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Eye of Light

By Trevor Leese
January 2007

By the time that the labour or lesson of Capricorn is reach man has travelled a very long way upon his journey of the unfolding of consciousness, soon the full realisation of his task in this world will be in sight. With the completion of this lesson he has only two labours to go until the full nature of who he is in truth, is completely revealed. He began his journey into consciousness eons ago as animal man, then his endeavour was driven by mass consciousness but slowly his sense of self identity developed to its present high level of individuality and wilfulness.

In this sign Hercules will take his first clear step in spiritual consciousness in preparation for the two labours that follow, a path that we all must take in the development of human consciousness that lead to the pinnacle of human expression and prepare a man for entry into fifth kingdom, the spiritual kingdom. This is in line with what I believe is the plan of the Logos (Plan of God). This tenth labour will allow each one of us to fully manifest what we truly are through the awakening of that spiritual potential that lies dormant within us. This potential is the fire of the soul and this we have carried deeply hidden in the centre of the mind and inaccessible because of our un-purified consciousness throughout the ages. It remains inaccessible until the human personality reaches a sufficient point of personality integration and spiritual alignment with the soul. When we can fully and truly identify with and become one with the soul and with its purpose then we can at last be freed from the prison of the form and from those many rounds of incarnation. When we are free to live as the soul, we can begin to express the true fire of love through the personality. The personality has always been intended as the vehicle of expression of the soul and as we are able to identify with and become one with the soul's intention we shall also clearly identify with all others and in a special way with their immeasurable. The labour of Capricorn, when successfully fulfilled, prepares the needed identification and access to resources within each one to enable us to manage this task successfully.

The labour in each of the signs up until Capricorn have been concerns with various levels of the struggle to liberate the personality, at the completion of this tenth labour the true self will become free from the confinement that has held it prisoner in the human personality and for this and the next two labours our efforts will be concerned with aiding the liberation of our fellow men. This will not be by way of spreading a message but through our selfless love of him and the encouragement that we give will help him to find his own way to grow further in consciousness.

You may remember the story of the myth of this tenth Labour of Hercules? It was here that he takes the labyrinthine path into the underworld of Hades to rescue Prometheus. The path was guarded and blocked to him by the monstrous dog Cerberus. This dog had three vicious heads; each coiled with serpents and also had a serpent for its tail, a dangerous weapon. If Hercules could subdue the dog then he could find and hopefully release Prometheus who was chained to a rock and in great agony with his life-blood pouring from a deep wound in his side and this blood was being consumed by great black birds. Hades or Hell, as you know, represents the place of all our human suffering. Here in this place Hercules needed to be the man thinking like the soul (a son of God) yet facing a monster of his and of all mankind's own creation, for the three heads of this beast symbolise sensation, desire and good intention in the self centred and uncoordinated personality, these represent all that desire that is never satisfied and all the good intentions that are not thoroughly thought through and are therefore never successfully completed.

As Hercules fought Cerberus he realised that it was important for him to deal with the central head, the head of desire first, because he recognised it as the head of insatiable hunger for possessions or the satisfaction of the desire. It has been these that has driven man so self-centredly and at times viciously through the many facets of the world of his pleasure seeking. At the very least he uses all these sensations to keep the mind occupied. Through dealing with this central head first Hercules was able to quell the beast, quell his own insatiable desire. That desire for sensation and lack of right intention can now be transformed into the aspiration to care for the things of the soul, the life and consciousness of the true self. With Cerberus out of the way he was able to proceed to set Prometheus free and to stem the flow of blood from his wound. Prometheus not only lay as the symbol of a man who like so many are tormented by the struggle between the two sides of their dual nature. This is clearly how Hercules himself had been here in Capricorn, for it is a reflection of Hercules' own personality which has been chained to the material world with the blood of his abundant life trickling away or being scavenged by the black birds of his desire. These will vanish now their hunger has been quenched. Here he has lain wasting all that unfulfilled desire of the dual personality, yet it will be redeemed as he focuses his thoughts and turns away from himself as the centre of his world and towards the selfless love of others. The viscous serpent tail of the Cerberus typifies all the illusions that impede the life of the spirit in each one of us. It is materiality that ties our thought life down, so that the psychic nature can cause our destruction through our fear of failure, the fear that breeds the inertia that leads to our inactivity. These are the failings of so many of those of us who aspire to serve, we can see that fight with Cerberus playing itself out today both through the individual man and also within the group with the greatest suffering for so many. It can only be truly resolved when we can see as a group what Hercules realises in his fight with this monstrous dog within himself.

Upon nearing the completion of this test of Capricorn, Hercules realises all these failings in himself, he recognises that his desire for sensation, the accumulation of his material things and his lack of good intention have tied him to the material world, only allow him to go around and around on a short chain in unsatisfactory, self-centred circles and so much of the life energy that he has been able to use has been consumed time and again by desire and to no end. He realises that the only way forward is to free himself from those shackles but as he recognises the full extent of those endless rounds leading to his misery, he at first experiences a deep desolation, these are his feelings as he descends into Hades once the dog Cerberus has been destroyed.

This man in Capricorn (remember that this is the sign of the goat) now seeks to sustain himself upon this the rockiest part of the mountain that all aspirants at some time must choose to climb. Like the goat he has been the earthly, human, greedy seeker after the satisfaction of desire and as the man an equally selfish aspirant hunting for the satisfaction of his aspiration. But like the goat who can get a firm footing on the tiniest crevice he can now take the shortest route over the rocks, rocks that also relate him closely to the mineral kingdom and as he climbs towards the pinnacle of the labour he realises just how closely he has been bound to the material world. The crystallisation of expression through his human form has now reached such a high degree of density or hardness in this final stage of this test in Capricorn that it can now be easily shattered and destroyed by the "blows of fate" or the inevitable law of karma. Thus he can prepare himself for his transformation.

Although each man facing this final test of Capricorn has become a powerful personality, he becomes conscious that he has until now been moving in and out of the watery world of the astral plane, the plane of glamour, illusion and the deceptions leading to his self aggrandisement. It is for a good reason that Capricorn has also long been called the sign of the crocodile, a reptile that lives both in and out of the watery world. During the concluding part of this lesson all must resolve the problems that have been constructed in their life through the influence of the astral plane, all must realise at this profound point of personality crisis that they can go no further under their present personality regime, for they have reached an impasse called esoterically a "periodic arresting". They recognise that the turning of the ordinary wheel of life for them has been concerned with the personality ambition of seeking all that they desire but that that desire, in spite of their success, has never really been truly fulfilling. Now is the time to lift the personality nature from the indiscriminate desire of the astral nature for sensation into the control of the head, desire must now be transfigured into pure aspiration and the man sees that he must blend personality will with the will of the soul. He must prove himself by demonstrating a complete lack of irritability and selfishness but most of all that he has developed the mental freedom from the limitations of matter and from selfish thoughts. Then he must be ready to experience his own hell in preparation to face the universal hell, the hell that is shared by all others lives. In order to break free from the old order of his life there has to be this descent into the valley of pain, of despair and death before a fresh attempt can be made to once more to scale the heights of the mountain.

This process is truly refining and initiating, not only freeing the mind but also uniting the mind with heart creating the potential for the expression of love/wisdom. This has been a test by the fire of will and it is this which awakens the divine potential of the soul toward integration with the personality, its vehicle of expression. Now a man can make clear contact with the higher mental plane and with the heart of truth which enables him to express the fire of the divine will to love.

With this combining of the heart and mind into one-pointedness through the radiance of the will to love the "eye of light" the third eye in the middle of the forehead is uncovered and man becomes a unicorn of God, he recognises both his fulfilled humanity and his divinity. At the pinnacle of Capricorn man relinquishes his false status as the king of the beasts and with selflessness and illumination sees himself one with all men as a son of God and servant of men and of the planet. That sense of duality acquired in Taurus is now gone, along with the two horns of the bull of Taurus that protected the "eye of light" in the middle of the forehead. This eye spoken of in the Christian Bible as "the single eye" is now exposed, it is the eye of the soul that can see into the spiritual world that is now free from its long bondage and that "secret of the hidden glory" in a man can now be clearly seen by those who have the eye to see.

Although the man now stands in the blaze of light he chooses to turn back from it and into the world once more in order to serve his fellow men. This man, as did Hercules, has fulfilled the mission of the sign and answered the keynote of Capricorn, which is Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back. He is now fully prepared and ready to face his next challenge, to follow his will to serve and that leads him into Aquarius, where the will to serve will be thoroughly tested. In that next sign he must be the world server spreading the understanding of true group consciousness throughout the world.