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The Battle Over The Lower Nature

By Trevor Leese
November 2006

With the launch of the two satellites of the 'STEREO' project (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) scientists will be able to take stereoscopic measurements of the Sun and Coronal Mass Ejection (CME's) activity on the surface of the Sun. They will image CME's continuously in three dimensions from the Sun to the Earth and beyond it using graphic imaging, remote sensing, and particle and field instruments not only in order to develop an understanding of space weather, the powerful effect of the Sun upon the Earth's atmosphere but also Man's contribution to possible changes to the outer atmosphere. Our lives are now increasingly affected by space weather if we are connected with anything that requires the use of a global positioning system, a mobile phone, or if we watch TV or surf the net, for transmission by satellite is extending into almost every area of life and commerce. So space is becoming part of our world as we embrace the many global communications and navigation systems that satellite technology has enabled.

The higher level of CME's or Sun spots at particular times of the year often create solar storms whose radiation effects the Earth's magnetic field as they pass by and can cause damage to large electrical installations let alone disruption of sensitive electrical equipment. These are powerfully physical reminders of the energies that constantly circulate around our solar system and sustain its life just as more subtle electrical variants circulate through and drive the physical body of a man. Only small changes in the energy flow from the Sun are needed to create considerable consequences on Earth both climatically and economically. Yet we must remember that it is the Sun's objective at this time, as the physical form of the Solar Logos, to sustain the life upon our planet not only through the warm sunshine that most of us love but also through its many subtle radiant qualities that drive planetary purpose and man towards his destiny. As scientists build increasingly sensitive recording instruments they are able to see an ever-broadening bandwidth of the spectrum of those radiant energies that sustain and bind together our solar system and every atom in it.

At the time of the Scorpio full moon in November our attention is drawn to consideration of the profoundly important effect that the solar and cosmic energies stepped down through Scorpio, have upon the life of the evolving man leading to a profound crisis of transformation wherein he faces three great tests leading to his complete mastery of the form. These tests produce a thorough reorientation of man's consciousness away from the sensuous or egotistical self, initiate a new higher, inclusive sense of values and demonstrate his sensitivity to the plan and purpose of life on Earth.

That plan is no less than the purposeful expression of the solar Logos Himself, it began with His Will to manifest, initiating the creative process that is worked out through God the Son, the qualitive expression of the soul in each one of us, which when active, is seen as the Christ principle. The activity of God the Holy Spirit, the dynamic energy of electric fire is implicit in that driving force mentioned above, whose qualities are expressed as the mutable cross, the cross of "repeated incarnations" or successive and continuous expansions of consciousness.

These qualities drive evolution and the creation of all forms through which some aspect of the Logos seeks to manifest, it was responsible for the creation of the physical body that could be a suitable vehicle for the personality of man but also drives that continuous expansion of his consciousness, for this to be possible man needs repeated incarnations through which consciousness can grow and expand in order that he may eventually embrace the increasingly higher qualities of divine expression and planetary initiations.

It is staggering to think that this evolutionary process began on Earth some 460 billion years ago yet it is said to be a continuation of a process begun in a previous solar system and today the Holy Spirit continues to manipulate the forces inherited from that system that are encapsulated within the nature of the substance that make up the building blocks of this current system and, of course, our Earth. The Will to manifest is encapsulated in the substance of matter and the lower nature of man as the underlying driving creative process, (the evolutionary drive or Holy Spirit) which builds a suitable form for divine expression. The personality of man stands, therefore, as that same third person of a trinity in the relationship of monad-soul-personality as does the higher trinity Father- Son-Holy spirit, confirming the law - 'as above so below'.

Scorpio is strongly influenced by energy flowing from another sun, Sirius; this is the vehicle through which the second aspect of divinity, Love and its embodiment in the principle of the cosmic Christ, reaches our solar system, our planet and into the life of man. It is the work of the Hierarchy of Sirius that has enabled our planetary Hierarchy to function through the expression of Love, that principle of the Christ. Sirius is known esoterically as the 'brilliant star of sensitivity' and it was the sun Sirius that appeared so brilliantly as the star in the East at the nativity of the Christ, shining its light of Love. It is because Scorpio can act as an intermediary between Sirius and Earth that it influences a profound turning point for humanity, the life of an individual and with a particular potency, the life of a man upon the Path of Discipleship. This opportunity for reorientation enables a man to turn his back on the self-centred or egotistical personality, to relinquish desire and take on the life and expression of the soul, which has been hidden within him.

The influence of Scorpio is being strongly felt at this time, not only because it provides 'points of crisis' and 'moments of reorientation' that are so valuable to the aspiring disciple but because it is presenting those same opportunities for the nations and humanity collectively as we move into the Aquarian age. It amazes me that our leaders appear to involve us in international crises without what appears to be a thorough understanding of their underlying causes, while ill prepared and without satisfactory plans to deal with all the contingencies that are bound to follow. Thus we create many errors because we are not clear about our intentions or do not visualise the repercussions of our actions in the first place. We are still inclined to 'go it alone' as nations, through lack of international support for a national point of view that is exclusive or has insufficient consideration of other nations or through the lack of political will of the nations in the Council Chamber of the United Nations. Alas, the influence of Aquarius is not yet quite strong enough to stimulate enough men into becoming dedicated to world service or to appreciate the need to consider the effect that a nations policies can have these days upon the whole of humanity and our natural environment.

Those three tests of Scorpio that I mentioned earlier concern the learning of the lessons of control over appetite, desire and self-will in order to become the selfless world server. They concern a reorientation of the mind for the personality of man, yet it could just as well be applied to the reorientation of the mind of a nation towards world service. If the mind is to work freely and creatively in order to build the new world then the individual and the racial subconscious needs to be cleansed of those deep seated racial and individual memories, glamours and wrong thinking inherited from past lives that are no longer appropriate to our thinking in today's world.

The three tests of Scorpio are in reality three groups of three related tests making nine tests in all. These were symbolised by that nine headed Hydra, which Hercules defeated in his labour in Scorpio. You may remember that whenever Hercules removed a head from the Hydra with his club, two heads grew to replace it. It was only when he was prepared to humbly examine his dilemma in the light of wisdom and in the elevated atmosphere of searching thought, symbolised by his going down onto his knees in order to lift the Hydra high into the light of the Sun that he was able to defeat it. These tests as far as man is concerned, are to do with right control over his physical, emotional and mental bodies as they merge and combine on the physical plane. The first group of three tests relate to tendencies of the animal nature and the appetite for sex, physical comfort and the means to indulge oneself through money. The second group relate to emotional plane and the nature of desire and concern the resolution of the fears which condition ones daily activity, hate which condition ones relationships and ambitions, or lack of them, which condition ones objectives. The third group of tests are concerned with pride or an intellectual satisfaction that makes the mind a barrier to the soul, separativeness or an attitude of isolation that make the mind a barrier to right group relations and lastly cruelty or the belief that only ones own methods are right and can make the mind an instrument of power. Not until the faults related to these tests are realised and corrected can there be a right relationship with the soul, with humanity or with the environment. This is the goal of the Scorpio tests, to search out the personality defects, some of which may have been subtly hidden throughout time. This can only happen when the mind has reached a comparatively high stage of balance or development. This does not mean the destruction of basic human qualities but rather the true use of them in whatever we do so that at all times we show loving concern for others.

All the twelve signs have Rulers that govern them and in Scorpio their influence is potent in the life of the average or undeveloped man because he responds easily to them, the more advanced man's life is influenced directly by the signs of the zodiac. There are two rays that take up a controlling position amongst the Scorpio rulers and these are; the sixth Ray of Devotion which has had a powerful influence throughout the Piscean age and the fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict. The problem with devotion for the average man is that he is inclined to apply it in an unthinking manner and the incoming Aquarian energy challenges him as never before because it requires him to think through his devotion. The Piscean devotee sees only the negative responses to the freedom offered by the Aquarian age and condemns all it stands for, both the good and the bad because of the effects of the bad. This to my mind is where the present conflicts lie, in the religious devotees who are inclined towards fundamentalism fighting against the wickedness of freedom for the personality, a freedom that will emancipate many millions in the world today. In the Piscean age life was controlled through the imposition of unquestioning laws, in Aquarius these laws are losing their meaning for man and he must learn to take full responsibility for his own life conduct and seek to uphold the freedom and the safety of all. The problem with freedom is to find harmony between peoples with seemingly conflicting views, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict has been and continues to be the greatest challenge for humanity but it is a challenge that we can at last face and resolve in the Aquarian Age. Through the last two thousand years of the Piscean Age the nations have lived separately and only as the incoming qualities of the new age have begun to be sensed and responded to during the last one hundred years or so has the idea of the freedom of nations and of peoples begun to influence international relations.

There are also two planets working together that take up a ruling position in Scorpio, Mars with mercury control. Here Mars has a controlling affect on the personality and also, working as an esoteric planet, it conditions the unfolding of the qualities of the disciple. Mars played its part when humanity first appeared on Earth and it appears once again at this climax of the struggle between the pairs of opposites in man, as spirit and matter become close to combining as man resolves the tests of Scorpio, this Mars makes possible. The aspiring disciple must demonstrate his strength of character and the qualities which he has been developing through many incarnations. It is a great time of liberation and the beginning of real service to others. But it is a real struggle because the activity of Mars also arouses the lower nature and there will be a final rebellion by the personality before the final surrender to the soul and the triumphant disciple can say "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant", (this is the Scorpio seed thought).