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Humanity's Task

By Trevor Leese
August 2005

I overheard a conversation between friends the other day, replying to what was perceived as criticism, one of them replied to the other, "That's how I am, I'll never change". We are ever changing or transforming personalities as we grow through our life experiences, responding to a world full of unique moments. This transformation is a part of the central theme of human existence as our consciousness unfolds. We change no matter how much we seek to resist change and if we are unprepared to change we deny ourselves a wealth of human experiences. Some of these experiences will be painful but no more painful than experiences we will have if we resist change and many of these change experiences will be life enhancing, enriching and transforming. We can make a remarkable transformation of the personality if we have the will to do so. It is transformation rather than change because we are always essentially who we are, yet the process of personality growth is one of revealing the true nature of the soul of what we are. Also the gaining of co-ordination and control of our personality vehicle, for the personality is only a vehicle or means of expression of this hidden essential self. No matter how isolated one's life may be each day brings a change of consciousness, even if we are travelling through the kind of life stage that appears to be like a desert those changes may be imperceptible but changes there are none the less. Life is like a journey and its landscape changes daily, with those changes come not only new pictures to store in our memory bank but added knowledge which can bring with it understanding and wisdom.

We are an evolving consciousness and the rate of that evolution is dependent on how in touch with life we are prepared to be and how well we are prepared to learn to steer our course through it. As with any means of navigation the accuracy of our course depends on how well we steer the vehicle and also read the clues or signs of where we are and what heading we need to follow from that point to the next waypoint or goal that we seek to achieve. If we track well then we shall be like the experienced tracker who can read the faintest traces of a spur even when the quarry that is being hunted has crossed some hard or stony ground. He can track in what appears to be a featureless desert, seeing the tiniest disturbance of the order of things. If we fail to read the signs of our human landscape then we will wander aimlessly through life, bumping into the proverbial tree, falling into the thorny thicket, over precipice or into the sea. So we must learn to see life in ever increasing detail, interpret and reflect upon what we see and most importantly act on that knowledge. With practice, we, like the tracker develop intuition about the situation, for him it is based upon his understanding of the habits of the animal he tracks, he may even say 'I know what it is thinking'. To find our own path or track requires a casting about in our mind in order to put the clues together and realise the most likely possibilities for our future. We may be unlikely to have a sense of our final goal but at least if we have any goal and can reach that goal, then we are most likely see a new goal towards which to aim and thus we can move onwards from that goal to a yet higher goal. The tracker has good co-ordination of his physical vehicle enabling him to walk safely through an ever-changing terrain while giving all his concentration to the hunt, his sight and hearing are precisely focused, and indeed all his senses are heightened. If we are to get the best out of life then this kind of heightening of our awareness is worth achieving, for if we are to enrich our own hunt for life's goals, then we need to see that our senses become more highly tuned.

To track well through life is, of course, much more difficult a task than tracking an animal, for we need also to learn to handle our vehicle, the personality, well. To be able to achieve this we need to co-ordinate thoroughly our four bodies, the physical with the vital body, the emotional and mental bodies. This co-ordination will not only help one to take control of these bodies and enable them to function in the most appropriate balance but will lead to a level of their integration that will greatly enhance our mental vision, lifting it into the realm of the higher mind and making spiritual vision (which is the vision of the higher mind) possible. Eventually, if we are to achieve the final goal we must be able to integrate this fourfold co-ordinated body with our spiritual body. We will recognise the spiritual body through this process of the raising of consciousness. Humanity represents the fourth kingdom in nature (the mineral, vegetable and animal being the first three) and the pinnacle of our evolution as humans, is to combine our four bodies with that spiritual or soul body, when all people can do so we shall create the fifth kingdom upon the physical plane of Earth, the kingdom of the soul.

This is the 'heaven on Earth', a perfect reflection of the spiritual plane or that place called 'heaven' in the texts of the world religions, it is not the paradise spoken of by those who seduce the suicide bombers, full of virgins ready to give themselves to these 'hero' murderers. Paradise cannot be a place for the fulfilment of our base desires, nor the Kingdom of God a garden of delights that would appeal to men's lower nature. Our concepts of these are of very ancient origin and are indeed mythological in character, just about as fantastical as the modern world would have appeared to people of those times. The future world remains an unimaginable place but it will be a place of goodwill and of right relationship amongst all humans and harmony with all things on the planet but that will only materialise when we have closed the door to 'the place where evil dwells' once and for all. For this to happen that door must be closed within all human hearts and not a so-called 'chosen few'. How could a chosen few love all humanity equally, as our loving God does, for the Solar Logos - God - is the embodiment of Love?

Disciples of Love are those who embody love and who fully express its quality to all they meet. We all have this divine quality hidden within us. We can, of course, only interpret according to our level of understanding and desire and these can change profoundly as the higher consciousness unfolds. We will need to learn the true meaning of this quality of the Solar Logos, as the embodiment of Love. We should be able to recognise the Disciples of Love as those humans who fully manifest the qualities of this love.

The problem of identity with our higher consciousness is the task and goal of Leo, whose keynote is "I am That and That I am", the 'That' of this keynote being 'that of God in each one of us' or the soul. It is during the task or lesson of Leo that we start for the first time to use the words 'I', 'my' and 'mine'. We begin this task, like the hunter Hercules, armed to the teeth with an eager eye a ready hand but with a questioning heart. The Leo type is usually well equipped and capable of many things but he must learn not only to respond to the outer ear but to learn to use the inner ear as well, he must become intuitively receptive. He may be a tyrant weighed down with the greatest array of amour that he is capable of carrying; many tyrants have been Leo types. But to complete his special task he must subdue this tyrannical lion within himself and to achieve that final goal he must lay his armour aside, as did Hercules and use only the club of his keen mind to achieve his victory. This is his chance to become five pointed; this is the symbol of a true individualisation, the complete individual who knows himself to be 'the Self'.

In the Ageless Wisdom humanity is said to be the fifth group of celestial and spiritual beings who combined within themselves the dual attributes of the universe, the spiritual and the physical, who took incarnation on Earth so that the physical and the spiritual matter of this planet could be combined. The intention behind this is so that the Earth may one day become a spiritual planet. The signs of this may be few at the moment but many believe that through the evolution of Human consciousness this task will be achieved. Those beings, who are essentially ourselves, are called in the scriptures of the east 'the Lords of Knowledge' and 'of Wisdom', 'Lords of Will and Sacrifice' and of 'Boundless Devotion'. These terms characterise the spiritual entity that is hidden behind the human personality, who, through its own will and in full knowledge can raise matter into heaven. We may not resemble these beings very much at this time but those Eastern scriptures say that we will demonstrate this spiritual intention in the Age of Aquarius, so we have the possibility of achieving this during the next 2000 years or so.

All the religions of the world demonstrate our boundless devotion to this dimly sensed objective. Those religions manifest their differences because the objective is so dimly sensed and expressed through various cultural frameworks. As this 'One' objective becomes clearer and our cultures merge (as they have begun to do) the religions will grow in like-mindedness until one day they will appear to be one religion. The importance of Leo is that this is the sign in which man recognises himself as an individual and begins the cycles of experience during which he acquires the knowledge that will allow him to train as an initiate. This task of Leo is then the last test of the probationary path for humanity and from then on the real spiritual journey of the unfolding of consciousness begins. But it is no until the test of Aquarius, which is the polar opposite of Leo, that man will truly recognise himself as the soul.

It was in the Age of Leo that we first recognised the cosmic mind manifesting as the lower reasoning mind but through the evolution of human consciousness this must eventually be subordinated to the expression of the universal mind upon the plane of matter. We can see the beginnings of this kind of thinking in our world today through the efforts towards globalisation - materially, economically, socially and spiritually - as well as our exploration of space. We are all beginning to form a global identity and imagine a solar identity. But this not only requires the effort of those who are in physical manifestation but also those highly evolved souls who are able to work and influence change in the hearts and minds of men and women from their place upon the spiritual plane. This effort is bringing about the sacrifice of the isolated individual life along with the recognition and a merging in consciousness with the universal whole. This is the true crucifixion for it is the sacrifice of a reflection of reality to reality itself. This is really what the life of the Christ demonstrated and we must learn to recognise the truth of its meaning. He not only created in the physical sense but also showed himself as the Creator; he functioned under the influence of the illumined mind; he personified the love of God and announced himself as the Light of the World. The problem that faced Hercules and now each one of us must face is the crucifixion of the lower self and the overcoming of individual self-assertion for the love of the whole of Humanity. It is in Leo that the soul starts upon its work of taking up the cup of suffering and experience, so that the lessons of these can be understood. He must begin to travel on a path of understanding that will finally vanquish suffering. Here he begins to overcome illusion (glamour) and must eliminate the 'bird of Prey', the self centred personality who in his self-absorption inflicts suffering upon the world. The spiritual has been mostly hidden in us and must now be revealed in all its glory.