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Towards a Realisation of Oneness

Trevor Leese
August 2007

If there is one star sign that could stand as a symbol for both the process and the goal of evolution it is Virgo. For Virgo nurtures the evolutionary advance of the form life and also the expression of its hidden spiritual intention. It does this in man through repeated renewals or expansions of consciousness until the day when all those transitions and crises of consciousness are overcome leading to the tapping of those inner resources that create a synthesis of that consciousness and the birth of the truly spiritual being: a man or women who can now begin to function through the free expression of the Christ or soul consciousness in both the outer world of man and upon the inner spiritual or higher mental plane. As you know, every form conceals this nature of the One Life but as yet it is only man who has the potential, through the expansion of his consciousness, to express this divine nature. The whole objective of matter or the form life is to protect the germ of the soul consciousness and to nurture the means for its expression. This is realised through the birth of the son, the intelligent soul, this is the intermediate aspect that will finally lead to the unity of Father Spirit and Mother matter through the individual life, as symbolised for us through the story of the life of the Christ or the Buddha. The experience in Virgo is not unlike the life of that unborn child for it is a slow and gentle experience yet with powerful crises and a systemic development that takes place in quietude and darkness yet is brought to the manifestation in the light at the appointed time. Thus Virgo guards the soul, the Christ principle until it is ready to appear in the outer world.

Soul consciousness does not of course immediately bring to one the full consciousness of the Christ but that potential is now certainly beginning to be realised and it lies before one upon the spiritual path, the path that is now clearly seen ahead and unfolding before one. The Christ-consciousness or the soul stands of course as that bridge between spirit and matter, between the personality and the spiritual triad and this cannot be thoroughly resolved until that reverse journey around the zodiac is completed. All the potential of the Christ lies dormant or rather in deep meditation within each one of us and through His life the Christ as Jesus demonstrated that level of spiritual synthesis and service to others that is possible for each member of mankind. He was a spiritual trail blazer for us yet he said that greater things than these will be done by use, meaning I think that because of the work of forerunners like himself, by the time we have reached his stage of wisdom and service to the One Life evolution will have moved on, the world will have become a very different place to what it was in His time, a good deal more complex and we will thereby be presented with different opportunities than he had in order to serve, in fact each of us now has the whole world in which to serve. The Christ could certainly see the way ahead for the life of humanity upon the physical plane and the distance it would be possible for us to travel in terms of the evolution of ideas upon the Earth, by what He said in His conversation He could clearly see the considerable physical resources that would be possible to utilise or to create in future times. Certainly the resources that we have created through the development of our knowledge are beyond the wildest dreams of any ordinary first century man. This clearly demonstrates the capacity of the human mind to adapt to change and to make tremendous technological progress but yet we do so without making any significant changes in right human relations. Until the present Aquarian Age little progress had been made in the lives of the majority of people in terms of right human relations over those intervening two thousand years. The population of the world has increased many-fold since that time, our challenges have become immense in today's world but so has our capacity and potential to deal with them. As far as resolving human suffering goes the will to do so appears at last to be gaining momentum and is gathering pace as more people recognise the whole planet as their own home and see the need to get involved with the problems of that one planet.

With the consciousness of the soul exposed in Virgo, the personality is able to express that third aspect of divinity, which is that of God the Holy Spirit and this is of course no less than the intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe. It is this process in humanity that will lead to a true planetary synthesis and will make it possible for planet Earth to become one of those divine planets. Earth can then become upon the outer plane, an extension of the inner spiritual kingdoms. The breadth of consciousness and understanding will lift the quality of expression in every living thing and this will be that future 'heaven on Earth' of which the great sons of God in many of the world's religions have spoken. If we contemplate the phrase "the intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe" we can see that love is a much broader concept than we may have realised for it is primarily a nurturing principle, it may be helping to turn around a peoples desperate lives or nurturing understanding through education or the whole breadth of nurture and caring that is required not only for the human but for all the kingdoms in nature. It is therefore possible to serve through every aspect of our life and activity, as we seek to do all that we can to help raise up the lives of all those whom we contact and to seek to help 'save' the planet in every way.

We can see that Virgo represents matter as the nurturer of the form as the opposite pole to spirit but it also represents the relationship of matter-spirit after they have been brought together in Aries at the beginning of man's reverse circuit of the wheel of the zodiac. This is a period of self-centredness where a man works for his own satisfaction and becomes engrossed in his own enterprises, is totally self-centred but this eventually leads to a right orientation through a consciousness of duality in Gemini followed by a focussed self-consciousness in Leo before Virgo is entered and the life of the soul can be materialised. He finally resumes the forward circuit of the wheel when his attitudes have been transformed so that his energies are directed towards producing synthesis and understanding and thus seeking to work in selfless service.

In this solar system matter as the cosmic mother is the receptive agent to Father spirit but this hasn't always been the case for in a previous solar system the matter aspect was the prime controlling factor. Yet spirit was already playing upon matter's surface in order to prepare substance for its work in our present solar system. The reaching of the point of true spiritual consciousness for man is precisely what this present solar system, or round of the twelve planets is about, because it is the fourth round in a seven round cycle. In the middle of this fourth round the physical development of man will have reached its climax and the work of human evolution must from then on focus upon both mankind's mental development and spiritual understanding. One gets some idea of the scale of time that evolution takes when one considers that one round represents 4,320,000,000 of our years and yet this is just one 'Day of Brahma', one day in the work of the Highest Deity.

We are getting to the stage were so many can now recognise that the greater lives always influence the lesser and that the influences streaming in towards us from space not only influence those parts of our life that we can see and feel but also those of which we are yet unaware. We all know that light and sound extend far beyond our means to hear, see or sense them and spiritual light in all its aspects function irrespective of our sensibility. All lives from a star to a planet, a man to an amoeba are embodied lives and seek to express the life, quality, purpose and intention of the Beings who brought them into manifestation. 1 No manifested form is static in this range of life, all are in constant movement, planets and Suns shift in space and so their relationships change in line with the evolutionary plan and thus we progress as the matter aspect of the universe moves, adjusts and evolves in line with spiritual intention. This is central to the work of Virgo as one of the four arms of the mutable cross. The work of this cross involves all the kingdoms in nature and the evolution of all forms as well as the human personality. It seeks their initiation through successive and continuous expansions of consciousness, working through Dynamic Energy or Electric Fire as it flows from the 5th Creative Hierarchy through Mercury and the Pleiades. The Mutable Cross, which is the cross of constant changes, presents four critical periods for the manifesting soul. In the other three arms of this cross it brings to a man for instance, a consciousness of duality or a recognition of deity and love-wisdom in Gemini with the form transforming in order to serving the soul. In Sagittarius the changes can range from the satisfaction of desire or a focussed direction leading to a vision of the goal of creation and union with the soul with a clearly emerging vision of service for the One Life, in Pisces the instinctual consciousness is developed followed by the struggle for liberation and finally the preparation to function as a son of God, eventually through this sign the world servers and the world saviours do and will continue to appear. The degree of the level of crises upon the mutable cross depends on whether a man is on the ordinary or the reverse cycle of the zodiac. Through the range of crises that are presented by these signs you can probably see why the Mutable Cross is often called the cross of changing lives.

There is another significant relationship of which Virgo is a part and it is a triangular relationship of signs giving a fusion of the qualities of light. These are; Virgo, that is concerned with the hidden light of God as the incentive towards discipleship, Taurus, that is concerned with the light of knowledge as the incentive behind evolution and Capricorn, that is concerned with the light of life as the incentive behind service (initiation). All three of these signs express desire as it transforms into aspiration bringing both increased light and life to mankind.

The Ray energy of Deity streaming towards the Earth is refracted through many bodies in the universe, making it possible to govern man either consciously upon the path of return or unconsciously upon the ordinary path. In Virgo his mind is stimulated through Mercury, his emotional nature through Jupiter and the physical form likewise through the Moon. As he progresses along the path more sources will become available to increasingly stimulate him. Given the general point of development of man at this time the energy of Vulcan is having an influence and is stimulating the struggle between the selfish and ambitious men and the men of goodwill but it will lead humanity into a peaceful progress. As we enter fully into the Age of Aquarius it will have a profound affect upon the consciousness of the world servers and through them 'the many lights which are energy itself' can shine. 2 The keynote to be fully realised through the work of Virgo is, "I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am."

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