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Courage to Defend the Highest

By Tom Carney
October 2006

Why does Scorpio seem to be so scary? Well, for one thing there are those tests. In Scorpio, as we all know, we are tested in three major areas which concern the "threefold personality": the personality soul relationship, placement on the Path and sensitivity to the Plan. These tests concern appetite, desire and tests of the lower critical mind, and each of these has three major areas. Well that's a lot of tests, and experience has indicated that nothing is overlooked or taken for granted by the testers, the ever vigilant Lords of Karma. Even after it appears that one might have passed, these guys are not above giving it one more shot.

It is no wonder that people seem to tremble as Scorpio approaches. After all, for many, many of us tests just mean opportunities to flunk or get a D or C-. I can well remember that even the brightest of my students, who I knew would do very well, would face their English exams with fear and trepidation.

Having, most of us anyway, failed, not measured up, not been "all that we could have been" again and again in life after life, and having no end of helpful persons: friends, family, neighbors, virtually anyone at all and especially people of the cloth, whatever cloth, keeping us, however subtly, more or less constantly informed of our unworthiness, I guess you could say, we have been conditioned to expect to fail.

We have learned from "bitter experience" that failure is not a good thing. It is usually followed by some real unpleasant fall out most of which has to do with not getting something we wanted and instead getting something we did not want, like being fired rather than promoted. Most of humanity is infected in a totally unconscious manner with this deep inner sense of fear. We carry it in our racial memories. It is in our very bones.

This fear of failure which lies directly behind, and frequently generates failure is pandemic. It's inner unrealized presence, makes it very easy for the Forces of Darkness to manipulate Humanity. Not that long ago, the Specter of Fear, the mask in which we have the best view of the true appearance the Forces of Evil, having once again managed to find a willing host, this time being the Nazi Regime of Germany, began to rise once more in Europe. In regards to the rising and growing darkness a really great man, FDR, remarked that we had "nothing to fear except fear itself." This was a deeply esoteric and profound statement.

Being unaware of this propensity to let fear dictate our actions we are easily manipulated and duped. Becoming aware of the existence of this virus is a major step toward overcoming it. We all know fear. The point hear is to realize that we fear and that it manipulates us in subtle and devious ways.

Because we tend to view the dense physical plane as reality, we tend to not see, or better, register the motions of this energy moving through our consciousness. This point of view tends to get us stuck in the form side, and we fail to see that there is a way out of the tar baby after all.

The way out is to move up a plane or two and to consider the issues which we are facing in our various tests as energy systems rather than chains of adamantine that bind us to some form of ridiculous behavior. For most people, most of what they do is triggered by habits and unconscious urges that keep them running around in circles not unlike my daughter's pet hamster, who, by the way was captured while in its cage, and eaten by a very, very smart Siamese cat named Azalea.

Just how Azalea got into the enclosed plastic hamster environment and got the hamster out remains one of the worlds unsolved mysteries. Azalea, when we caught her under the couch in the guest room, too late for the hamster, wasn't talking. The fate of the hamster is very much like the fate of many, many of our brethren, and maybe by a number of us, who would be disciples, too.

But it doesn't have to be. We can change that rather easily. I think it is bunk that it takes as long to get out of a mess as it does to get into one. If the getting out proceeds from the point of view that got one in, then I could see that. But, as the hamster tail and a little bunch of fur and a foot, that was all that was left, indicated, that is not getting out. That is going around again.

Getting out is getting a new point of view, and that, friends is what Scorpio is really all about. The tests are to see if one "gets it yet!" There are a couple of dozen ancient mantras and wisdom fragments that say the same thing over and over. My favorite is "Lead us from the darkness to the Light, from the unreal to the Real and from death to Immorality."

What this ancient bit of Wisdom is saying to us is to GET A LIFE! What we have is an illusion. We are locked into this notion that we are our meat. We are identified with forms. We think, well not think, but assume that we are going to do this thing called die, and what we do to avoid that which we know very well is unavoidable is unbelievable, literally.

One could go on here, but I think that thinkers, as opposed to thought processors, get the message. We can think our way out of the hamster cage before the Azaleas, smart little kitties that they always are, finds the way in and eats us. As long as we run around on the wheel of our unconscious conditioning which, by the way, is simply living in the horizontal world of the past, we will not get a life but eaten.

So, we need to start thinking, that is moving into the future, pushing across that old dotted line into the formless world of ideas, the world in which we have not already been condemned to the wheel of illusion, unreality and death. Thus, we can reorient ourselves to the life of the soul, evidence readiness for initiation and demonstrate sensitivity to the Plan and thus become the one pointed disciple in Sagittarius

No, really, it isn't that hard. We have been told over and over and over that it is, but I ask you, is it harder to get a life or to continue to suffer with the non-life we have?

Loving you