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Riding the Bull Called Desire

By Trevor Leese
May 2006

The impulse to think is necessarily stimulated by desire, the desire to understand the idea, the desire to achieve some aim or to perform a task, etc. Through thinking we develop sensitivity and the potential to harness desire. One of the problems that we all face in dealing with desire is that as modern man we are the sum total of all those men that we have been during the earlier stages of our evolution. We are potentially still animal man, still early Homo Sapien as well as the comparatively mentally sophisticated modern man and we contain all the desire potential of each of those stages of our earlier evolution. We can at our worst seek only to satisfy the animal cravings and at best seek to serve the highest aspirations of our time. The law of attraction drives us; this law governs the magnetic attraction and the principal of coherence that drives our human development ever onwards towards the manifestation of the soul through the human personality. If we fail to respond to the latest stage of human development with its potential for thoughtful regulation of desire or fail to test the developing moral and spiritual frameworks that hold the solution to our worst problems as the modern man, then we are in danger of reverting to some earlier model for the man of desire, even that of the purely cunning beast.

The Taurus full moon is a good time to reflect on the qualities that emanate from this constellation for they concern our desire and its control. It is the sign that is known as "the sign of the major life incentive" and the labour of this sign is that great test that man has to take concerning the control of will or desire. The objective of thinking concerns desire at each stage of human development, it may mean the basic desire or ambition of the predominantly self-centred man who is travelling around the signs in the ordinary direction, or the focused desire of the aspiring disciple who is seeking to conform to a spiritual life of service who then finds that the direction that he travel around the signs has become reversed. He is being driven by the urge of his aspiration and by a clearer motive or incentive that is becoming increasingly selfless. As he becomes the committed disciple he will control his life through his will to co-operate with the Plan as he progressively responds to the Will of God. Whatever stage of development he is at as he faces this test of Taurus, (and he will face it many times) he is responding to one of the fundamental causes of manifestation, that concerning the evolutionary process of the will-to-live or the will-to-be. This three-part process can be summed up with the words desire-aspiration-direction which is will in its major ascending stages. Starting with man the personality and preceding through the stage of man the soul, leading finally to man as the channel for spirit or life. That conformity to the Will of God is not something that is enforced by the Almighty as some kind of restricting, controlling regime or is it arrived at through blind acquiescence by man but becomes so through man's own greater realisation of the truth and his clear understanding of the purpose of life expression and also for the creation of the needed conditions in man's world that will bring about a life more abundant. A man seeks this enlightened fusion of wills through co-operation with divine purpose and he does so for the greater good of the whole.

This driving force of will that runs through all the stages of the expansion of consciousness; for mankind is a motive force leading to a growing responsiveness to the incoming influences of Shamballa, that centre of the Will of God for our planet and consequently producing the evocation of the will aspect of man's nature. This New Age bring with it a considerable increase of this Shamballa force and this is producing both desirable as well as undesirable results because so many men and their nations are still predominately self-centred. Yet there is a quickly growing worldwide group of men and women who are sensitive and who seek to be more enlightened and this is enabling an increasing interplay between Shamballa and the human centre. But as so many people are still selfishly polarised this stimulates a selfish will-to-power or a wrong development of the personality and its desires, because they are not yet ready or able to use the forces available to them safely and through this wrong orientation they serve to deepen the many crises in the world at this time. It is the force of will (good or bad) that causes many crises to be highlighted and so they are brought to the attention of the whole world and this serves to stimulate the search for solutions to the conflicts. These conflicts include those between peoples and nations that lead to many of the current wars and religious tensions throughout our world. It is the force of will that stimulates the will of those who seek to overcome the self-centredness and greed that has created the gulf between the rich world and the poor, etc.

The very suffering, deprivation, anxiety and distress that so many are suffering today can lead to a complete reorientation of life with a focus upon truer values that will lead to the creation of that better civilisation that many of us believe will come into being, as this New Age influence is more strongly felt throughout the physical the world. Just as Humanity as the world disciple is coming under the influence of Aquarius with its energy to increase universal awareness or a growing recognition of the concept of the one world that will lead to a world synthesis. He is also coming under the influence of Taurus and this is stimulating many who are ready to reverse the wheel of life and ready to respond to the flood of illumination of which Taurus is the custodian. None the less, we face a choice between "the fiery heights of self interest" or the mountaintop of spiritual vision. Taurus can forge the instrument of constructive living or it can forge the chains that bind men to insatiable desire. Whatever the choice it is power from Vulcan that controls the anvil like processes that strike the blows that shape the metal of which desire is made. We can increase the chains that bind our world through self-centredness and will lead to greater suffering or we can create the key through our selfless concern for others that will unlock the mystery of a life more abundant. As we seek to care for all we forge the way for the coming Avatar who will embody the Will of God that is the divine will-to-good, bringing peace through understanding and right relations between all men and all nations.

The energy streaming into our planet from Taurus has an effect on all men irrespective of their point of development of consciousness, to the unthinking masses it stimulates desire as a stubborn adherence to self-centred aims; to the developed man it demonstrates as directed purpose and for the aspiring disciple it is will intelligently expressed as love in action. All three of these levels of reaction fulfil the purpose of the soul for each pushes a man towards a crisis of change that offers him an opportunity for the growth of his consciousness and takes him a step nearer union with the soul and the recognition of man's spiritual destiny. It has been said that the entire secret of divine planning and purpose is hidden in the sign Taurus because of its part in a triangle of constellations that includes our solar system.

Man as the personality is seen symbolically as the bull of Taurus and man as the soul must learn to ride him with firm control leading them precisely in the direction that he considers they should go. The bull of Taurus can be seen as either blindly rushing forward ridden by the unthinking man or ridden by the man who through a focussing of the personality resource allows the "eye of the Bull" to be opened and as this eye is the eye of revelation, man is able to recognise the soul as the true self and give control of the bull, the personality, which he now recognised as the vehicle for the expression of the soul, to its true master. This is why man is known esoterically as the "Bull of God" and why the cosmic relationships of Taurus so clearly encapsulates the underlying goal of man's evolutionary process.

That stream of the energy of will coming into our solar system is focus in our planet at Shamballa (that place where the Will of God is known) and is being released at this propitious time by the planetary logos, Sanat Kumara (The Ancient of Days), this is emanating via his head centre. It is welling up in certain nations and races as self-will or the will-to-power developing the characteristics of their lower nature and stimulating the personality aspect of their selfhood. We can clearly see at this time that many nations seek to assert themselves in the international community, some of these nations (including my own) seek to impose their will upon the nations by circumventing the decisions of the international community that have been agreed at the United Nations. We cannot win freedom and democracy for all nations and their peoples by the imposition of the will of a few nations and especially if that will is imposed by force of arms. Freedom and democracy cannot be won through the point of a gun. We can only settle our differences through goodwill, consensus and mutual respect and hopefully by reasoned agreement or even compromise. We have allowed this to happen through our insufficient will to help find a better way and so very many people will suffer as a consequence. This mistaken action is however forcing the necessary crises of change in our world and it is clearly defining for many what truly needs to be changed in order to create a more stable and integrated world.

This increase of the energy of will through Shamballa is less readily stimulating the will-to-serve because it is only slowly being understood by the world aspirants and world disciples. The strength and clarity of the thought forms of solution by the new group of world servers is profoundly important at this time. This is something that we can all clearly contribute to, however insignificant we may feel that our own contribution of ideas might be; it will, in reality, be a valued brick in the structure of the group thought form and will aid the materialisation of the purposes of Deity.

Because of the largely unthinking response of the world's peoples to the critical events of our time the problems are shrouded in world glamour. Few realise the truth of the idea of one world or can appreciate the beauty of the fusion of the nations, the value of a multicultural world or the reconciliation of the religions. Few can clearly see the wonderful truth of the intended group life of humanity or our common purpose. The world glamour's are twisting the liberating forces of will into an imposed will creating the concept of the super state that seeks the conformity of all. This will mean the end of a true freedom of thought or the free will to follow ones own vision of the free world. This negative reaction due to the world glamour has been creating separative regimes, often with a twisted idealism that sees the imposition of a rule of life as central to their aims but if a life style is applied by force then the free expression of a free people will be destroyed.

Those same forces of will bring other individuals and groups of people a considerable measure of understanding of the processes at work in our world. It enables them to see the underlying global synthesis, to see those problems of dualism that must disappear and is giving them a true sense of right human relations. It is clear that wrong reactions are producing a frantic rush towards a deepening materialistic life style, materialistic desire and materialistic thought. Yet for some this force of will reveals a far vision of an integrated world of freedom of opportunity for all. It reveals for them a steady movement towards an open world in spite of the current dangers and seemingly impossible difficulties. We can see that the Bull of Taurus has a dual expression for it can either stimulate the wilful desire of the lower nature of humanity, and this includes the forces of aggression or it can stimulate a thoughtful and purposeful progression of those who seek the working out of the Plan for the whole of Humanity. We may not fully understand the process of evolution but we are likely to be contributing to one or the other of these choices as far as humanity is concerned, either through our effort towards right thinking, or our self-centred thinking, or our non-thinking.

So much of the thinking in today's world concerns material wealth and with this in mind it is interesting to see that Gold as a symbol is very much connected with Taurus. As the central theme of Taurus is the outpouring of desire, not only the desire of individuals but the desire of nations, it puts desire and gold at the centre of the tension of the world economic situation, at the centre of the economic crises between the rich first world and the poor third world, and at the centre of the international crisis of labour and materials. Much of the unrest and the fighting in the world are concerned with natural resources and the unfair distribution of the wealth that they create. Other wars are not merely a clash of ideologies but contain a significant element concerning the problems of wealth and the power that it produces.

To paraphrase the keynote of Taurus, 'We must see and when the Eye is opened, all will be light'.