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The Growing Light of Understanding

By Trevor Leese
January 2005

Aquarian keynote: "Waters of life I am, poured forth for thirsty men".

The New Age, the Age of Aquarius began in the year 2000 and will last for approximately 2,200 years. That of course is only a twelfth part of the cycle of our Sun which, along with its satellites including Earth, circles through the galaxy on a circuit taking it approximately twenty six and a half thousand years to complete. As it enters the region of Aquarius it comes under the influence of cosmic radiation emanating from it and other stars in that region — which influence is being felt now but it will not be at its strongest until the year 3100 AD. There is not really a clear cut off point between one age and another but rather a period of transit between them. As the influence of the Age of Pisces wanes and that of Aquarius waxes we experience much upheaval and conflict in the world as the attitudes set by the old age are challenged by those of the new. As far as I can see the influence of the qualities of Aquarius have been growing significantly for about three hundred years and of course it will take some time yet for the influence of Pisces to fade completely away. Aquarius is an age of light, physical light, mental light — which is the light of understanding, and most of all spiritual illumination. That light already drives so much of our world, electric light blazes everywhere in the modern world and so much of what is done in science, industry, medicine and in the home is driven on some wavelength of the range of light. I see the so-called enlightenment of three hundred years ago as a kind of Aquarian false dawn; with so many men of science and the arts responding to this growing energy of light. The changes begun then in human thinking are indeed very wonderful but I believe that they only foreshadow what lies before humanity in the next few decades and generations.

The symbol of Aquarius is that of a man pouring two continuous streams of water from a vase — these represent the river of life and the river of love. Looking at the world today we may think that the attributes of our time, because of the enormous proliferation of both, are the attributes of the forms and of the mind, but the ancient wisdom teachers said that it is life and love. Life in the sense of the abundance of opportunities for creative expression for all and love in the sense of universality, but without that universality there will not be freedom of opportunity for all. So much of our development in the Age of Pisces was about the development of self-consciousness both as individuals and as nations. Inevitably that struggle has worked out through the law of the individual, the law of selfishness and of competition. There has been a focus upon our own life and the life of those who are our own — this has also been true in terms of the nation, with nations needing to assert and grab possessions for themselves to the detriment of so many other nations and their peoples. It has been authority and dogma which has ruled the churches with a control of the individual and the suppression of the free thinkers. We cannot be spiritually alive and active in the modern world if we adhere to an understanding of future worlds based upon the perceptions of the world set by those who lived centuries ago however enlightened they may have been for their time. What sense would we make of the world of today if we had the mind of a Galilean fisherman of two thousands years ago? We must take the teaching that was given then and interpret it in the light of current understanding. We have to be modern thinkers and to be developing our own intuitional link to the future and the concepts of the spiritual world. This has been achieved in the past by a few in each generation who have made a great leap in human understanding that has carried all of us forward. Today many thousands make a contribution to the development of human understanding in so many fields and these numbers will multiply with each decade. This acceleration of human development is a response to that super abundance of life Aquarius will increasingly bring to us. This is possible of course because humanity, as a group, now has the mental capacity to respond to such stimuli and to make the needed constant readjustments in a rapidly changing world.

For more than half a century many thinkers have seen the need for right international relations. That idea has grown tremendously and is developing and growing firmly in the conscious of so many individuals and national governments. We now join with other nations to share in our economic success and so many individuals in the industrialised nations are economically mobile and can travel the world at will, sharing their economic success with others. Both these actions help to build cultural ties through the world and raise the aspirations of everyone. We are now developing a real sense of the one world, a sense of universality that has been demonstrated so well in our response to the Tsunami disaster. Although we have a long way to go in developing our interest and concern for all the world's peoples. So much of the conflict in the world goes unreported through lack of interest, there are still many wars and social conflicts that remain little known; there are for instance conflicts that affect nearly a dozen countries in Africa alone and little is reported outside the United Nations own reports. Few of us recognise that more than 200,000 children die needlessly each week throughout the world, yet our awareness and concern for the world is growing at a tremendous pace. We are learning to give some of our money and our time to help lift the bulk of the world's people out of a level of poverty that is difficult for those in the industrialised nations to imagine.

As much as anyone, it is the men of science who are contributing to the solutions to poverty and the resolution of these needless deaths. It is science that challenges our consciousness so significantly at this time, scientific and technological advances will continue to gather pace offering an ever-increasing superabundance of possibilities and opportunities. It is science and technology that are giving so many poor people and their nations economic freedom. It has yet to reach the very poorest in so many parts of the world, but market demands will make that happen in the next few decades helping the World Development Programme to reach its targets set for 2015 of reducing the number of people in the world without adequate food and clean water by half. I expect that by the time the second half of the WDP target is met, governments and people will be much more prepared to respond to that need. It is science that is also opening the door to the spiritual world, through such investigations as those into the newly discovered eleven or so dimensions of space/time and the growing understanding of solar and cosmic radiation and its effects upon the planet.

There is a growing number of world servers who believe in the power of group thought to influence the minds of men and women towards the changes of mindset which are needed as we become a truly interdependent world. The great changes of attitude towards the conservation of planetary resources, the management of the oceans, the forests, the water tables, etc., are very Aquarian in nature, as are our changes in attitudes towards the animal and plant worlds and the preservation of habitats.

All of the twelve ages are divided up into three decanates. The first one in Aquarius is influenced by Saturn's energy and is the cause of some of the great tension that we have seen as we enter the age, we have seen this in the initial political upheaval caused by the division of the world into great groups of nations. This reflected in the cold war and the struggle between communism and capitalism, the contrast between those who are nationally patriotic and those with a spirit of internationalism, between those who hoard possessions and those who seek a spiritual purpose to their lives. This is because there are those who are firmly entrenched in the attitudes of the past, to the old material aspects of life and consciousness and those who envision a very different, fuller and more inclusive future for the world. As always we are free to choose, so the pace of change is dependant upon our effort.

The second decanate will be influenced by energies streaming from Mercury and will bring illumination. The illumination that came to us from Leo, the polar opposite of Aquarius more than 13,000 years ago made it possible for us to move from mass consciousness towards becoming fully self-conscious. Illumination this time around will bring a sense of group consciousness, where personality is no longer at the center but is seen as a mechanism for the expression of a consciousness that identifies with all humanity, and everything else in our world will be seen as the expression of some aspect of the One Life in which we live and move and have our being.

The third decanate will be influenced by Venus and will bring the expression of inclusive love for all, this is a love not only for those who think as we do or act as we wish them to do but a love for all people irrespective of their persuasion. It is said that this must become a fact for everyone before the whole of humanity can pass into the next age, which will be the Age of Capricorn.

Upon our own personal quest, Aquarius is the twelve lessons that we need to face. When we reach this stage we will have already climbed an arduous route up a mountain of attainment through many incarnations, faced many crises and pitfalls and have learned from them, and so have been able to move forward to the next lessons that life has prepared for us. It will have been a steep and treacherous path but it will have brought us much strength and wisdom. The lesson of Aquarius is about reaching a pinnacle of human and spiritual achievement and there recognising the true purpose of existence, seeing the light of truth but then choosing to turn ones back on light and going back into the world to serve and to help others find themselves, that they too can find a light in themselves which shines as a beacon in the world. Enabling them in their turn to support, encourage, and inspire those around them to fight their own fight and become stable, integrated humans who can then express the full spiritual potential that lies hidden deep inside them.

The New Testament of the Christian Bible speaks about the end of the world, many today see this as the end of the Piscean age, which is very much the end of the world as anyone at that time could conceive it. In first century terms, our world would appear as a most terrifying place, our day to day life alone would seem terrifying and our wars unimaginably terrible in scale. They would have had no concept of a disaster the size of the recent Tsunami because of the lack of consistent communication over such a large area of the globe. The Aquarian age heralds a profound change in human relationships and perception, a great spiritualising that has little to do with so many of the interpretations of the old religions. The truth in these is heavily clouded by human misconceptions, how can a man whose motives are predominately self-centered understand the concept of selflessness? How can a people who only know their own religion imagine an interfaith dialogue about common spiritual issues? How can people who only experience life in their own region conceive of one world? How can people who are fearful and mistrusting of other nations find peace? Many people are now looking beyond their own self-interest and are becoming lovers of the world. Because of the multicultural education that now exists in so many of the cities of the world, within a few decades many people will understand and value the integrity of other faiths and will have their lives enriched through contact with other cultures — these understandings are only just beginning to be developed today.

Those same people who identify the so-called end of the world as the end of Pisces see Aquarius as the beginning of the construction of heaven on Earth. We are said to be a non-spiritual planet, the purpose of the coming into manifestation of the souls of Man is to spiritualise the physical planet, to make it a place of peace. It is perhaps hard to see how that can possible happen, mankind has needed to be self-centered to become thoroughly self-conscious — the next stage for him is to become selfless in his dealings with all men and all the creatures of this planet. For the planet to become physically spiritual suggests to me that the Planetary Logos (the God of the world religions) will manifest on Earth. It seems to me that the manifestation of 'that of God in each one of us' will be the vehicle for His physical expression, for after all 'the soul's of Men are One'. For as true Aquarians we will be able to say "Waters of life I am, poured forth for thirsty men".

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