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Towards the Union of Spirit and Matter

Trevor Leese
May 2007

It is fitting that the Festival of Goodwill or Unification should be celebrated at the time of the Gemini Full Moon in June because of the strongly impelling force of those spiritual qualities that are directed towards humanity through this sign. Although relatively few people, as yet, recognise the Christ who is also seen by many as the Bodhisattva, has at each Festival for the last two thousand years carried this work forward. For it is during this Festival that the Christ focuses in Himself the spiritual energies of the Hierarchy at that place where the Love of God is known and also re-focuses those energies that were distributed by the Buddha, the embodiment of the Wisdom of God 1, during the Wesak Festival on the May full moon. These two great Sons of God are united in their work with one supporting the other depending on the particular focus of the work. These two great lives working together do, of course, express the divine Love-Wisdom that they embody. At this second major festival the New Group of World Servers is also enabled to concentrate the spirit of humanity in dedication to right human relations with spiritual unity and world service. It does so in aspiration towards that abundant life and liberation which is offered to us all, in conformation to the Will of God.

This work of Goodwill could not be celebrated at a more propitious time of the year because in the work of Gemini lies hidden the secret of the union of the pairs of opposites, this is demonstrated not only through the extraordinary work of union with Gemini's polar opposite Sagittarius but because it also governs and facilitates the union of all twelve signs with their polar opposite. Gemini does so because it is able to preserve the magnetic interplay between polar opposites, keeping their relationship fluid in order eventually to facilitate their transmutation into unity, for in the great Plan the pairs of opposites must finally become one. It is said that in their complete development the twelve zodiacal potencies must become the blended six and this is established with Gemini's help through their fusion in consciousness. We may see by this potential that Gemini offers an understanding of the union of all opposites upon all planes. It seems to me that the secret of the work of Gemini when properly understood, will contain not only the solution to all the wars and conflicts of mankind, but also the secret of a peaceful co-habitation between all men including those who have a contrasting point of view.

The opposites will always remain at the level of human reasoning but for the initiate whose intuition is fully functioning they do constitute six great potencies because he has achieved that particular level of consciousness that is called "the freedom of the two" 2. The gift of intuitive understanding is the essential way forward for those who seek to function as world servers and son or daughter of God. The great clarity of vision that intuition offers must replace knowledge-wisdom if there is to be an entrance into Light, the inclusive participation in the creative activity of the divine and the freedom of approach to God.

This is a part of the great work for which human kingdom was conceived and that is precisely to achieve union between the greatest pair of opposites, that of spirit and sentient matter, so that the divine Life can freely manifest upon the plane of matter of the planetary life. This union will be achieved through the complete expression of the soul of man and as he can do so he becomes a psychic centre of force which is aware of and responsive to the soul of the planetary life. This level of group consciousness supersedes the animal soul with its limitation, distortion of truth and imprisonment of the human psyche. Expression through this psychic centre will give a man a range of contacts that are free from error and infallible in knowledge, which will admit him into "the freedom of the heavens" 3 and give him the right to pass through certain gateways into the Kingdom of God.

The pattern of construction cascading down throughout the One Life works through the concept that is best expressed through the phrase 'as above so below' and Gemini is a fine server and facilitator towards this synthesis upon the lower planes. The consciousness of duality that emerges in Gemini in order to produce the fusion of the opposites comes through the realisation of the soul-body; this is the intelligent work of spiritual at-one-ment that produces planetary synthesis. Gemini is helped in its task because it has so many lines of connectivity which, for instance, enable it to utilise the second Ray of Love-Wisdom through the planet Jupiter in order to stabilise the interplay between the heart and mind of man. This work is also helped from the higher mental plane through the salvaging influence of egos that already function as souls in next or fifth kingdom. In addition Gemini is also governed by Mercury and Venus, who provide both that light of the intuition and of the mind to illuminate, and these are the governing factors in the will to love and the will to relate and it is these especially that create the final synthesis. Gemini also forms a point of entrance for cosmic energy, particularly that of the higher thought substance from the sun Sirius, the Hierarchy of Sirius is a great spiritual centre of Love-Wisdom on which our own planetary Hierarchy is modelled. The average man in Gemini has only an instinctive sense of the duality of his life until he begins to dream of stability and then seeks an ordered change, then the mystical vision begins to formulate in his consciousness, leading him to a point of balance that is aided by Libra. This leads to the complete victory of life over the form and spirit over matter, the binding of all pairs of opposites, the fusion of dualities and that union of souls that is known as "the Law of Polar Union". It is at the June Full Moon that the man or woman who now embodies the life of the cosmic Christ realises that he or she has reached this goal of achievement.

Gemini is one of the arms of the mutable cross, the cross that is related to the evolution of all forms through the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. For man this includes the evolution of his physical body and his personality through successive and continuous expansions of consciousness by the process of repeated incarnations until he has reach the level of Planetary Initiation. This evolutionary force is driven by the dynamic energy of electric fire that is directed to the Earth from the Fifth Creative Hierarchy through the mediation of both Gemini and Sagittarius. But at this time it is Gemini that is the paramount influence of the Mutable Cross, providing for us a field of experience that will enable the Christ Life and Bodhisattva consciousness to unfold through each one of us. It is suggested that this is the case not only for our planetary evolution but is so throughout our solar system. The field of development of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms upon Earth will depend on the level of development and energy distributing capacity of humanity as a whole 4. For we must increasingly and in every way become the protectors and guardians of the physical planet and in doing so we must learn to maintain all those right conditions that best preserve the freedom of opportunity for the development of life's full evolutionary and divine potential.

The three other arms of the Mutable Cross also play their part in our physical evolution. Sagittarius bring in the energetic activity of life force or prana, Virgo provides the nurturing force of substance, including the care of the embryonic Christ life, while Pisces stimulates its life expression, including the active appearance of the Christ consciousness throughout the forms.

In the effort to seek a sense of spiritual inclusiveness and religious continuity it is worth remembering here that the Christ is only one of the names given to the coming Avatar, I have already mentioned one of His eastern forms, the Bodhisattva, another is the Maitreya, and he is also known by Muslims as the Imam Mahdi and there are more named deities that I feel sure will eventually be recognised as that same embodiment of the Love of God who will soon return.

Going back to Gemini and the enabling of the unfolding of the Christ consciousness and of the inner light, that global institution Masonry is organised under the impulse of this sign in the way that it portrays the unfoldment of the divine consciousness and the inclusion of reference to aspects of the twelve Labours of Hercules throughout its symbolic Masonic ritual.

For Hercules this Labour of Gemini concerns the unifying of the soul and the personality symbolised by his search for the golden apples of Hesperides, the apples of wisdom. It concerns the opening up of the fives senses and the discovery of new fields or levels of awareness. It also includes the gaining of a knowledge which extends beyond the ordinary level of sense perception and the transformation of that knowledge into wisdom. In the book The Labours of Hercules Alice Bailey describes this wisdom as 'the omniscience of the synthetic knowledge of the soul'. She goes on to say that in this labour Hercules brings together and co-ordinates the two poles of his being, soul and personality, blending them into a state of oneness where duality gives place to the unity of the pairs of opposites 5. It is interesting that the gaining of apples should be used as a symbol of the transformation of the mind. The story of Adam and Eve concerned the original gaining of the mind for humanity as Eve bit into the apple and gained the knowledge of the duality between good and evil, these also represent the soul and the physical form of man. Alice Bailey explains how man is not evil per se but that what evil represents is the hindering of the souls full expression and this does, of course, bring pain and suffering to each one of us and is the evil which we each experience. For divine wisdom or the knowledge of the soul is said to be the end of human suffering or at least one becomes detached or turns away from one's own suffering but then the soul turns towards the suffering of others and the creation of the means to serve them in their own quest of salvage.

As the second ray, the Ray of Love-Wisdom pours primarily through Gemini it demonstrates the occult teaching that love underpins the structure of our entire universe. Indeed, the constellation controls the heart of our solar system, the heart of the Sun and thereby the life which sustains all of us. As the intermediary for conditioning energies it transmits psychic energy through the etheric body of mankind. This psychic energy drives and co-ordinates the physical body and allows astral/emotional and mental control of the personality. Once man begins to travel in the reverse direction upon the astrological wheel and becomes the disciple, the etheric body begins to transmit the energy of the soul. The effect of the flow of the energy of Love Wisdom begins to dominate the vital body shifting the focus of energy to the centres above the diaphragm to those of the heart, throat and head. Thus the power of the personality diminishes, as the power of the soul grows stronger.

The influence of Mercury (the divine messenger) flowing through Gemini and Scorpio stimulates the final stage of consciousness that places the soul as the centre of power in the human form producing a disciple. This transformation that is taking place in so many at this time is the cause of the present world crisis and we see the clash between good and evil in so many conflicts around our world. More than fifty years ago the Tibetan D.K. speaks of this through Alice Bailey's book Esoteric Astrology 6. He says that the outcome of the conflicts will depend primarily on decisions made in London and the United States (this city and this nation are both governed by Gemini forces). He goes on to remind us that Humanity is now upon the path of Discipleship and goes on to say that " When Gemini, Scorpio and Mercury are correctly related we shall see the United States moving also on to the Path of Discipleship through a release from its present self-centred policy, its well-meaning evasion of responsibility and its innate fears and distrust. When the focus of the power in London is also rightly oriented and is released into increased effectiveness by drastic purification of motive, then the united effect of both these clarifications will be human liberation. These facts are being slowly realised in London, ahead of the realisation which is more slowly awakening in the States."7 The secret for the man born in Gemini is to "Let instability do its work" but the true keynote of Gemini as it relates to the disciple is "I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow."

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