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A Donor of Light

By Trevor Leese
May 2007

The growing energy of the Aquarian Age is creating just the right conditions for a universal or world-wide awareness that will, at least at some level, soon reach every man, woman and child on this planet. This energy is stimulating an access through all forms of human contact that will soon become universal. At the present time these include telephone, world radio, television and the Internet but these are still in their infancy, only in their second or third generation and the advances taking place at the moment will draw these together into a greater synthesis of global communication. This increased access to the world will raise the hopes and dreams of people in every land for a better life and a more equal sharing of the world's resources. This sense of universality is also being expressed through the desire of so many to explore every corner of our planet and to understand those places, if only in some small way, to understand the diversity of their natural, cultural and economic environments, to also understand the thinking of others, experience their customs, religions, arts or to share their food. Those who are able to travel at first hand rather than through their imagination as they watch television, also spread a little of their own culture, but in whatever way the journey is made there is an exchange of human interest, ideas and understanding between peoples and an increase in personal or family expectations as life becomes increasingly universal in line with the qualities of Aquarius. The response to this universality is not driven by human will alone, although this is certainly facilitating the imagination and contributing to the rapid evolution of technologies and changes in life styles. Although few recognise it as yet, a primary stimulation for the great changes that take place in the world and in the minds of men come from extra planetary and cosmic sources in line with a structure of relationships that means that the greater always contains the lesser, be it spiritually, mentally or physically within the structure of the One Life.

It is not surprising to see that almost everyone would like a greater access to these new modes of human expression and the technological changes that are taking place at such a rapid pace are an essential part of human evolution and the evolution of man's consciousness. Yes, those tools that give men and women physical or mental extension are as much a part of the evolution of our species as the evolutionary modification of a physical limb in the animal world in order to allow it to adapt to its changing life conditions. They simply allow our evolution, particularly the evolution of consciousness, to move forward at a much greater pace and this is not only in line with the current trend towards increasing planetary synthesis but is also in line with the greater Plan of Deity.

Synthesis is an important element in our planetary and human development, the Law of Synthesis or spiritual existence is one of the three major laws of our cosmos. An understanding of this law brings mastery over the worlds of illusion and glamour but to be able to achieve this we need first to understand the Laws of attraction and Economy in order to develop an understanding of the desire for form life and of the nature of love. Through these we can begin to resolve the dualities of the personality and the soul, the resolution of these problems will bring about a unity but beyond that lies a greater duality to understand, that of the essential universal planetary duality, this is the duality of Spirit-matter but one day the whole of mankind will understand how these can be made into a unity and to vision the great transformation that lies beyond that unity for mankind.

The changes to our global environment at this time could be described as explosive because of the way that they thrust human life forward at a pace that would have been unbelievable until just a few decades ago. We now have great planetary power and with that come great responsibilities that we must accept. The spiritual implications of this new Age mean that everyone is being bombarded with Shamballa force (the force of Will) and the sympathetic conditions of Aquarius are allowing a flood of illumination from Taurus (Taurus is the custodian of illumination) and this is having a great affect upon aspirants and disciples of every kind at this time. So much so that a great number of people who are psychologically ready to respond to its influence, will be able to reverse their progress around the wheel of life and follow in the footsteps of the great disciples as they reveal the central truth. On the other hand this tremendous force of the energy of will is certain to increase selfishness in many, so it can either bring humanity temporarily to the heights of self indulgence or allow them to reach out for the mountain top of vision and illumination. The influence of Aquarius or of Taurus cannot be avoided and as always it is up to each one of us to make our free choice of what to do with the increasing freedom that they provide.

The guiding influence of Taurus is very potent today especially in terms of subjective spiritual values. It can forge the instrument of constructive living and furnish the key that unlocks the mystery of life if we so choose or if we choose wrongly it can take away our freedom by forging the chains that bind us to materiality, leading to our temporary destruction if we exploit the opportunities that are providing, through our greed.

In the heat of activity in this Age it is Vulcan who controls this anvil-like process going on today, he shapes the metal into whatever is desired by use. It is his work that forges the way for the Avatar who is coming into outer manifestation soon, He will embody in Himself the Will of God in what is a special focus for this Age, this is the divine will-to-good, the will to peace through understanding and the will to achieve right relations between men and nations. 1

The power of will has driven our life and personality evolution from the beginning of time for it began with the will to live and then continued to drive us on through either impulse, desire, motive, purpose, ambition or aspiration, etc. The direction of the will can only ever drive us onwards and upwards, no matter how difficult we make the task through our self-centredness; it drives upwards through man the personality, man the soul and man the channel for spiritual life. 2 It is Taurus that provides those right conditions for the expression of our innermost needs and desires and then provides the condition for our understanding and eventual control of those needs. These steps of the nature of will that drive a man onwards towards a greater synthesis or fusion evoke both the growth of the creative and dynamic imagination, bringing stability to the emotional nature, revealing the need for relationship and responsibility. Here Love and responsiveness to the world of the soul are evoked. There is likewise the evocation of intelligence through the stimulation of the creative imagination transforming it into inspiration and eventually revealing the capacity to co-operate intelligently with the Plan. Through this process we see the mind taking control of the physical body, the soul take conscious control of the astral - desire body and this will then bring the will aspect of our divine nature into the control of the mind.

The great problems of humanity are caused to a great extent by the speed that the human monads chose for the evolution of the species and this was done for the high purpose of aiding evolution of the whole. But constantly the stimulation does evoke the wrong response from those who are unprepared and are still selfishly polarised. The stimulation of the will-to-power for them provokes a wrong emphasis and the truth is bent to suit their own aggrandisement, attitudes, teaching are distorted and men and nations are temporarily misled. This of course creates a crisis that leads towards conflict between the pairs of opposites and the force of Will, Shamballa force precipitates a cleansing process and this often means war. This has the effect of drawing the crisis into prominence, creating a global focus of thinking upon a solution to the crisis and the removal of the undesirable conditions. The suffering, anxiety and distress of such a crisis affects the emotional body of humanity leading to a great change of heart and mind towards truer values and a focus upon the kind of world that most of us hope for. The problems stemming from the middle East at the moment that have their roots in the distant past mean that both East and West need to make great changes to their thinking towards the will-to-good in order to re-establish peace and security through the world. Apart from the cost of human suffering this will mean great progress for us all.

This is just what Shamballa force does, it "fans or intensifies the light by the removal of Obstructions" 3 The energy of will, as far as our planet is concerned emanates from that great triangle of constellations that include Taurus and is absorbed by Shamballa, the centre of our planetary life, in order to distribute it to stimulate human consciousness. It is our greatest driving force to which we are now ready to respond as never before but it has a twofold effect, it stimulates self-will or the will-to-power towards a self-centred personality integrated in both individuals and nations (we have seen the struggle through nationalism in many nations in this past century). It also less readily stimulates the will-to-serve, although this aspect is growing at a tremendous rate at this time as aspirants respond to the need for world service and the will-to-good.

This force from that centre of Will that is stimulating the will-to-good throughout the world is enabling and understanding co-operation with what has traditionally been called God's will. Thinking and educated man can now free from that blind acceptance of an inescapable providence or the inscrutable dictates of the authority of their religion, he can now identify God's Will as the universal goodwill that is working to establish the greater good of the whole. There is a growing number of those throughout the world who realise the intended beauty of the group life and freely subordinated their lower will to the higher purpose that sees the global community living in peace and security with the health and welfare of all cared for. This is not an ideal that is easily realised and many see the great struggle that needs to be made during the next century or so, the dangers that need to be overcome in order to address the problem of dualism in our world which must eventually vanish before that final peace can be established.

We must resolve the wilful lower nature of man that embodies so much aggression at this time and is developing into a critical situation in our cities and the world. The drive is ever towards the fulfilment of desire and we must tempt those who feel disenfranchised and resentful or desire selfishly, towards the understanding that sharing is actually more fulfilling and leads to greater personal wholeness. We can only do this by setting an example ourselves in the way that we live caringly and selflessly. The world wide economic conflict is driven by desire, a great hunger for what others have got or for more than our neighbours have, it is a terrible need of so many to be seen be on top of the pile as individuals and nations. It is a desire for wealth and prosperity whose symbol is gold, symbolising individual wealth and the wealth of the nation. It is an amazing selfishness that is causing great discontent between those who have far more than the rest of the world has and the poor. It is a search for gold that rules the lower self; there is an ancient prophecy that speaks about "The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of form. [This represents man as the bull of Taurus] These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold…" The present situation is leading towards this conflict between materialism and truth, so far there have been small skirmishes like the revelation of the sweat shops in the East producing clothes with designer labels, or the illegal immigrants to Britain who are paid a slaves wage by the gangs who control there work picking cockles or vegetables, etc. Sooner all later we must face up to the way that we live in the first world and address those global issues concerning the food that we eat or the materials we consume.

The New Group of World Servers is learning to works under the revealing vision that Taurus offers; it has all the needed light through which the problems of our time can be resolved. Humanity has been sensitised by the work of the Age of Pisces and it is ready to respond to the new spiritual openness and needs a little constant prompting in order to see the light and the vision of the broad spiritual dimension of the New Age. The task of Taurus is clear to see in its keynote, which is "I see and when the Eye is open, all is light".

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