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A Time of Great Things

Trevor Leese
February 2008

Humanity today has reached a great watershed of unique importance that it has never encountered before. It will be a great time of group opportunity that will very shortly be open to all those throughout the world who recognise the possibility for themselves and see the advantage of preparing to take it. This great opportunity, which in the recent past was only open to the fortunate few in any society or nation because of the restricted access to knowledge, is becoming possible for all. The opportunity that I have in mind is to become an integrated and co-ordinated personality. Such a personality is one who is not driven by the astral nature and its fantasy world, a world of dreams that can never be realised, nor one who is driven by the emotions whose mood swings without control, nor is it a person who is driven primarily by sensual or greedy desire or even one who is locked in a mental world and cannot relate to other people or the material world, all these are people who are driven in some way by aspect of the personality of which they have no control. The integrated or co-ordinated personality on the other hand has taken control of all his powers and that includes his mental, emotional and physical - astral worlds and can now use them creatively through the control of his mind to serve his needs. Such a person, when he is at first integrated has a huge new potential for good if he is selflessly motivated and likewise a huge potential for harm if he is selfishly motivated. The trend at first when a man realises that he has power and control over his personality he is likely to be self focussed and in need of those things that he can now acquire which he has been powerless to acquire before this new level of personality strength and control. It is only when those needs have been fulfilled or are seen as of little value in fulfilling his real desire that he begins to look beyond himself and to seek out some meaning for his life and begins to look at the lives of others and to value them. Does not this condition describe the materialistic man in the modern world? Hasn't there been an increase in exceptionally powerful men, dictators and international villains as well as powerful leaders and multi-national entrepreneurs and world servers? But the most significant thing about today's world is that ordinary people throughout the world are becoming empowered by their new level of personality integration.

This point of personality integration is a point at which a man must be in order to be able to take that twelfth and final test of ordinary human life, the test of Pisces and this is also represented by the last labour in the Labours of Hercules, for it is at this point his life as a human that he is able to move into the spiritual and cosmic dimension of the mind. In this labour Hercules has to defeat the three bodied monster Geryon, this represents the threefold personality with its bodies united and co-ordinated. He must take from Geryon, the lord of illusion, his red cattle for they are the symbol of human desire and their red colour symbolises both the lifeblood of the physical body and the red passion of human desire with its love and its anger being here so closely related. Desire is a central element that drives human life and it needs to be preserved for man's future work but now here it must be purified. A shepherd guards these red cattle, he is the symbol of the mind and this he must not kill because it must exist forever but it now needs to be controlled in order for the mind to rightly express truth and to interpret spiritual energy. A two-headed dog also guards the cattle; he is the symbol of the psychic-emotional nature and the matter aspect - the physical body (physical desire) that are so closely harnessed. Hercules killed the dog demonstrating that the psychic-emotional nature must now be deprived of its power.

In order to begin the task of the labour of Pisces Hercules had to meditate for seven days at the end of which he is given a chalice, a vessel of pure gold. In her book The Labours of Hercules, Alice Bailey describes this vessel as the Holy Grail. What could be more fitting for something that is the last thing on Earth that a man desires, after all the desires of the physical plane have been vanquished, a vessel that will open up the spiritual or cosmic world to him, a world where at this point he realises he must belong. This golden vessel is, of course, the soul and within its protection he is able to sail across the wild sea to the place called Erytheia, this is the land of great illusion where that monster Geryon is lord and from where he must take the red cattle. When Hercules has freed the cattle he sails them back across the sea in the golden vessel and thus human desire is protected within the vessel of the soul.

This is not the end of the story because Hercules has still to make a long journey driving the cattle across the Alps and into Italy before his task is completed. Trials still remain for him because time and again the cattle would stray (desire would go off the track) and he would have to leave the herd to find them, he would loose his way at times and would need to retrace his step in order to find the right path. While crossing the Alps into Italy Hercules is said to have set right the balance in favour of justice by triumphing over the powers of evil wherever he came across it. Hercules met and fought the wrestler Eryx; he is connected with Aphrodite who is said to have the ability to excite desire, so no doubt Hercules is still exposed to the possibility of wrongly inflamed desire. At the Isthmus of Corinth he also caught a one ton stone thrown at him by the giant Alcyoneus son of Gaia and he hit it back with his club, (a symbol of the power of the discriminating mind), killing the giant. Alcyoneus seems to have been a terrorist who would appear and attack and then totally disappear without trace again. Most of Hercules' opponents were able to grow stronger by their attacks but Hercules understood their specific asymmetry that allowed his opponents to turn attacks into advantage. I read an article recently that suggested that Osama bin Laden and his organisation Al-Qeada are a modern form of Alcyoneus. The Alcyoneus story would seem to describe the rebellious side of Hercules who was obviously confronted with the problems of the integrated personality asserting itself against all reason, this we see so much of in today's world. There may also be a more glamorised meaning to this battle with Alcyoneus for it is said that his daughters in their despair at his death threw themselves into the sea and were changed into the fabled birds called the halcyons, birds related to kingfishers who were believed to nest at sea and to calm it by their presences. This is said to be the origin of the expression 'halcyon days', this a period of two weeks of calm in the Mediterranean seas around the winter solstice but the expression is often used to describe perfect, though unreal, sultry, dreamy days.

At times on his journey Hercules lost his way but retraced his steps to the right path and eventually he reached the Sacred City. There he met the teacher who said "welcome, O Son of God who is also a son of man"... "the jewel of immortality is yours. By these twelve labours have you overcome the human and put on the divine. Home have you come, no more to leave. Upon the starry firmament your name shall be inscribed, a symbol to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labours ended, your cosmic task begins". I am unsure if this means that he was met by the Cosmic Christ (as the world teacher) himself or is met by his own monad that is after all the embodiment of the Christ consciousness. The Sacred City is described as two towns connected by a wall and a gateway called the Gateway of the Lion and I am presuming that this is the gate between Hierarchy and Shamballa for out of the Council Chamber came a voice that said, "well done, O Son of God"? 1

The sign Pisces is also marked in the heavens as a triangle of stars, a symbol of reality of mans threefold spiritual nature. It may also be the sign of death to the personality but Pisces represents matter harnessed by mans spiritual triad, the human monad, still a man but now also a true Son of God. For it is here that the work of the intelligent sons of God begins, to act as a transmitter, via the mind, of spiritual energy which will save and vitalise all lower kingdoms in nature. Just as the Christ and the Buddha as human beings en rapport with their soul became transmitters of light to mankind. What would life be like if humanity as a whole could hold its mind steady in light? It is destined to become so and to be a transmitter of light to all the lower kingdoms, animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, so that they may be raised up into heaven (a heaven on earth). If we all become transmitters of light eventually then why bother to do anything that speeds up the process? Mankinds path is one of suffering and as we become transmitters of light and love we can help to lay aside much suffering for those around us and those that follow after us.

Men like Saint Francis demonstrated how humanitys relationship with the animals could be and many in today's world are beginning to follow his example with their new relationships in the animal world. Then there is the extraordinary story of the founding of the Findhorn Foundation in the 1960 by Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean based on the principles that God, or the source of life, is accessible to each of us at all times, and that nature, including the planet, has intelligence and is part of a much greater plan. The Foundation has no formal doctrine or creed, but they believe that humanity is involved in an evolutionary expansion of consciousness which is creating new patterns of civilisation and a planetary culture infused with spiritual values.2 I have adapted the wording from the Findhorn Foundation website here.

I have said that the fact that humanity has reached the point in this New Age where so many can achieve personality integration with the soul but this means that humanity can now be transformed in group formation into the expression of the soul. The effect of this upon humanity and all the kingdoms in nature will transform them very much more quickly as never before and there is a real possibility for the whole world to be transformed in a very positive way during this Age. We cannot imagine right now how this will be but we can see that the transformation of human life and consciousness during the past two hundred years has been very dramatic and this only foreshadows how things will be in the future.

We hear no more about Hercules but this is not the end of the story because those who complete this testing time become world saviours for the Pisces keynote is: I leave my Father's home and turning back, I save.

1 The Labours of Hercules, p197.