The Creation of the Synthesis of Opposites

Trevor Leese
June 2008

The Gemini full moon, the full moon of the month of June, represents for many in the world today the climax of a period of the highest spiritual facility running through May and June during which three spiritual festivals take place, beginning with the Festival of the Buddha called Wesak or Vaisaka, followed by the Festival of the Christ and the Festival of Goodwill or Unification in June. During the Festival of the Christ He is said to focus in Himself the spiritual energies of Hierarchy, the Love of God and to also re-focus the energies distributed by the Buddha at the time of Wesak. This period is a time when those who seek it can most easily gain spiritual wisdom, illumination and understanding. Here the New Group of World Servers is also able to concentrate the spirit of humanity in dedication to right human relations, spiritual unity and world service.

The work of Gemini sets out to unify the soul and the personality and does so by opening up the five senses so that new fields of discovery so that new levels of awareness can be gained, that final stage is a blending into a state of oneness where the sense of duality gives way to a sense of unity through the illumination of the mind. Here the mind can be transformed through the omniscience of the synthetic knowledge of the soul. It was Hercules' task in Gemini to gain the golden apples of Hesperides; these are the symbol of that transformation of the mind that produces this realisation of unity.

The origin of man's sense of duality is symbolised for us in the story of Adam and Eve as Eve bit into the apple and gained knowledge of the duality between good and evil, this was in reality the time of the gaining of the mind for humanity, that ordinary level of consciousness that we know today. Evil can be described as all that which hinders the full expression of the soul and that which brings us pain and suffering. Union with the soul brings a turning away from one's own suffering but then the focus of the mind turns towards the suffering of others and the means to serve them in their search for the end of their suffering.

In the work of Gemini lies hidden the secret of the union of the pairs of opposites, this will be demonstrated not only through the extraordinary work of union with Gemini's polar opposite Sagittarius but because it also facilitates and governs the union of all twelve signs with each of their polar opposite. Gemini is able to preserve the magnetic interplay between polar opposites, keeping their relationship fluid in order eventually to facilitate their transmutation into unity, this it does because it is part of the great Plan that the pairs of opposites must finally become united. All twelve of the zodiacal potencies have their polar opposite but they must eventually become the blended six and this will be established through a fusion of their consciousness with Gemini's help. We can see that an understanding of Gemini's qualities could lead to an understanding of the union of all opposites and perhaps offer the secret of a peaceful understanding between all men and nations irrespective of the contrasts in their views.

It is intended that the human kingdom should play a central role in the unifying of the sentient matter of the Earth with spiritual consciousness so that the divine Life can manifest upon the plane of matter. As the soul of man finds its full expression in the physical world he becomes a psychic centre of force that is aware of the soul of the planetary life and can be responsive to it. At this point he is now fully group conscious and is freed from the limitations of the animal soul with its distortion of truth and imprisonment of the human psyche. His expression through this psychic centre of the soul will give man a range of contacts that are free from error with an infallible knowledge that will admit him into 'the freedom of the heavens' allowing him to pass into the Kingdom of God.

All this is possible because Gemini is the primary conduit for the expression of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and it is love that underpins the structure of our entire universe because the solar Logos is the Logos of Love-Wisdom. Gemini is said to control the heart of our solar system, the heart of the Sun which sustains all life, it is the intermediary for conditioning energies and transmits psychic energy through the etheric body of humanity, it is this that drives and co-ordinates the physical body and eventually makes possible the emotional and mental control of the personality. Once the direction of a man's path around the wheel of life has been reversed onto the path of the disciple during the early stages of soul consciousness the energy of Love-Wisdom begins to dominate his vital body a shifts the focus of his energy to the centres above the diaphragm into the heart, throat and head centres and so the power of the personality diminishes as the power of the soul grows stronger.

The final stages of this transformation of consciousness from the personality into the soul are influence by energy of Mercury as it flows through Gemini and also Scorpio fixing the position of the soul as the centre of power in the human life. This is a process of transformation that is beginning to take place within so many of us at this time, it is also responsible for much of the conflict of the last few years and whether the final outcome is successful or not will depend on decision made in London and the United States both of whom are governed by Gemini, Scorpio and Mercury. The attitude of political power in London is being transformed a little ahead of the United States but a fantastic transformation will take place in the American people when its administrations self-centred international policy can be laid aside, when the evasion of is true responsibilities towards the world are ended and its fears and distrust towards many nations, especially in Europe and Asia, can be resolved.

The Hierarchy of the One Life seek to construct the level of synthesis and relationship in the lower kingdoms which will reflect those in the spiritual and higher mental kingdoms and Gemini is focussed on this work for it is Gemini's ability to highlight the consciousness of duality and thus demonstrate that the fusion of opposites comes through the realisation of the soul-body. Gemini is thus able to unfold the work of spiritual at-one-ment that will produce a planetary synthesis. Gemini is able to accomplish this through its many lines of connectivity that for instance allow it to use the second Ray of Love-Wisdom coming through the planet Jupiter in order to help stabilise the heart and mind of mankind. It is Mercury and Venus who use Gemini in order to provide the light of the intuition and the capacity of the mind to illuminate and these are the essential governing factors that produce the will to love and the will to relate that creates the final synthesis. Because Gemini is such a good vehicle for the transmission of these cosmic energies the sun Sirius is able to use it as a vehicle for the transmition of its higher thought substance to man, it is the planetary hierarchy on Sirius that has been used as a model for the construction of our own planetary Hierarchy.

We should remember that Gemini in its expression of the relationship of the pairs of opposites has influenced man from the very beginning of his life on the physical plane; it was responsible for swinging the life of man into activity and evoking his original mental perception. He only had an instinctive sense of the duality of his life until he began to dream of stability and only then did he seek an ordered change and so the mystical vision begin to form in his consciousness, a vision that will lead him to a point of balance in Libra. For the aspirant this requires the development of the means to explore consciousness that takes him beyond mere thought process. It requires the development of what Govinda called in his discourse From Theravada to Zen the 'spontaneity of the human mind' replacing book knowledge with direct experience of inner vision (dhyana) and scholarship by intuition, "by awakening the potentialities of our mind, which will lead to the realization of perfect enlightenment". 1 This will lead to a total victory of life over form and spirit over matter making the binding together of the pairs of opposites possible and creating conditions for the fusion of dualities and the union of souls. These ideas encapsulate the work of Gemini in man for our Earth scheme. I am often impressed when I see the demonstration in simple Buddhist lay people's belief in the sacredness of all life; they have much to teach us about the sense of the imminence of the divine life through all forms. They probably do not need reminding that the 'Buddha Mind', principle of bodhi or 'Christ Consciousness' is a latent property of every consciousness, how much of this idea they do understand is demonstrated at least in their reverence for all things as the vessel of the divine life, demonstrating the truth of the idea that all things are of our own nature.

Gemini influences the evolutionary pattern of all form in all the kingdoms in nature; this is its task as a part of the mutable cross. For mankind this takes place through repeated incarnations during which continuous expansions of consciousness can take place. This evolutionary force is driven by the dynamic energy of electric fire directed to our planet from the fifth creative hierarchy through both Gemini and Sagittarius although Gemini has the most powerful influence on the mutable cross at this time, providing all the experiences necessary in order to enable the unfoldment of the Christ life or Bodhisattva consciousness through each one of us. It is often at the June Full Moon that a man or woman who embodies the life of the cosmic Christ can realise that they have reached the goal of this achievement. As this is now possible to take place in group formation in this age humanity should be able to more properly take on its roll of energy distributor to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. For we have a roll to play as protectors and guardians of these kingdoms, a roll that we are just now beginning becoming conscious of and through this understanding we must learn to maintain all those right conditions that allow a free development of the evolutionary and divine potential of all living things.

The secret of success for the man or women born in Gemini is ever to "Let instability do its work" of crisis creation through which the form can be refined but the keynote of completion of the work of Gemini as it relates to those who are at last becoming conscious disciples is "I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow."

1. The Lost Teachings of Lama Govinda, p10, Richard Power, Quest Books.
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