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The Terrible Struggle of the Demigods

By Trevor Leese
October 2004

The keynote is

<Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant>

The lesson of Scorpio is the lesson or labour that Hercules faced when he confronted the dreadful nine-headed beast the hydra with those angry heads all breathing flame and scaly tail lashing furiously. Imagine facing such a monster! It is “made of all the foulest thoughts conceived since time began” says the myth! It stood three fathoms high, yet Hercules could decapitate a head with a single blow from his club; the problem was that as a head fell to the ground another grew in its place. Eventually he found the means to overcome this beast, not through hope and endeavour (these his club symbolise), or through brute force or cunning but surprisingly through humility. He was of course a demigod, part man, and part god. Yet this story symbolises one of the four great struggles all of us must face as we seek to become the integrated personality who is at last ready to begin fully to express his or her hidden divine nature. For we are also demigods in the sense that we like Hercules are part human and part divine. Certainly the bridge to the divine in many of us is likely to be concealed from our consciousness because we have yet to develop the means to see it; it is in a deep state of meditation. So we must arouse this self if we are going to overcome our very own hydra, a beast of a human yet most foul kind who has probably taunted and caused much suffering for each of us through many a past life.

I had a conversation with a neighbour a week or so ago as we drove to a meeting. My neighbour spoke of a mass grave that had been uncovered in Iraq earlier in October. “If there is a God” she asked, “why does he allow such things?” This is a question that I had profound difficulty answering, yet always I wish to do my best in doing so. As I clutched the steering wheel of my car, peering through the lashing rain into the darkness of a wintry English country lane my attempted reply was not my best. How does one put the lessons of humanity and mankind’s intended role in the divine plan into a few minutes sound bite? We modern humans seem to demand such sound bites just as we relish fast food and fast everything!

The highest deity the Solar Logos is certainly the expression of Love and seeks to pervade every part of His system with that love, but His Love is not self centred but rather all-inclusive. He offers the vision of that love to those who care to look for it but it is a vision for us to freely accept or reject, there is no punishment from him if we do not. His plan for our planet, as I understand it, is to combine the essence of divine planetary consciousness with planetary matter in order to establish a secure vehicle for the expression of the divine nature upon the physical plane. This is the task of our Planetary Logos helped by the elders of our Humanity family. We who are yet mere mortals have increasingly used and abused the physical life of this planet of ours, but now more and more people are realising their responsibility as carers and protectors of all those kingdoms that follow behind us in the evolutionary struggle and they are becoming world servers. Some of them may not yet realise this is our divine responsibility or that all things upon our planet are potential vehicles for the expressions of some spiritual quality of that One Life in which we live and move and have our being. This possibility may not make sense to many of us as we see evil men at work in our world but we must not see their error as an error in the spiritual quality that lies hidden in their form, that the form yet lacks the facility to express that spiritual quality. The existence of these men is proof of their evolutionary potential for the goal of all evolution through the form or anything else is to produce a vehicle for the pure expression of the particular divine quality that is encapsulated in that form life, be it a rock, the tree that stands next to it, the beast that browses under the tree or those who live in the beast's gut. If a form ceases to offer this potential then it ceases to adapt and so cannot continue to exist, all that we see in our world are redeemable beings and are our brothers.

So here we are, beasts with all the potential of a god locked up inside us. It is essential that we have free will in this scheme; we must choose the light over the darkness out of our own volition. It seems to me that we must at first experience both to be able to make that choice. The human monads (those divine beings that are essentially ourselves who took this human form so that the matter aspect of planet Earth may be redeemed) chose to take an evolutionary fast track, a track that is not a gentle progress in a protective environment, some Eden where we will never be capable of choice but rather one that precipitates crisis. Crisis that offers leaps forward in terms of the growth of understanding, realisation or consciousness. This is not a safe environment in which we are nurtured so we may grow like a tender plant but a hazardous one that helps us to realise quickly (quickly at least in the terms of the Cosmos) that if we play with fire we get burnt but fire handled in the correct way is a wonderful creative tool for our use. So many things in our world and in ourselves are like that fire, we must learn to handle them with care and respect them correctly if they are to become our creative tools rather than the destroyers of our physical well being. We chose this courageous path, that same path that Hercules chose. It is a path of great tests and trials and much suffering. It is like a steep rocky, dangerous fast route up a mountain, we shall reach the summit quickly and yet get to know and understand the mountain in an intimate way that those beings who take the gentler route will take eons to realise. It is said we chose this route not for ourselves but so we could help those who follow on or take the gentler route in our solar system.

Even as the unevolved man we have tremendous powers at our disposal, these are powers of a divine origin, the powers of a growing intellect and consciousness, powers we need so that we may combine matter with spirit. Yet powers that we can use destructively or wickedly if we so desire. With those powers we can destroy many things, even those we love, yet without those powers we would never be able to integrate the personality or choose to integrate it with our own spiritual counterpart, the spiritual triad or monad. For most of our human experience we are beings without any real control over the physical, emotional or mental aspects of the personality, we are pulled this way and that through the conflicts that exist between these parts of us and as that we are the nine headed beast. We live in the soup of the collective unconscious, all the wicked beasts that manifest in places of great crisis like Iraq are there, they have pervaded all our astral life for eons and will continue to manifest as our own bogey men (with multiple hydra like personas) until we are ready to go down on our knees and with humility turn the search light of redemptive consciousness upon them and drive them out. It is as we realise how destructive our thoughtless physical action can be to others and ourselves, likewise how painful uncontrolled emotions can be and how the emotions easily override our ‘better judgement’. What a mess we can make for others or ourselves if we take action on the basis of unresolved or careless thought. We need to humbly recognise how out of true control we can be as the personality and be prepared to look at our life with truth, and with gentle detachment in order to start to build a truly integrated relationship between all these three parts. A relationship that can then begin to fully reflect our origin, the spiritual triad with all the qualities of spiritual will, spiritual love and a truly active intelligence. Only then can we become one with that higher triad. The final thing that Hercules does with the hydra before he throws its body back into the swamp (that soup of the collective unconscious) is to hold it high in the brilliance of the light; we too must expose all those secret places in us to the light so that not a remnant of the beast remains. Only then will we have defeated our own hydra.

So as you see we must become thoroughly self-conscious before we can begin to be divinely conscious, and that we achieve initially through the bridging qualities of the soul. As we first became self-conscious beings, we naturally saw ourselves as the centre of the world, we saw all things as being made for us and for our pleasure, to use or abuse at our will. This was a necessary step for us to make out of the mass consciousness of the primitive man. For the first time we had real dominion over our world and in that condition we played at being gods but in a way that is the antithesis of a true god. A few men take this delusion to the extreme and become the megalomaniac. (Very few women have done so, but few women have had the freedom or opportunity that men have had until the last century, it will be interesting to see how far those special feminine qualities extend). So we begin the self-conscious stage by loving ourselves and little by little we begin to love others, and eventually we love them not for what they can bring to us in terms of comfort, pleasure, or security, but for themselves whether they appear to care for us or not.

If we can accept the concept of the evolution of conscious in humanity as the transformation of animal man into the human that we see today, combine this idea with the concept that we each evolve consciousness through many lives or incarnations, then we have a framework on which to more readily make sense of our particular evolutionary path. It is then not difficult to see with compassionate understanding that we are all at different stages of the growth of consciousness. During our progress we will have been confronted with all the same moral dilemmas and will have made the same wrong judgements that we see others making, who have yet to learn those particular lessons that we now understand. We will have made these same mistakes in some previous life in order to learn the lessons and in some future time we will also have that wisdom that we so admire in others. With that connectivity in the group astral and sub-conscious, we are all privy to “the foulest thoughts conceived since time began” no matter how well they are hidden from view in us and we are also privy to the group consciousness that touches us all. This means that none of us, however good we may be, can detach ourselves from anything that humanity does and that includes the horrors we see in our world. In some measure we are each responsible and have failed to do all that we could have done to help prevent such things happening. We may have been disinterested, emotionally traumatised, or felt unable to add anything towards the thought form of solution. What we may be able to give in terms of our thinking may seem slight or unresolved yet a solution is like a building, it is made of many thousands of tiny bricks or parts that of themselves seem to have no consequence but when bound together can materialise a great structure. This is our one world and we all must seek to engage in the thoughts for its future. Let us seek to develop compassion for its entire people, even those brothers who are in the grip of extreme violence. Knowing that we may have been that way ourselves in some previous existence and therefore have the capacity somewhere within us to understand their problems and their frustrations if only we have the will to find it.

We are working in many ways today towards one world, most of that effort is unintentional and is driven by the growth of common aspirations or the desire to have those things we see others have. There are a large number who cling on to nationalism because they fear a loss of true identity. There is a small but growing group who realise that we are and have always been one humanity and there is one world of interdependent organisms. There is the same personality conflict in the human group we see in the individual personality, the same physical, emotional and mental conflicts in a community, a nation or a region of the world that need the same kind of resolve if we are to become an integrated global human family. It is sometimes much easier to see the angry heads of the hydra in the group world, fighting each other across continents, having their heads violently cut off only to reappear in a different forms with a different name, yet they are still that same spectre who we have not yet approached with humility and understanding so that they can finally be exposed to the light and dissolved back into the one. We are certainly doing a lot of club swinging today but there is a growing tide of men and women who humbly approach the conflicts, who hear the cries of pain and anger from both sides of a human divides, who seek human unity and believe in global peace and security. They seek to visualise the kind of peace and security that is not imposed with a club but is formulated so that all sides can see it as the peace and security they themselves vision or desire.

The fear of human unity whether as a group or as the personality seeking unity with the soul, is that we will lose our special identity. We will certainly lose our self-centred identity but will find the truth of that greater being we are. We become more of what we are through integration. We were once as tiny atom until we saw the advantage of the unity of atoms. We are still essentially that atom but within a universe of atoms (as the atomic structure of the human form) through which to experience being. As our consciousness becomes more inclusive we can become a planet or even a universe. In the beginning there was consciousness, form was created as a vehicle for its expression. The formless are another story.

Seek to be a courageous warrior like Hercules, not the one who fights and wins by brutality for he gains nothing but suppressed rebellion; it is he who fights for peace with true love-wisdom who emerges triumphant. “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant”.

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