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An Entrance For A Higher State Of Being

By Trevor Leese
August 2006

The two great tasks for the developed personality in this new age of Aquarius is to transmute his self interested consciousness into group consciousness and to develop the will to serve the group (that group includes the whole of humanity). This task is precisely the transformation that has already been made to the keynote of the sign of Aquarius, a transformation of the phrase the "face of man" to that of the symbol of a man carrying a water-pot from which he continuously pours the water of life for all men. Imagine how the world will be transformed when we can achieve this task of the Age?

It has been the energy flowing through Leo (it is the full moon of Leo this month) that has stimulated the development of self-consciousness, it is this influence which has enabled most of humanity to stand out from the herd and to be significantly free from the hold of mass consciousness. Self-consciousness is of course, a very important stage in our development towards the fully integrated personality and is a significant foundation for the manifestation of the divine consciousness through each of our lives. The Christ demonstrated through his life and his teaching, the value and significance of the individual, how man could be perfected, how he would be able to serve others, how he could learn to sacrifice self-interest and thus to focus his interest upon the whole. Christ's work in Pisces was, as much as anything, to prepare man for the age that we are now entering. Yet it is in Leo that man prepares for the first initiation, that preparation through which he consciously chooses to become the vehicle of expression of the soul. This step is the beginning of the physical externalisation of that Christ principle in each human. It begins through the development of that intelligence which increasingly enables a man to work powerfully upon the mental plane and leads to the first faint inclination of the spiritual man towards Shamballa, that centre where the Will of God is known.

Our passage into the Aquarian Age is producing a great point of crisis for the whole of mankind as initially its pre-eminent quality of universality is resisted, misdirected or misinterpreted by so many. The Leo types in particular will need to respond in a new and unique manner to this opportunity because Leo is the polar opposite of Aquarius and the interplay between these signs will be far more potent than it has ever been in our racial history. This unique alignment, as far as humanity is concerned, has already led to the appearance of dictators throughout the last century and their attitude, though often manifesting great cruelty, has had some real racial value because it stimulated a synthesis of national life, aims and intentions not only for their own nations but also for many nations who opposed them. It brought the various elements of the nations together producing strong national unity, an essential springboard that has led to international alliances, towards a sense of a community of nations and a United Nations which is growing in strength and quality, aided by powerful men who seek a genuine world unity and equality. Yet this crisis reflects Aquarian qualities of a low and undesirable nature, because the influence of the sign is yet relatively weak and in variance with the fading influence of the energy of the age of Pisces. This has influenced the major Leo qualities of the intensely self-aware individuals in a negative way, producing many who desired complete power over all other human lives, and who have been able to persuade people to follow their lead.

The Leo qualities will increasingly change from self-consciousness and self-interest towards the qualities of the sign that follows it, Cancer and its qualities include that of group consciousness and the service of the whole. These qualities will become stronger as the interplay with Aquarius grows. These energies, which are as yet comparatively undeveloped, have produced a powerful pivotal moment on both sides of which, near the point of balance, advanced and powerful people who can respond well to the incoming influence of these esoteric planets are able to use their power either for selfish or selfless ends. These are often people of major importance in the world who are able to influence the shape of the lives of many around them either to their detriment or for their good. As we move further into the age this power will fall more easily onto the side of selflessness.

Leo is one of three fire signs upon the zodiacal wheel, along with Aries and Sagittarius, but because of its current special relationship with Aquarius it has become the major fire sign at this time. The self-conscious sons of men who recognise themselves as Sons of God are more than anything Sons of Fire and they have within them qualities that can burn and destroy, eradicating all that hinders their essential divine expression. The work of evil men like Adolph Hitler does at least expose all those other men who are like them to the public scrutiny, exposing the extent of this terrible danger in the midst of humanity. This possibility of scrutiny has been helped through the growth and refinement of the worldwide media connections. Sooner or later, depending on the growing strength of the will-to-good within the whole of humanity, it will be able to fully cleanse itself.

We are purified through fire but fire always esoterically carries forward the work of purification that began through water. There are also three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and both groups of signs form triangles upon the wheel, with Leo purifying the work begun in Cancer, Sagittarius purifying that begun in Scorpio and Aries purifying that begun in Pisces. In Pisces purification is applied through the experiences of daily life of ordinary material existence as man progresses clockwise around the wheel in the ordinary direction upon the Mutable Cross. As man advances psychologically, moving onto the Fixed Cross, purification is applied in Scorpio but progress through its tests and trial can be drastic in the extreme. The purifying waters of experience begin their beneficial work in Cancer. This is an experience that takes place through the masses and upon the Cardinal Cross because this cross only deals with wholes. The influence of these three crosses and the purification through water is applied during our travel around the wheel of ordinary life but upon the reversed wheel fire takes over from water and burns away the impurity.

As you can see, purification is a gradual process, to begin with it does much work within the watery world of the emotions and the astral world until sufficient control by the mind is realised. Each step of purification brings with it an expansion of consciousness, increasing the useful capacity of the mind and the integrity of the whole personality vehicle. There is no place for mere desire and its satisfaction in true self-consciousness or the sense that "I am the centre of the universe" in true individuality. To be motivated by emotion or stimulated by desire are not indicators of true self-awareness but true consciously directed purpose plus the understanding of the processes of the growth of consciousness are.

Leo has two subsidiary keynotes that are potent, these are the "will-to-rule" and the "will-to-illumine". It is the will to rule and dominate that drives a Leo towards control of the personality and a complete self-mastery, through either selfish or good motivation and it is this tendency that also drives him to control groups of people. At an advanced stage this is seen as a fusion of Leo and Aquarian energies. The will to illuminate drives Leos to experiment and thereby gain knowledge of themselves and of life by being intellectually positive. These qualities not only link Leo with Aquarius but also with Taurus, a sign which expresses "the incentive towards experience in order to gain knowledge. While Leo is driven by "the expression of experience in order to justify knowledge", Aquarius on the other hand uses "experience in order to make the gained knowledge a factor in service". These three signs together express the life of humanity and demonstrate the eventual perfecting of the way for humanity.

Consistently through all the signs the progressive unfoldment of the consciousness is emphasised. Its completion in man not only leads to a planetary initiation but also leads towards a solar one, through the unfolding of the consciousness of the soul and through the soul the consciousness of the spiritual triad is revealed and a cosmic initiation can take place. It is necessary to open the mind to these high possibilities and to accept the idea that human consciousness is influenced by the energies streaming through the signs from twelve groups of beings called Hierarchies, who work to aid the development of human consciousness at its different stages of development. Consciousness is also nurtured directly from the Solar Logos via the seven rays but these are stepped down through the planets in our solar system before they can be presented to man through the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Through the soul a more direct bridge of consciousness can now be constructed for so many of us that will connect man in consciousness to his spiritual counterpart, the spiritual Triad. The human apparatus has needed to evolve slowly and so has consciousness, if we are not prepared to receive a particular increase in consciousness and are exposed to it before we are ready we would be destroyed by the power of its force. The simplest analogy is the need to increase the power rating of electrical wiring or equipment in order to cope with an increase in amperage of power, to high an amperage through narrow wire will lead to its destruction by fire. How true the saying, "as above, so below".

It has been a great error for man to see the Earth as a self-contained unit, for it is only one planetary unit in a group of planets in the solar system belonging to our Sun. Without the Sun all life on Earth would immediately cease. The Sun is the physical body of the Solar Logos and the purpose of his system is to unfold life and consciousness. It is arrogant for man to believe that there is only the physical plane, or to believe because as far as they can see we are the most advanced beings in our solar system, that idea sets us undeservedly at its evolutionary summit instead as its young, ignorant children. We should all recognise by now that because we cannot see a thing it cannot or will not exist, much of our modern world could not be perceived fifty years ago. The physical plane is one of many planes and there is not much below our position. The consciousness of the planets exist at many levels above the physical, if we cannot see life on the other planets it may simply mean that physical life is latent, has yet to begin, or perhaps the life of the planet is so highly evolved that there is no longer any purpose to be gained from physical expression upon it. We are children of the Sun, the Solar Logos and are made in its image. That larger triad includes; the physical body of the Sun, the anima mundi, or animal soul; the heart of the Sun, the human soul and the divine ego, duality; the central spiritual Sun, divine consciousness, the will of the whole, the awareness of God, the divine Unity, all lesser triads are created in its image.

The task set for Hercules in Leo was to slay the Nemean Lion, the symbol of the separative personality that lives a life 'out of control'. He cornered the lion in its cave by blocking one of two entrances, the entrance for the emotions leaving the entrance for the mind open behind him. Here he must subdue the lion, symbol of the personality and now control it, (physical body, emotions and thought) through the higher mind. This is the task for man to accomplish in Leo. Not until then will he be able to say in truth, "I am That and That I am". As the Leo man gains in higher consciousness he prepares himself for a fresh and universal expression in Aquarius.