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A Human Metamorphosis

By Trevor Leese
March 2006

The keynote is

< I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save >

The great task that the spiritual energy resounding through Pisces qualifies, is to prepare a man to function with all the resources of a son of God; with this preparation completed he will join the, as yet, small group of world saviours. This is the twelfth and final test for we humans, the final test of our capacity to stand once again in spiritual being but now with the matter aspect fully redeemed. As we achieve this goal we have a choice, to pass on to some higher work within the consciousness of the One Life or choose to return to the work of the world saviours upon the physical plane of planet Earth, mindful of the truth that our work upon the plane is never complete until all souls have reached this degree of identification.

The task of becoming a world saviour is symbolically enacted in the last of the Labours of Hercules. Here he is given the task of saving the Red Cattle from their imprisonment by the monster Geryon on the island of Erytheia. Hercules, who is both a son of man and a son of God, prepared for his task with seven days of meditation. I do not see this as seven physical days but rather seven increasingly deeper periods of preparation of which Christ's period of prayer and testing in the desert is the symbol. It is the most profound preparation for a son of God at the start of this his final task upon the plane of matter. For this he must become the embodiment of love-wisdom, the very essence of the consciousness of the One Life. Now he will be given as was Hercules, a golden vessel, and a new vehicle of divine livingness through which to save.

It was in this vessel that Hercules sailed to the mythological island of Erytheia in order to save the red cattle. There he confronted the shepherd Eurytion and the two-headed dog Orthrus who guarded these cattle. The dog attacked Hercules but was dispatched with one blow from his club but with good reason he knew that he must spare the shepherd. As Hercules drove the cattle he was pursued and attacked by the three-bodied monster Geryon but side stepping the monster's spear Hercules was able to fire an arrow that pierced all three bodies killing Geryon. With this the major obstacles of his test were overcome but he still had other dangerous barriers to pass upon the long journey before he could bring the cattle and the golden vessel home to the Sacred City.

During his preparative contemplation Hercules had a vision of this task for Pisces; He saw humanity held by a three-bodied monster, symbol of the three-fold personality with its mental, emotional and physical bodies now united. He saw that the red cattle symbolised the lower desire nature that holds each one of us captive and from which we must be set free, he concluded that he must spare the shepherd, who is symbolic of the mind but must kill the two-headed dog, symbol of the matter aspect and the psychic-emotional nature. The concept of killing in this instant means that these aspects must be forever deprived of power and his club, which is the symbol of the hope and endeavour of his keen mind, is the perfect weapon of mindfulness in order to achieve this end. The mind must also remain as the shepherd of the cattle (the three-fold personality) even as it learns to interpret spiritual energy. The emotional body must now be controlled very carefully through the mind, indeed mind and emotions must become as one if they are to be able to express true love-wisdom. How many of us can say that we have complete control over the emotions or the mind? It is certainly an extremely difficult task for us to seek to accomplish. We may on the other hand suppress the emotions but in doing so we simply hold an uncontrollable entity captive in a un-secure prison, sooner or later it will break out and create havoc in our life.

Hercules now realised that the objective of this last labour is to become a world saviour who is en rapport with his soul, a transmitter of light to the sons of men and a transmitter of spiritual energy to all the kingdoms in nature in order that they may be raised up into the kingdom of the soul. Few have yet become world saviours and have done what to a greater extent the Christ has done. At the completion of this last of his labours Hercules is told, "by these twelve labours have you overcome the human, and put on the divine".1 Thus shall we put on the divine.

The preparation for this final task had grown in intensity through all the labours that Hercules accomplished but was especially focussed at the completion of his eleventh task, that of Aquarius, during which he became the true world server. These twelve labours represent the significant stages in the growth of human consciousness for all of us; they lead to our transition into the world of spiritual or divine consciousness.

This is of course the kingdom of the soul (the kingdom of heaven) and it is intended that this should materialise here on the physical plane of the planet. It will do so as we are all able to hold our minds steady in light. This intention of the One Soul, the soul in all, is that one day this outer world of matter shall be able radiate light, not physical but spiritual light so that our planet in its entirety can function as one of the divine planets.

Within the tests that we see in the Labours are encapsulated great spiritual truths but their understanding comes not so much from what we think but how we think. Many of the building blocks of the future world are to be found within the seemingly mundane and all the day-to-day experiences of the process of the growth of understanding of anything and everything. Science and technology is ever discovering profound truths through the study of seemingly simple life forms or problems, our appreciation of the visual arts, or of music may transport us to points of consciousness that unlock new worlds in our individual consciousness, mysteries can be uncovered through every human interaction, yet the emphasis of our thinking needs to be not just upon knowledge but understanding. Not only the relatively mundane understanding of the lower mind but a much higher or deeper and more inclusive understanding of everyone's and everything's rightful place in the One Life of which we are apart. We begin to have this understanding of their proper relationship each to the other as we begin to enter into the world of love-wisdom.

The evolutionary growth through the mind at every level of thinking can be an enlightening process and we are learning to apply our thoughts to our day-to-day living as never before. The great groundswell of striving of our time is towards freedom of understanding through the process of right thinking. We need this in order to successfully run a modern home, raise our children within it or to work, just as we need it to help create the kind of national governance that can work successfully to take care of all its people and also to relate rightly to all in the family of nations. The growing array of tools for twenty first century living drives us towards a worldwide integrated community and as we resist this intention towards a consciousness that is all-inclusive we create a negative tension that produces great suffering in many parts of the world and fear almost everywhere. But eventually there will be a worldwide consciousness of the need for one world without exclusion, one human family who support wherever it is needed.

This last labour of Hercules remind us that the work of salvage for the world saviour is to destroy the human monster without destroying humanity. He does this by raising the human up out of the darkness of ignorance and self-absorption and towards the light of understanding and love-wisdom. This cannot be instantaneous but must follow an evolutionary process of step-by-step change in order to make the necessary modifications to the personality vehicle so that it can function under the new, more refined conditions. This is the intension of this twelve-fold stimulation of humanity as the Earth cycles within the Sun's system as it makes its orbit around the universe and through those twelve regions of space that are most popularly known in astrology as the signs of the zodiac.

The minds of men would easily be over-stimulated if the personality were to make a significant leap forward into some higher condition of consciousness. It needs to be transformed through a process of cyclic growth that at each stage culminates in an achievable crisis of change and realisation. This is likely to mean that some old view on life must ever be replaced with the changing circumstances, if the adjustment is correct then a fuller understanding is realised and a more inclusive viewpoint may be gained.

The world saviour's work slowly for time in our sense means nothing to them. They reveal only that which is possible of comprehension within and for an age, thus what the Christ revealed two thousand years ago and the symbolic language used to communicate the concepts behind his work to the people of that time, will often appear strange and fanciful to a modern and perhaps more sophisticated mind. So many of the events of past ages that were beyond the understanding of most at that time have become mythicized, yet often at their kernel lies hidden profound truth that humanity needs to realise in order to progress upon our great journey and need at some point to manifest as a living reality through the physical form. There is much to be understood in order that we may as a group proceed upon the way of the soul. Along the way selfish and separative men kick against the trends towards the truthful living, seeing the world as their very own in the most selfish of ways, sometimes causing great suffering to millions of souls in the process. We may seek to look thoughtfully forward into the new age but we are all infants of that age and so much of our modern world is very new indeed. We must not go too fast, yet this way that the soul has chosen through the human form is a steep and difficult journey with extreme suffering to be faced at times. It is a way of suffering that was chosen because it is of great service to the One Life. Yet this is still a fast track compared to the steadier pace of progress in other kingdoms, it is a wonderful sacrifice and service by the soul of Man so that the way may be made straighter for all those souls who must weave the way of the redemption through the matter of all the kingdoms. Therefore as the world saviours are our elder brothers, we are elder brothers to those who inhabit the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms; it is we who have been given the task of caring for this physical world, we who can pass on the light of understanding to the lower kingdoms in nature.

So many can see that we have a very long way to go before proper care of our world is realised. The first quarter of this age is pivotal, we shall get much closer to failing in our task and will face very serious crisis before we learn to care properly of our world. We cannot achieve the work of the New Age for humanity while using the old separative techniques or by maintaining the sectarian viewpoints in religion or world politics, as we are still doing in both East and West. We cannot impose our view upon anyone, this age will not allow it and only calamity can follow us if we try. Hopefully we will learn quickly from the mistakes that we are already making in this century and realise that the only way forward is through reconciliation and self-sacrifice. Hercules demonstrated that success begins with thoughtful contemplation. May we see the traps that our lower nature holds us in and with control of the mind and emotion, realise the truth of our common aspirations.


1 The Labours of Hercules, A.A. Bailey, p.97.