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The Resurgence of the Water Carrier

Trevor Leese
January 2008

That human consciousness is developing and evolving there can be no doubt. Many might say that that development is progressing mainly because of technological or material developments but it is the mind in Man that creates these kinds of developments and the spiritual man would argue that the human mind is structured upon a divine blueprint, that of the human soul and the human monad so that the mind's creative capacity is precisely that of a divine organ if not yet fully aligned with it's divine consciousness.

Many of the most physically powerful technological developments that make such a significant difference to the lives of those who can gain access to them are so powerful that they are seen by some to threaten to compromise the balance of the Earths climatic systems. This is, of course, a planetary air conditioning system that maintains the life of all those beings whose physical life has evolved in tandem with its own imperceptibly slow development. Science is just now accepting the breadth and complexity of this system, something which esotericists have long identified as designed by the Logos in order to maintain the physical aspect of life on Earth. They have seen that it is self-maintained and subtly adjusting in line with a creative plan. Whether it can re-adjust to the stresses that mans technology puts it under without compromising life on Earth as it is intended to be at present, time will tell and our attempts at an accurate modelling of climatic changes will soon rightly predict.

This interference with the natural order raises ethical questions for a growing minority of people who feel that we should respect the functions of the Earth's biosphere and seek to do nothing to compromise its safety. I see ethical concern as one of the higher aspects of the human consciousness as it seeks to mimic the qualities of the soul. This is because it is in the nature of right human mental development to realise that which is truly right from that which is wrong in terms of the development of right human relations. As we are able to become more inclusively focussed this has to include right relationship with all life, all beings. This problem of discovering right relationship in every circumstance lies at the back of all human trials, crisis and their correct overcoming, which raise the quality of our life expression We all know that a crisis overcome leads to understanding of the life experience that created the crisis for us and thus little by little we grow in wisdom through the life we are experiencing. As we face and resolve the challenges that life presents to us, our experience broadens and the choice of possible further experiences increase. Through this process our understanding of life unfolds and our vision of the world becomes increasingly more global and inclusive.

The process of learning about life for the personality is a reflection of the intended process of learning for the human soul but it is not until we recognise our intended relationship with the soul that the soul can be liberated in order to explore the worlds in which it/we must learn once again to function. In the past this process of recognising the soul as ones spiritual counterpart has been slow with one individual here and one there fully recognising the spiritual journey that they must take through the facility of the soul. During the first one thousand years of this New Age humanity will be strongly influenced by energies flowing from the One Life through the planet Saturn. This planet is the conduit through which the energies of the third ray can flow to the Earth stimulating the activity of intelligence, mans facility for adaptation and for mental evolution. During this Age the intelligence of humanity will grow at considerable speed and by its end the development of intelligence for most will have achieved considerable multifaceted proportions.

Very long ago the human monads chose the route of suffering for mankind, it is a route of sacrifice that we saw as the quickest means to best serve all aspects of the One Life. It is Saturn that offers the capacity to deal with suffering and we must take note that suffering enables one to learn correctly and through this planetary influence we are enabled to make the right analysis of a situation and to choose the higher values. Its strongest influence upon the mind of man is in the synthesising of creative activity through the transmission of the qualities of the cosmic mind. Saturn is the body of expression of the Lord of Active Intelligence who offers mankind a vast field in which to experiment and experience life in order to make correct choices and to bring about the needed changes. It is the influence of Saturn that forces man to face the past, the present and to prepare for the future in the shouldering of his personal responsibility. The influence of Saturn is partly responsible for the chaos and troubles in the world today but there is also a wider conflict because of the growing influence of Aquarius, the influence of the new as it contrasts with the waning influence of the Piscean Age and the way that we have approached things during the past three thousand years.

During the first third of the Aquarian age (each third of an age is known as a decanate) the focus is upon the vitalisation of humanity from the spiritual point of view, this is bringing the growth of widespread creative activity into the race as man increasingly responds to the influence of the third ray flowing through Saturn, this is in line with the Plan of the great divine Life. The freer expression of the second ray (the ray of love-wisdom) is encouraging humanity to reach a point of group usefulness. This initiating process feeds a growing sense of relationship in mankind of a unity with all life upon the planet. Both the second and third ray influences stimulate mankind towards the goal of the Aquarian Age which is the global expression of brotherhood. As we respond to these influences we align closer to the work of the planetary hierarchy who seek the focussed expression of the life of love. This is the preparation for the work of the second decanate of Aquarius that will be sponsored by Mercury, the messenger of love, whose task it is to build an unbreakable inter-relationship between Hierarchy and Humanity. This is of course, an awakening of humanity to the planetary heart centre (Hierarchy) and allows Hierarchy to reach the whole of humanity and through man all other life manifestations of life on Earth. So you can see the important central roll that humanity must play in planetary synthesis.

It is Hierarchy's task to step down the divine energies flowing into the planet through Shamballa (the planetary centre of the will of the divine) in order to make its application safe for humanity at its present stage of evolution. All this work upon mans creative expression re-orientates and liberates the spiritual power that has been locked up and inaccessible to the majority of mankind up until this time. The age will see a turning away from self-expression towards a fuller expression through work for the group and expression of qualities that align a man with the work of Hierarchy.

During the second decanate of the New Age, because of the work that the planetary lives, both Hierarchy and Humanity have achieved the time will be the appropriate for the coming Avatar to manifest in order to continue his work of aiding the renewal of spiritual life here on Earth. He will return as the leader of the Spiritual Hierarchy to aid the search for truth, for right personal and global relationships and the development of loving understanding. He will be recognised by all men of faith no matter which faith tradition he belongs to and will consolidate the idea of the new world religion that will grow out of the coming together of all the world's faiths through the recognition that all have an immortal spiritual counterpart in the soul that seeks expression through the personality. Here, with the Avatar at the centre, the diversity of language, of tradition, of culture, all the different viewpoints will no longer be a barrier to goodwill and to right human relationships. At last the long efforts of the United Nations will be brought to full fruition and the new spiritual climate of unity will at last bring that great heresy of separateness to an end.

Those who respond to the emerging ideas and can subordinate their own personality to the good of the whole will be able to materialise those great ideals because the channel between the soul and the brain via the mind will be established in them. They will be able to use the mind in order to penetrate into the world of ideas and to illuminate the life of others through those ideas through a transformed system of education. 1 These global or rather spiritually universal citizens have been able to tap into their own divinity, have contacted their own soul upon the higher mental plane and here begins a process in them that is described so beautifully in this quotation from the 'Old Commentary':
The light that shines within the heart of man discovers light and, in these blended lights, comes revelation. The light that shines within the sacred Hierarchy of Souls discovers these two lights revealed and they reveal a third-the revelation of the higher states of Being which hide and veil a Light that is not of planetary creation. These are four lights which reveal a Light Supreme, a Light which comes from distances beyond the ken of man. Yet all these lights have been revealed because a light has burned-immovable, secure-within the human heart. 2 They have discovered areas of being that have not been accessible to them before this point on their long journey from life to life upon their return towards the greater life. The guiding light within them has at last begun to reveal those brighter lights that begin the process of revelation that will fully reveal to them the life of the Unknown God.

Here humanity will truly be able to function as a spiritual centre working closely with Hierarchy and the Christ and along with the Buddha, who is one of the forces linking Shamballa with Hierarchy, they will be able to establish a close relationship with Shamballa, the centre of expression of the will of God. Humanity as this world centre will then be able to take up the task for which it has been pre-destined and make its own spiritual contribution to the planetary life as the thoughtful, loving intermediary between the higher spiritual kingdoms and the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Through this task humanity also become, in its own right, a planetary saviour.

Mankind will begin to work in this way not only because it chooses and wills to do so but because it has been able to harness a part of the mind that has lain largely dormant for so long and that is the intuition. Through the intuition a man is able to extend his pattern-building faculty beyond the confines of the physical planet and can now begin to work with the plans from which all forms on all planes are modelled. Working with this faculty of pure reason he can grasp the plan synthetically, seize upon the divine Ideas, identify the purest truth and thereby begin to work with the Universal Mind.

Aquarius is largely responsible for the dramatic changes taking place in the world today, they are interpenetrating and all pervasive because it expresses all the qualities of the air sign that it is. Already much evidence of the predicted changes can be seen working out globally. It stimulates recognition of our own personality for whom we at first work and eventually transmutes this attention into service of humanity. It converts our self-centred activity into a deeply thoughtful work for Hierarchy and our self conscious way of life becomes transformed into a sensitive humanitarian awareness. Eventually we shall become the true Aquarian, the water carrier, carrying a pot full of the water of life that we are prepared to pour out continuously for the benefit of others. Then we shall be able sound the keynote of Aquarius, "Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men", and to really mean it.

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