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by Trevor Leese
February 2006


As Hercules faced the Labour of Aquarius he was told that, “The single flame must light the forty nine”, having lit his own lamp Hercules must now bring the Light to all others. Here Hercules faced his eleventh Labour, eleven of the twelve lessons of the growth of consciousness that all must undergo if the human scheme is to be fulfilled. Hercules is told to turn his back upon the brightness that he now holds, to go back to those for whom the light is but a transient point, and help them make it grow. 1

As we enter the Aquarian Age those who have developed individual thought, the goats who search for the difficult, steep and stony shorter route up the mountainside of consciousness and can climb more quickly towards increased understanding and wisdom are able to respond intelligently to the inflow of energy in Aquarius, but the none thinkers, the sheep, remain struggling with their problems and respond blindly to the inflowing force. Those who can meet the challenge of Aquarius are told to turn back so that they can help those who cannot find their way through the problems that life sets before them, helping them to find their own way forward and up into the clearer air of the mountainside. Hercules set off to accomplish this task, not because he felt it to be his duty but with a sense of complete self-forgetfulness and real concern for others.

The struggle in the Age of Pisces, the age that we left behind in the year 2000, yet whose influence will take the next two hundred years to fade completely as the transit into Aquarius is completed, is with the realisation of the duality of the human form and the recognition of the link between the personality and the soul. The life of Christ, who manifested at the end of the transit into the age of Pisces 2000 years ago, demonstrates how we can all live as the soul, as a son of God. Christ spoke about the kingdom of the soul, (Heaven on Earth), that would appear at the conclusion of the Age, he was and remains today largely misunderstood because we interpret his work at the level of the self-conscious or self-centred personality and shall not truly understand what he was about until we learn to have the capacity to be as self-less as the soul. In Aquarius we can learn through a process of purification to be the soul rather than just a human being. At the end of the Age it is likely that the physical, emotional and mental nature of we humans will have become secondary and the soul, the consciousness aspect, that universal urge that puts us en rapport with God will come to the centre of our consciousness. Although we shall still inhabit a human body our consciousness will no longer be focussed in the fourth or human kingdom but rather in the fifth or spiritual kingdom. That end will come in the year 4500 A.D.

The idea that the astronauts who go into space speak of the experience as spiritual and one that seems to change their consciousness intrigue me. I see them being touched by a sense of cosmic consciousness and this is, in its truest form, a consciousness of the spiritual kingdom, a consciousness of the unity of both outer and inner space.

There is a great conflict between Piscean and Aquarian thinking, between old attitudes and the new more inclusive attitudes. This great conflict of our time is between self-centredness, not only at the level of personal but also at the level of the nation and in our religions, etc., and the selfless all-inclusive nature of the soul of the man who expresses all the qualities of a son of God. Such a one sees all as sons and daughters of God irrespective of their religious persuasion, with each struggling painfully in the way they know towards the expression of universal consciousness through their life and with the struggle towards the realisation that we are one in all and all in one. And seeing also that this is so throughout all the kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, animal, human, soul, for each is connected throughout every world, every dimension to the Monad or Divine consciousness. The evolutionary fulfilment of all physical forms upon our planet is to my mind to be a vehicle for the expression of some aspect of the Divine nature. Many forms will have fulfilled their stage in the task long before this time although their DNA sequence will continue through others of their evolutionary lineage, yet the conclusion of their evolutionary task is to raise the level of their particular expression up to the level of the spiritual plane and yet continuing to function on the physical plane of the planet. The lion may well lie down with the lamb for even he will one day see the lamb as his brother.

The fulfilment of our task in Aquarius requires that we learn all that can be known about world service, to realise and to fulfil all the tasks that can be accomplished through that service and thus we become a master of service in the spiritual sense. This service is of course the fulfilment of the nature of the soul for in Aquarius we learn to live as the soul and not just a human being. We shall be driven by the symbolism of water and purification, becoming the water carrier who carries the pot that constantly pours forth water, the water of life that aids others to discover the secret of the more abundant life within themselves and the water of love, an infinite love that can pour through use to embrace all, not the self-centred embrace of man but the gift of the heart of the soul that brings true freedom, emancipation and the power to love selflessly. This may suggest that the true Aquarian is not only the server par excellence but also a saviour. This is not yet true although a part of the work of Aquarius is to prepare for the next task in Pisces, which is to become the world saviour, and our elder brother the Christ sets for us a supreme example of what we can become.

It may occur to you at this point that there is a problem with the last statement because Pisces does not follow Aquarius in the natural progression of our planetary system around the zodiac. This is true, but once we humans step onto the true path of return our own direction around the zodiac is reversed, to a path that begins in Aries and working in the opposite direction to the physical progression ends in Pisces, the twelfth labour of Hercules. Until this point we are still considered to be upon the involutionary arc because the indwelling Entity has not yet drawn to itself its vehicle of expression, (the personality). Evolution in terms of consciousness does not begin until the form is utilised by the subjective life and then perfecting process leading to the final liberation can begin.

That central life, as I have already suggested, exist in every manifested form, it increasingly involves itself in substance in order to take a form or shape that is adequate to its need and means of expression. It liberates itself from the form, as it requires another one more suited to its need. Thus life or spirit progresses until the path of return has been followed back to the source. This is said to be the true meaning of evolution and in this lies the secret of the cosmic incarnation. Through this process the spirit that sent it forth reclaims all forms on Earth and thus the Earth may one day become a sacred planet.

The ruling influence in the first quarter of the Age of Aquarius (the next five hundred years or so) is the cosmic energy reaching us from Saturn; this will increasingly stimulate our capacity for discipline and presents the opportunity to strengthen our spiritual muscle through spiritual exercises and trial. The old Piscean concept of spirituality has been largely framed in religious establishments that have been mostly closed to ‘others' or exclusive, but true spirituality is inclusive, it seeks to embrace all in love and understanding irrespective of their faith or none. I think that inclusive people, whether or not they follow a faith demonstrate a spiritual quality that is an expression of this new age. The spiritual disciplines in the East and the West are like those two rivers that Hercules brought together in his Labour, may we be successful in bringing these rivers together in this Age?

Discipline and vision have been central to the successful human developments of the last three hundred years. Before that time few had the stimulus, the discipline, the vision or the opportunity to concentrate on the development of their creative ability in some particular field. There has been a tremendous growth or increase in the opportunities to develop talents with so many now achieving higher education. I have come to believe through years of teaching; observations of life and even talents discovered in myself in old age, plus my belief in the truth of whom we are, that all have great talents hidden within. Opportunities in the first world at least are open to those who can most easily access their talents and have them stimulated by suitable life condition. Educational vision is growing in a way that is reaching more of our talent and at such a pace that I believe that all will have the opportunity to realise their talents in the years to come. Open learning is increasing at a pace through the worldwide web and this is now empowering many in the developing world. What we have experienced of change in the last three centuries has been a precursor of this new age and of what will be demanded and will happen when we can fully access the understanding, wisdom and the opportunities that the Aquarian age will reveal. Already we have such stimulation and an opening of hearts and minds on a scale beyond anything that we have known before and this is already becoming a worldwide objective.

During the last fifty years the opportunities and the encouragement to serve globally through the N.G.O's have mushroomed. Many have come to realise that service has a number of physical and spiritual dimensions. Indeed, there are now a growing number of worldwide groups who appreciate the power of service work within the spiritual or higher mental dimension, these are groups who appreciate the need for group meditation not only to stimulate the hearts and minds of humanity so that they can be more open and inclusive in their outlook but also to realise that they too can join in the work of helping to find solutions to the problems that face humanity at this time.

Many of the problems that we face are now critical, to those who are now truly ready for the tasks of Aquarius the direction ahead is clear but upon the ordinary turn of the wheel of life there is great conflict and confusion between those who wish to hold onto the ways of the past two thousand years and those who see a new way ahead. The sides are often violently at odds at this time. This new way requires profound change for us all if we are to fearlessly embrace our cultural and spiritual differences worldwide. It will require a level of mutual understanding that we now lack, for East must feel safe with the West and West safe with the East. All people of faith or of none must value each other as friend and brother, understanding and valuing each others culture and spiritual differentness. We must recognise the common ground that is central to all the faiths and the need to work towards the dissolution of differences that may have occurred because of the interpretation of many common teachings in very different cultural frameworks or religious climates. So often powerful men who have lacked the high level of spiritual integrity of those who they follow have interpreted teaching to serve their own values or purposes. This has made the apparent differences appear to be great and has influenced most of our religion. If we are to build an inclusive spiritual framework in the new age then we must approach others faiths with love, understanding and the greatest respect. We need to see clearly all that of God in all the faiths while respecting that of man, which may appear to be unfamiliar to ones self.

It seems to me to be important that we should read the Holy text of all the religions, read with openness of mind, with great respect and to come to know them within a framework of loving understanding. So many of these are freely available on the worldwide web just waiting to be downloaded into our own digital libraries. The interpretation of the common spiritual ground that we seek to build cannot only be our own but must be made of those spiritual truths that we all share. Those who are spiritually enlightened can lead the way in building the level of understanding that will make spiritual unity a concept that all can embrace.


1 The Labours of Hercules, A.A. Bailey, p180.



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