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We Are Cerberus The Beast Of Hell, We Are Prometheus The Child Of God

By Trevor Leese
December 2004

The keynote is

< Lost Am I In Light Supernal, Yet On That Light I Turn My Back>

It was no accident that the Christ was born in Capricorn for this is the sign of the world saviours, those relatively few souls who have died the spiritual death as men, and have become united with the divine light yet choose to return to the physical world in order to help others to find their way up the mountain of human and spiritual achievement. Through this long round of tests, failures, crises overcome and eventual achievements that mark the cyclic nature of the development of human consciousness, we as the soul will have been born in the sign of Capricorn many times. Although the continuity of consciousness of the events of past lives are withheld until we have developed the integrity and spiritual mechanism to deal with them they have none the less formed what we are as personalities in this life. We are here to face the next of our lessons in the evolution of the vehicle of expression of our divine self. So we will all have experienced and struggled with the particular tests and lessons the Capricorn energies introduce into human conscious.

This is of course true in our relationship with all the signs. It is just that the sign in which we are born holds the greatest challenge for our personality growth combined with the growing influence of the sign of our age, Aquarius.  Our Sun and its satellites, including our planetary home is only just entering the Aquarian segment of its circle through the cosmos and its influence upon us will not peak until around the year 3200. It is worth reflecting that we are not orbiting a fixed point in space, our Sun, but that it is travelling upon this orbital journey of discovery, which will influence the life of the Solar Logos, our Planetary Logos as well as all the lives that are a part of their expression, including ourselves. So it is not only the influence of Aquarius upon us but the influence made upon us by the resulting changes in the lives of those Great Sons of God, the Logoi. Therefore the steady atmosphere of this planetary satellite of ours may protect us, yet we are all spacemen on a journey of discovery around the cosmos. It is a very slow journey in terms of the time span of a single human life thus the changes in our view of the heavens beyond our solar system are imperceptible and we have only been able to physically observe this well for a few decades. Ponder upon that if you can, I certainly can’t get far with such a tremendous idea!

But I have digressed with this thought that just occurred to me. As a result of their response to these radiations some will be near the top of the mountain, others have already gone through that initiatory gate and can complete the mission of Capricorn, some will yet have far to go but in the fullness of time I believe we all will pass through that gate and start on the path of the world saviours. These saviours are working with that super abundance of light that marks the world saviour in the midst of the servers. Do not measure your own spiritual progress with the measurement of this single life. How we cope with a particular lesson is dependant upon our soul type far more than personality type. If you think you are struggling now, consider that you may have excelled at the lessons of other lives. Likewise, if life is a breeze there may be trouble in store for you during the next life. We must not think of this process of spiritual growth as a race because it is not, we didn’t all start upon this human journey at the same time and those who have reached the goal first feel that their effort is meaningless until all have crossed the finishing line. So they choose to return as saviours until the last is seen into the fold. For we are all a part of the Plan for humanity and it is important to the fulfilment of that Plan that we all make it to that one goal. These world saviours cannot help but to conform to a spiritual law that says, “If any man desires to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all”. 1

The task that Hercules faced in Capricorn was to enter Hell and rescue the immortal Prometheus who had been shackled to a rock for many ages in human terms. His torture, according to the myth, was to have his liver torn out by an eagle every day and each night the liver was renewed. It is said that Prometheus was thrown into Hell for stealing fire, which he used to save mankind. My feeling is that this myth is in part the symbol of man’s first harnessing of fire, for fire is a great sign of his evolution towards individuation and complete self-consciousness. It must have been a great step for animal men to harness fire when one considers animals that are unfamiliar with man’s use of fire, are instinctively terrified of it. Consider what the harnessing of fire has meant to human evolution? It enabled us to roam to every corner of our planet and survive the cold and to clear and settle the land. It lifted us out of the Stone Age and it has been responsible for so many human developments since. Today the bulk of the consumer goods we use are created through fire. We can now roam beyond the confines of the Earth in spacecraft through the fire that transforms minerals into the metals, the glass, the ceramics that protect its nose cone from fire itself and the plastics in the craft which are formed by fire and it is fire that propels the craft upon its mission. The harnessing of fire parallels the development of our consciousness and we persist in this and the discovering of new uses for fire as that consciousness continues upon its developing path. We now even use fire to heal the inside of the body through the use of lasers. The developments which we have made through the growth of consciousness, enabling us to harness the physical properties of fire, have brought us many good things but also new ways for us to suffer. If we look at fire alone it is the motive force behind all the guns and bombs with which man appears to be happy to kill others indiscriminately. It is the ambition of many nations with seemingly unstable government to harness atomic energy yet can any of the nations be thoroughly trusted with this power? As the motive force behind the car it maims and kills, as men drive recklessly and this happens many times a day because we are careless and unthinking with this instrument of such enormous power in our hands. In the fullness of time we will learn to harness the spiritual uses of fire but this will not happen until we have reached our true spiritual maturity.

I think that Prometheus stands for the human soul who was prepared to suffer in order that the matter of our planet could be more readily redeemed. The monster Cerberus guarded Prometheus, this three-headed dog is the symbol of the threefold personality ferocious even with itself, and this Hercules kills in order to unbind Prometheus from his suffering. Thus all glamours are destroyed along with this false self in the guise of Cerberus in order to free the true Self. Through this task Hercules needed to see and face the suffering of all time, not just the suffering of his own soul through all of its many incarnations but to see clearly all the suffering of mankind through a truly all-inclusive love. I believe that it is the growth of this same ability, that ability to express all-inclusive love that allows us to begin to see into our past lives. It is to see the truth of our long struggle through the eye of love-wisdom. What Hercules (the disciple) destroys is the illusions that have held him in their terrifying grip; the personality survives yet with its separative persona shattered, free at last to be the vehicle of the divine self. All those who complete the test of Capricorn must face this visit to hell Christ as Jesus faced it during His forty days in the desert. And where is hell? I believe that it is in us all until such time that we are able to shut it out finally. We are Cerberus the beast of hell, we are Prometheus the child of God, imprisoned and tortured by the beast of matter until we are willing to labour as Hercules and with great courage, and the wisdom of the soul seen through the eye of light we are prepared to finally defeat it. Isn’t it true that some of us even become Cerberus when we get behind the wheel of a car?

The symbol for Capricorn is, of course, the goat. It is one of three signs that are depicted as horned animals. There is first of all Aries with the down turned horns of the ram, this is the symbol of the coming down of the soul into physical manifestation, and represents those first involutionary cycles that began to transform the beast into the man driven by the will-to-manifest of the divine mind.

The next of these signs is Taurus with the up-turned horns of the Bull with the circle on its forehead, depicting the drive in man, the Bull of God, towards his goal of illumination and the eventual appearance of the soul from its bondage. The two horns represent our human duality as this protects the "eye of light" that is marked in the centre of the Bull's forehead. The whole process of the evolution of consciousness is to gather the personality into an integrated whole that can then consistently reflect that point of light (the soul) that is hidden within. It is said that the light of the body is the eye but this is just one of the facilities of seeing of the mind and as we begin to become truly one pointed we can increasingly see beyond the self with the minds eye, or eye of the soul and learn to see into the spiritual world. We can develop the ‘single eye’ that is spoken of in the New Testament of the Bible2 which makes the "whole body to be full of light."

The third horned animal is the goat of Capricorn. It initially looks much like Aries in its function as the transformer of one stage of Earthly expression into another raised state, but hidden in Capricorn is yet another horned animal the unicorn, symbolising the merging of the two horns and the single eye into one long straight piercing horn in the centre of the forehead. This represents the single spiritual eye or spiritual intuition, a vision that pierces through into the spiritual world bestowing upon its bearer spiritual wisdom. This is not the same as clairvoyance, which is a sensitive throwback to a time when we shared that same intimate psychic connection to the physical planet, as do the other animals. This is an ability that one sees in many animals who seem to be able for instance to sense the onset of an earthquake or other natural catastrophe or calamitous event. Often before a great battle it is observed that the birds fall silent. I have often watched a dog or cat seemingly sitting and peering fascinated into another world. Sometimes through our connectedness I have seen a little of that physic world of theirs. I have ridden a horse in the mountains and felt her respond to passing events that are invisible to human sight or at least now largely beneath our threshold of consciousness. As an innocent child, things were different as I am sure they were for many of you but we now need to lay the lower psychism aside for the moment for it is a distraction to our spiritual growth. There will come a time, not far of, when we can use it again for our creative work as spiritual beings.

The origins of the mythical unicorn have been obscured by time. It seems to have been accepted as a divine messenger or signal of the imminent appearance of a great spiritual being, for instance in the early part of the Old Testament of the Bible.3 Many writers have speculated that the unicorn inhabited the Garden of Eden. The earliest records of the unicorn in oriental mythology go back to 2700 BC. In China it is referred to as Kilin or Chi-Lin and is considered a harbinger of good fortune or a prophet of great things to come. It was said in China that a Ki-Lin would appear near the time of the birth of great men and wise emperors. One legend tells the story of the appearance of  Ki-Lin at the birth of Confucius and that it carried in its mouth a piece of imperial jade with the prophecy of the baby's greatness written upon it. In 400 BC the Greek historian Ctesia described a single horned creature that he said inhabited India. Monks and missionaries are said to have reported sightings of unicorns as late as 1673. Through the Middle Ages European Christian artists use the unicorn as a symbol of the Christ. It was said that only a pure maiden could tame a unicorn and in the later connection a unicorn was often depicted with its head in the lap of the Virgin Mary. Art at that time was full of allegory and this may have been why the unicorn became the symbol of the Christ. Queen Elizabeth 1st bought what she believed to be a unicorn horn for the price of a castle. That horn which turns out to be the tusk of a narwhal is said to be still in the royal treasury.  Is it the tusk that forms the staff of the royal sceptre today? These latter stories remind one of how central to everyday life mythology was just a few generations ago. And it is interesting to see how these stories hide deep truths and one wonders how much of that truth was understood then and by whom in the community.

How far away are we from that light supernal and will we be prepared to turn our backs upon it and return to this world of suffering to serve humanity once more?

1   New Testament Mark 9:35 also Matthew 20:16, Mark 10:35, Luke 13:30.

 Ibid. Luke 11:33.

3  Ibid. Job 39:9-10, Numbers 23:22, 24:8, Psalm 29 & 92. 

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