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Achieving the Will to See the Light

Trevor Leese
April 2008

In one of her books that focuses on consciousness, Alice Bailey points out that there is one thing that can be predicated of all atoms which is that they demonstrate the quality of discrimination, the power to select and the ability to attract or repel and in doing so they demonstrate qualities of the mind through a rudimentary form of intelligence. Alice Bailey reminds us that if we look at the root meaning of the word intelligence we see that it embodies just this idea for it is derived from two Latin words; inter, meaning between and legere to choose, it means therefore the capacity to think or choose, to select or discriminate. 1 Man does of course, as an ordered structure of many millions of atoms, demonstrate a far vaster means of intelligent activity, further more he is capable of the expression of emotion or love and also that of intelligent will. Many believe, as I do, that every atom carries within it the potential for the expression of all of this and of much more because it carries the potential for the expression of the soul but it is only man that is ready and now ready as a group for the expression of the soul. Man's discriminative challenges at this time are very greater as he struggles to build an adequate personality form, a vehicle of expression of the soul that is capable of uniting within itself matter with spirit. There is such a great task required of him for he is required not only to be conscious but he must learn to be fully self-conscious as he seeks the precise control of the threefold personality system through the application of the great law of attraction and repulsion so that eventually he will achieve complete synthesis with the soul in order to function as a truly coherent unit. Firstly though he faces the challenge of mastering his motives, desires or impulses and finding the right direction in which to focus his will so that it may, through an enlightened understanding and a desire, conform to the Will of God. He must do this if he is to become the soul in manifestation and a true channel for spirit or life at this time. Thus the aspirant gains the strength to stand, to love and the strength to be detached, then is he able to evoke the spiritual Will.

It is this right control of desire and the control of will that are central to the task that the aspirant needs to face and also to resolve in Taurus. In simple terms he must learn to ride the Bull of Taurus, the bull of his desire so that it may become the bull of God. This is the great challenge for all aspirants at this time because of the tremendous inflow of Shamballa force (the force of spiritual Will) into our physical world in this New Age. For Shamballa, that centre where the Will of God is known, is stimulating the will of humanity at this time as never before and while it is stimulating the will of those who are beginning to conform to that will (the divine will-to-good, to peace through understanding and right relationship between men and nations) it is also stimulating the will of those who are selfish and prepared to indiscriminately exploit others. It is now so important for us as aspirants that we do not doubt our own capacity for the expression of the power of will and if we can focus that will towards the divine will-to-good through our thinking and in every interaction with others, no matter how small those interactions may be, then we distinctly add to the power and influence for good of that will throughout the world. We co-operate with the divine Plan, as much as anything, through our effort help to build clarity of understanding of that Plan within the human mind pool. We must not forget that our clear and unambiguous thinking works magnetically and like a radio transmitter it transmits across the world of mind and this can make an impression upon the hearts and minds of those around us who are receptive to such thoughts and ideas. If one has no opportunity to speak to others or lack the capacity to write or clearly formulate those ideas into words the force of ones will can still transmit those ideas and attract the attention of other's minds particularly when they have the good of others in mind. In this way we can become transmitters of will, of Shamballa force. This force may be misused by some as it stimulates the will-to-power but this is a temporary problem because Shamballa precipitates the cleansing process of the will-to-good upon all untruths. We see much suffering in the world today as those who wield the will-to-power selfishly attempt to hold back the new world of freedom and equality but this serves to stimulate the desire for freedom of those who are oppressed until it becomes an unstoppable flow that can drown out the power of the oppressor.

It is the qualities of the Aquarian Age that are stimulating the universal awareness as they prescribe new ways of approaching world synthesis, they are for the first time allowing us to see just how humanity is a world wide community and although there are sometimes cultural differences we all have similar needs and expectation for our lives and those of our family's and community. These Aquarian qualities are aided very much by Taurus, who is the custodian of illumination and can increase the inflow of Shamballa force if we are willing to respond to the challenges that this new light reveals for us.

The Hierarchy is concerned to awaken all the nations without exception to the dramatic importance of the present time and we are seeing undreamt of changes in nations that just a decade or so ago were closed to the rest of the world. The power and influence of the global community is growing rapidly stronger, not only politically and economically but the ideas and protests of ordinary people can now be heard worldwide and this does bring pressure on the international community to expose the undesirable elements in individual governments and to support the oppressed people in their stand for justice and the establishment of right human relationships. Everywhere we look in the world today we see those who are fighting for this establishment of right relationships, not only upon the human level but every relationship of life upon the planet and they are achieving success in line with the formation of a new, more spiritual civilisation that looks towards the welfare of all life. This is clearly in line with the onslaught of the Forces of Light at this time.

Taurus is described as a synthetic sign because it stimulates the release of inner urges upon the physical plane, stimulating the focus of desire in the mass of men and of will or directed purpose in the aspirants and disciples at all levels. That purpose is driven by the impulse of love but for the average person it is likely to manifest as stubbornness or determined adherence to their personal aims. The eye of that bull of Taurus is called the eye of revelation because as the bull moves forward it reveals, to the one who sees, the plan of Deity. It is the force of Will from Shamballa that allows the eye of illumination to see clearly because it intensifies the light through the removal of obstructions to that light. This also stimulates the will-to-power of the developing personality towards the very necessary stage of integrated selfhood and produces, though less readily, the will-to-serve the plan as it is understood by the aspirants to discipleship at all stages of their development. These are stages of the materialisation of the plan of Deity.

The first ray of Will or power is directed to our planet via Vulcan and it is the work of Vulcan that is helping to forge and shape much of the crises of change today. It is forging the confrontation between the men of selfish and ambitious will and the men of goodwill who desire the good of the world; it is also forging the linking networks between the nations for the good of the whole. This work forges the way for the coming Avatar who is the embodiment of the Will of God and who does, of course, seek the divine will-to-good and peace through universal understanding on Earth, so that right relations between men and nations can be achieved. He is expected by so many although their names for him are different but when one looks deeper into whom their names describe one realises that it is the same embodiment. For He is called the Christ, Maitreya, Messiah, Bodhisattva, Krishna, Imam Mahdi, Gurbani, Vishnu riding Kalki, etc., but whatever name used it describes that same Avatar of Love and Synthesis and that same embodiment of the Word of God. There is much for us to do in preparation at this time to help break down those seeming differences between the faith communities and to help prepare the way for His return. All this appearance of difference is a problem of world glamour; this affects us all and causes us to distort the truth that the all-creating Will seeks to establish. Few truly see and appreciate the true beauty of the intended group life but I think that this problem can be overcome as we are prepared to understand the viewpoint of all the faith communities and to build a web of mutual understanding that can draw them all together into a understanding of their underlying unity. As we seek to serve all humanity the will to serve is increasingly liberated, as we can subordinate our lower will to the higher intention for the whole. It is possible through the attitude of goodwill to create a world where all people are free without the imposition of a super-state if we can develop sufficient breadth of mutual understanding. Through the evocation of good will and right human relations by the growing band of aspirants and disciples the sense of separateness and hatred can be eliminated and the way will be prepared for the Avatar and His Hierarchy to work more openly on the planet.

The state of the world today is driving the unthinking majority towards materialistic desires, thoughts and ways of living but these conditions are also creating a rising tide of people who seek understanding of life purpose and illumination and this is revealing the true underlying synthesis in mankind. The attitude of materialism holds great dangers because it is unsustainable and harmful to the planetary life, those who hold the far vision of the possibilities ahead for our families must demonstrate their viewpoint so that all can more quickly realise the alternatives that will allow humanity and all the life on the planet to live together in harmony. This expression of will through Taurus today drives the lower nature of humanity just as it does the higher, we see the dash towards material success and the stimulation of the forces of aggression just as much as those who progress with purpose towards the working out of the plan of God. In either way the crises of our time are met, resolved and the changes made in the world.

Taurus also concerns the physical body and it brings its care and cure into the centre of human thinking at this time with a particular emphasis in people's minds upon physical wholeness. Through its connection with gold Taurus also focuses the growing desire for material wealth and plays its part in the present crisis in the economic world.

It is not sufficient for the aspirant to demonstrate goodwill, we must learn to express the will-to-good and this requires the ability not only to use the spiritual will but to know the true nature of 'good', to understand the quality of divine purpose and to plan our activities with a definite goal in mind through our understanding of the next step that humanity must take under the inspiration of the spiritual Will.2 To be able to achieve this we must have spiritual insight so that our understanding may be lighted. The challenge of the Taurus keynote addresses this task, "I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light".

1. Alice A. Bailey,The Consciousness of the Atom, Lucis Press, p 57.
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