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The Spiritual Birth

By Trevor Leese
September 2005

In esoteric astrology the Virgo keynote is, "I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am". I found this an extraordinary statement when I first encountered it but what does it mean? The mother in question is mother matter, the polar opposite of father spirit. She it is who nurtures the seed of the child of God, the Christ or divine consciousness hidden within each one of us. The objective of Virgo is to protect, nurture and in the end reveal the hidden spiritual reality behind each one of us through the spiritual birth, the manifestation of the soul through the human form. That is the goal of human evolution. All physical forms are a part of mother matter and she nurtures towards perfection the myriad creatures that will one day be able to fully express some divine quality of the Godhead. So as the form we are the mother carrying the divine seed and eventually giving birth to it, a spiritual birth of a child of God. We are ever a part of the One Life, a part of the life of God and as we grow in consciousness we are reabsorbed into the mind of God Himself.

The human personality today has many of the qualities of the hidden human soul rising into its consciousness. This is tremendous creative power, which may be used for good or evil as the personality becomes powerfully self-conscious (a very necessary evolutionary stage) and because the soul's purpose is not clearly sensed in us at this stage in our development we are driven by a sense of self. We have the freedom to evolve consciously, to expand the frontiers of our mind and to embrace all being or to close off and eventually destroy our physical self. We see this happening on the streets of our modern cities. We are intended to be a vehicle of outer divine express so as we are able to expand our mental vision we are co-operating with the evolutionary purpose of consciousness, thus the capacity of the human mind expands and draws ever closer both to the overshadowing human soul and the human monad. Mother matter nurtures the seed of the Godchild in use until we are able to evolve to a point where the vehicle, the personality, is enabled to be reborn into the life of a fully conscious divine being.

Most of us are driven by the need for fulfilment and for the satiation of desire, which we can never fulfil while we are mere personalities; always there will be something missing. This need is a divine motivation but as I see it, it is often turned in the wrong direction through self-centred purpose or at least towards the incorrect focus of our attention. It is said that at some point human evolution took a wrong turn away from the slow evolutionary path that all other forms on this planet have taken. This likelihood was sown in our species with the tasting of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil by Eve, according to the book of Genesis. Eve is the symbol of the mental nature and of the mind attracted by the lure of knowledge that is gained through the evolving experience of human life. Eve wasn't an archetype for women alone, (what man can resist tasting a fruit that is forbidden by the authority of the day?) but she is an archetype for each one of us because she represents, at an early stage, that archetypal mother embodied in the human form. She is one of the first of the virgin mother figures that are central to the spiritual truth in the religions. Virgo itself is a word derived from the Atlantean name for the mother principle that must eventually give birth to the divine child.

When the personality is truly integrated it will have developed those qualities, attributes and abilities that make possible the expression of the third aspect of divinity, that of the Holy Ghost or Spirit. It is this that is the intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe. We saw this aspect developed in Leo as the self-conscious entity, the personality. How many of us are able to say that we are truly self-conscious and thoroughly aware? Intelligent living is a process that is divine in origin yet it takes considerable time to recognise the need for and to gain that full divine control.

It was the Holy Spirit who played upon another of the earth mothers figures, Mary, so that she could give birth to Jesus the Christ, the expression of the second aspect of divinity and our soul has that very same purpose. Only as we seek to become disciples can we change to that right orientation. This does happen through our true identification with the human Hierarchy of our planet, with its work and with the centre of spiritual force that we will then be able to begin to use safely. So we become in this way brothers and sisters of the Christ learning to expression those same qualities of consciousness and need to serve. It is here that we start to express that second aspect of divinity, love/wisdom and continue with the work that the Christ came to prepare.

As I have said previously, the human monads chose a fast but very difficult evolutionary route in order to more quickly aid the evolution of the physical plane of this planet towards a full spiritual expression. Of course this looks particularly unlikely for humanity at this time because of all the mistakes that we are making that harm our planet. But isn't it true that we are becoming more able to work creatively for planetary well-being? Our route is a route through which we will eventually achieve harmony but it is a route through much conflict and the so-called 'wrong turn' that we are said to have made is not so out of line for it precipitates crisis and its resolution helping to stimulate the growth of wisdom leading towards speedier planetary integration and synthesis. Throughout our history this route of friction has present conflicts and crises for humanity and for each individual but there is nothing faster for personality growth and the growth of the nations than a crisis resolved or a conflict successfully overcome.

The modern world is at times a very painful and stressful world for we humans, with very many difficult problems that we need to face and resolve together, yet it demonstrates the courage and staying power of the human soul that we can face and resolve so many of these problems. That chosen route of our human evolution represents a steep and difficult climb up a very high mountain but with each step there is increased mental vision, along with understanding and wisdom through which we can grow as a species. A growing vision in a world that is so far predominately self-centred can mean the opportunity to create more trouble and increasingly complex problems but also the means to be able to resolve them. The school of life is not so very different than any other school in the sense that the higher the grade of our understanding the more difficult the problems and their solutions become, With this in mind the manifold problems of today's world do not spell failure for humanity but rather success and also suggest how near to the top of the climb up the mountain or completion of the school of life we really are.

To return to the question, why can our desire never be completely fulfilled? It is because we are not complete in ourselves as the personality, no matter how enlightened we may appear. For we are merely a vehicle for the express of that overshadowing spiritual self and cannot be truly fulfilled until we are thoroughly integrated with this soul and can then express its (our very own) true purpose. What we most often appear to be is but a shadowy reflection of that higher being and a reflection that is also likely to be wrongly motivated because of our self-centredness or self-absorbtion. The soul on the other hand is essentially self-forgetful; do you remember that idea of the Christ's that we must lose yourself before you can find our true self? This is the idea of self-forgetfulness and the surrender to the soul. It is this is idea that is at the centre of the lesson to be learned in Virgo.

To complete his Virgo lesson Hercules needed to take the girdle of love from Hippolyte the Queen of the Amazons, another earth mother figure. This girdle is a symbol of unity, love, sacrifice and faith. Hercules fights Hippolyte to get the girdle from her and kills her in the process, yet she was trying to give it up to him freely. In killing her he failed the Virgo lesson and the girdle's power would be useless to him. His situation was redeemed when on his way home in an act of self-forgetfulness and concern for another he dived into the belly of a sea monster to save a women called Hesione and with this deed his killing of the Queen was redeemed because it was an act of selfless love and sacrifice. He thus learned wisdom, balance and was able to wear and use the girdle of love (a symbol of the soul) in the service of the One God.

We humans often imagine that intellectual understanding alone will lead us to enlightenment yet we must first put on the girdle of love if we are to live in spiritual being, for the expression of love is the soul's purpose. In order to be able to express this divine love we must combine two aspects of our being, the heart with the mind and when they become highly integrated and responsive to all need then they express the essential condition of the soul, which is the expression of love/wisdom.

Through self-forgetfulness and intelligent love for all beings we will have that total fulfilment that we have so desire, (although then it will hardly matter to us) for we will have entered into that abundant life that will make us one with all life and all throughout the kingdom of the soul. It is through those lessons in Virgo that those pairs of opposites, the threefold body and soul can be fully integrated and blended into a vehicle of expression of the divine nature. But this is not the end of the story but only the beginning, for there are many more mountains to climb into increasingly higher realms of divine being, not because of a sense of ambition or adventure but because of the level of service to the One Life that we feel we must take for the sake of love.