse this negativity of the mind with "contemplation", which it does not represent in the least. Contemplation is possible only after mental activity has opened up a channel of communication with higher areas of consciousness which the soul-infused mind can then "contemplate" with absolute stillness, becoming thereby impressionable to energy in the form of ideas of integral value to the working out of the divine Plan and Purpose. The occult meditation we use at full moon meetings includes the alignment of the group consciousness with Hierarchy and the Christ, and with the extra-planetary energies available according to the particular opportunity of the month. After the brief period of contemplation as we "face the Christ" in recognition of His position as a centre of planetary fusion, we then work scientifically with active mental direction through the form of the prescribed work.

Ideally, group meditation meetings at the full moon should consist of meditation only, with no preliminary talk. But for this to be possible it could be necessary to hold these meetings as a closed group limited to those accustomed to working together and experienced in group meditation.

We have chosen to do otherwise; to open these meetings to the general public and to anyone who wishes to serve the purposes of the planetary Life and the needs of humanity at a time when the energies with which to work are uniquely available. These energies rightly understood, received and transmitted in meditation, can be instrumental in helping humanity to move on toward its spiritual goal as an integrated, aligned centre of consciousness within the body of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. In a nutshell this is the objective of our monthly meetings. And we assume that those who cane know something of the principles and techniques of occult work in meditation or they would not come or would not return a second time.

To be intelligent in our work, which is always an advantage, we need to know something of the particular qualities and opportunities afforded us by the astrological sign of the moment. So while we do not emphasise only the astrological factors it is helpful to be aware of the general and persistent influences as we enter into their orbit, and also to become sensitive and intuitive to the changing emphasis according to the development of the planned work of Hierarchy and the changing conditions in humanity.

We are concerned in this sense with esoteric astrology; the astrology of the soul, of the disciple, on what is called the reversed wheel of the zodiac. It is not necessary to know the fundamental postulates of mundane astrology which is of the personality, of the lower man, not yet responding adequately to the influence of the soul. We can grasp and understand something at least of the principles of esoteric astrology which is essentially the science of relationship, without much or any background of orthodox astrology. In fact many believe that familiarity with orthodox astrology, which exercises the lower mind can impede the intuitive perception of soul, and solar laws and relationships on which esoteric astrology depends.

However, esoteric astrology is only one of the many sciences to be developed and used during the age of Aquarius. Therefore, while we include certain energy and activity deduction, based on what we know of the current zodiacal sign, we place no undue emphasis on it.

The most significant part of our work, preliminary to our group meditation, is to become aligned and integrated as a group, open in consciousness to the Hierarchy and the Christ, and usable as a channel of energy communication into humanity. For this to be successful we must know something of how the Hierarchy seeks to use the opportunities of the particular full moon period. Where does Hierarchy place its energy emphasis according to the changing tides of energy and the changing events and circumstances within humanity? This we must try to intuit and to register. And if we can touch in thought on some of these essential factors we can be of greater practical service in our effort to cooperate in meditation with the meditation of the inner government of the planet - the spiritual Hierarchy - so helping to create a ferment in human consciousness, bringing about changing attitudes of mind and heart and changed conditions in world affairs.

- Mary Bailey, Past President of the Lucis Trust

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