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The New Sagittarian

By Tom Carney
December 2006

I have been thinking about the disciple Humanity in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about leadership. If we are familiar with Sagittarians, we have come to understand that they are very interested, some would say obsessive, about getting things started in the NEW, direction.

Consider the word for Sagittarius "I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another." Sagittarians are really not that interested in sitting around and enjoying the moment. Their moment is a moving point. It is in the struggle to reach the next goal that the Sagittarian really lives.

As any Sagittarian tracker, leader, scout, or point man on the fire team would know, one sees the goal by looking ahead. So, for "untold eons", which is a really long time, Sagittarians have been shooting those arrows of searching. And every Sagittarian, coming out of Scorpio, has, true to his/her nature, retrieved those arrows, made course corrections for themselves and those who follow and fired them off again.

Of course, the notion of looking "ahead" is somewhat relative. As the disciple Humanity we went "ahead", that is from one goal to another; however, "ahead" did not always lead us in a direction we would call forward or into the New. Consequently for many of those "untold eons" the disciple Humanity, as we only too painfully know, spent a lot of time going around in circles. Motive has an awful lot to do with the direction in which one goes, and it is quite obvious that a largish portion of humanity is still stuck on that old treadmill of desire and disillusionment. However, according to horoscopy lore, some of us, I think enough of us to make a difference, became properly oriented toward the Father's house and our arrows of searching struck evermore closely to the heart of the World.

So, Sagittarians are the trail blazers. As I said, for untold eons the trail just meandered around in the forests of desire and the resulting, usually bummer type, experience, covering the same ground over and over again until we eventually became properly oriented. Since the time of the re-orientation of the first disciple, which occurred a very long time ago, the trail these one pointed archers have been busily blazing is the one that leads from the 4th Kingdom of Humanity back to the 5th Kingdom of the Father.

Now, "In the Fullness of Time, it has come to pass" that the trail between the 4th and the 5th Kingdoms has been pretty well blazed. What started many, many thousands of years ago as a trickle with one or two occasional disciples struggling their way up the Mountain into the Supernal Light has become a flood. And, if you consider the influx of advanced people reincarnating during this current period of great opportunity and demand, over the past couple of hundred years, literally thousands of us, if not millions, have been finding our way into groups and thence into the Ashrams of the Hierarchs.

To the eye that can see, this ancient route is beginning to resemble the 405 Freeway at rush hour. However, best not be fooled by the simile here. For the individual disciple, the path is every bit as challenging as it ever was, and, given the group aspects which appear on the higher pitches of the trail, it is even more difficult. But then what would we expect when the goal is the Keys of the Kingdom.

So, having finally got there, back to the Father's House that is, what we found was a whole lot of really bright light and a message. "Lost am I in Light Supernal; yet on that Light I turn my back." Let me deconstruct that sentence, put it into "post modern" language so we can understand it. What it means is that the top of this mountain, up which we have been struggling for lo those many millennia, has this really mind blowing view. That's the first part. The second part, "yet on that Light I turn my back", says that this "top" is actually like the base camp, the starting point for the next climb, and- this is the part that Sagittarians really like- that we will have to go down to go up. The Path to the next Mountain Top leads back into the valley out of which we have just…crawled, one might say.

Thus, today's Sagittarian disciple/initiates, have reached the Father's House, and, true to our Sagittarian nature, not being inclined to recline in the nirvanic state, we are blazing a new trail. This trail, we have been assured, leads to a new, however, at this point unfathomable, mountain top and on into what is called The Higher Way. And it starts right here, right now by our turning around and going back into the valleys out of which we have just come.

Not to worry though. We are not the same beings that struggled up the mountain. We have some new stuff and access to some rather potent additional resources. So, looking at the big picture, this is not just the beginning of a new trail for a few disciples. It is a New Cycle of the Great Unfolding for Humanity, and, which is only reasonable, with it comes a new evolutionary impulse, part of which is the new stuff and the additional resources we are carrying.

This cycle is called The Age of Aquarius. I think that in due time we will see it as the initiation of the promised Satya Yuga.

During the early stages of this new cycle the focus of the returning disciple/initiates will be on the trail which leads from the 5th Kingdom back into the 4th Kingdom of Humanity. The new evolution impulse, for which they are the seed carriers, is opening the heart of humanity. It will focus the Life energy of the returning ones into service to the One Life and the One Humanity. This will eventually bring about the merging of the 4th and 5th Kingdoms and a more perfect example of Unanimity or Brotherhood on Planet Earth.

It is most difficult to make specific pronouncements concerning the Purpose behind this new evolutionary impulse; however since the last Hierarchal Conclave in 1925 or so, those disciples who have been oriented toward the Ashrams have received new Teachings, that is actual books, as well as subtle instructions and guidance regarding the implementation of some of the interrelated major aspects of the new impulse. Let me cite three examples:


1) We have been specifically asked to aid in the freeing of the prisoners of the planet.

This task will be brought through the upgrading of current self centered human consciousness which has spawned untold misery and death through the generation of an over powering desire for the self centered qualities of separative exclusivity, power over others, entitlement and privilege. The up grade involves the opening of humanity's heart center and the realization of the factual nature of one's synthetic participation in all aspects of Life. The common name for this new type of consciousness is Group Consciousness.

This New Consciousness is grounded in the fact of the One Humanity. It embodies the Principles of Essential Divinity, Unanimity, and Good Will and the Laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavor and Spiritual Approach. It recognizes these as the basic underlying Principles and Laws upon which the new civilization and world culture is being constructed.

2) We have been specifically asked to reveal the fact of the Spiritual Hierarchy and to facilitate the externalization of this, the 5th, Kingdom.

This task will be brought about first of all through the efforts of the disciple/initiates to open the heart center of humanity which will enable the planners of the Race to register the newer truths. Then, through the work in all departments of human endeavor to recognize the fact of the continuity of Life, of one humanity and one planet and the reality of the higher planes of awareness/existence, the Hierarchy will become visibly, factually involved, once again, in the affairs of Mankind..

3) We have been specifically asked to aid in the efforts to bring about the physical reappearance of the Christ.

The way for the Christ to reappear will open as we accomplish the previous two tasks.

So, these are some pretty heavy tasks. I know a number of disciples who think they are way not qualified, or worthy is another word I have heard, for these kinds of assignments. And I know some others who are of the opinion that those who think they are qualified are a bit or maybe a lot en-glamored or maybe, just nuts.

Well, leaving both of these issues aside for the moment, the facts are pretty clear that the above are real requests from real members of the Hierarchy (See page 300 in The Rays and the Initiations for an example.) The jobs are unmistakably there. My thought is that we forget about this Old School activity of arguing over whether we are qualified or worthy. What we need to do is jump in and try. Qualified is determined by what happens.

To me this is like taking initiation. We think that "taking initiation" is some kind of party that we participate in when we are spruced up and ready. I think that doing the job is taking the initiation. We are "taking initiation" everyday. Eventually we get to a point where the One Initiator says, "Well, this guy is cool." And He lays the rod on us.

This ceremony, I have no doubt, really happens, but it is not taking initiation. It is kind of like being recognized or passed, like getting some kind of stamp on your passport or something. In actually, I think the ceremony is a prelude to the next assignment, a kind of notification that one is ready to do the next thing with out killing him or herself and a bunch of other people in the process.

To me taking initiation is working 24/7 on these or other assignments. Initiates are the people who are doing this work. In the Old School, we called this kind of stuff the stuff that the initiates do, "Spiritual Activity".

Anyway, there is no denying that these are some pretty heavy tasks, and they will and do require a disciple "whose mind and heart is aflame". "Plodding, and fairly satisfactory" will not cut it in this work. It's all part of the new evolution impulse. It is a question of the Will, not the skill. The skill comes with practice. The practice is initiated by the Will.

Again, we realize that these are very challenging tasks; however, let us not get all bleak and discouraged here. We have not been sent out here, or down here by some dummies with out the necessary equipment, like body amour and properly protected Humvies, to do some impossible things. Remember, we are not the same disciples who struggled up to the Mountain top. Those of us who have the requisite "flaming minds and hearts", those of us who have our nose in the work of liberation 24/7, we have some new stuff, and we are not without resources.

Major among those resources is the help of the Inner Guides. We need this help. We need the help of the Ashram in the work of salvage. To put it bluntly, what we need is guidance. And to think that this kind of help is not available is to think that the Ashram is run by a bunch of incompetents.

Lots of this kind of help came into us on unconscious levels through our meditation work and soul connection. But, as I said, we have some new stuff. We are a lot more conscious now than we ever were on the way up the Mountain. Also, conscious guidance is much more useful to the working disciple than unconscious guidance because one can engage in a dialogue with the inner helper.

As we all know, from years of training in this life, as well as previous lives, the three essential skills for this kind of work are dispassion, detachment and discrimination. The first of these that requires mastery is dispassion, for without dispassion there would be no hope of ever being able to make the kinds of discriminations required. The gradual and painful development of these three qualities on the inbound Path enabled us to contact our own soul, find our way into groups and eventually the Ashram.

It is precisely now- when, through the building of the antahkarana, we have established an interface with the Ashram and need their guidance - that these skills become most important. But lets kind of deconstruct this thing we call guidance, see if we can put it into some practical frame work.

What we call guidance operates through a network which is something akin to the internet or even a LAN. The network through which we work is an energy field. This energy field is an integral part of the dense and subtle aspects of the physical world. Esotericists call this network the etheric web.

Guidance travels between the Ashram and the group, up and down or in and out over an energy bridge called the antahkarana. Guidance works mostly in response to a properly Willed, that is focused and motivated up load or what we call an invocation. Our invocation attracts the attention of the inner guides by creating an effectively organized and motivated, therefore attractive, point in the energy field upon which the higher impressions can play. (It's ever so much more sophisticated, simple and seamless, but it is something like having packets on a network. Each packet has an address so the network knows where the packet is going and from where it came.)

Many of us have actually developed the ability to create such a "sensitive receiving plate". This part of the interplay is fairly well protected because without the ability to provide the properly focused and motivated receiving plate, there will be no transmission. However, that is only the front end.

Real problems can, and sometime do, occur in the back end or on the down load side. There is actually an art to fashioning an impression that will register in the invoking or sending disciple's consciousness/mind. Every impression is sort of custom made. The impressions that are directed toward the sending disciple are crafted specifically for the sending disciple and are without any taint of separation or glamour.

Here is where the 3 D's Dispassion, Discrimination, and Detachment come in to play, and here is where a true group is most necessary for the safety of both the disciple and the work. Until after we make the 4th initiation, it seems to me that It is not that hard for anyone of us to lose it in one or all of these areas.

What I have seen happen, and experienced my self, is that the worker gets overwhelmed by the frequency that the impression sets up as it passes through the emotional body on the way to the brain. Bam, there goes the discrimination and the detachment.

We have all had these kinds of experiences on the inbound Path to the Mountain Top. The difference is that on the outward Path, the frequencies are very much more powerful than any we encountered on the inner Way, in addition, there is a ton of negative thoughtforms out there that generate doubt: doubt that we are worthy, doubt that this is happening, doubt that it is a genuine Ashramic contact, and on and on. There are also a ton of thoughtforms that appeal to our old selfish side: We are special, we are the chosen ones, we may even be masters our selves.

Who is to say which of these monsters is the more dangerous? The glamour of doubt, as Master M tirelessly points out devours the psychic energy of the will and knocks the disciple out of the game or off the Path. The glamour of exclusivity is literally blinding and has given humanity more grief and horror than we can know.

Still, we have faced and overcome tests of this nature, and now, on the downward Path of service- which leads to the Mountain top of who knows what?- we have the added protection of the group presence which we developed on the inward way. The thing is that the group presence must actually be a group, in the esoteric sense of that concept.

So, bottom line.

Led by the Ageless Sagittarian mission, the Disciple Humanity has entered a new phase of the Endless Way. The leading edge of the human Life Wave, those we call the Willing, those whose minds and hearts are aflame, will rise to meet the opportunities and the guidance being offered. As their act of the will proceeds, it will become increasingly clear that these disciples are hearing a new drummer. It will become increasingly clear that they have new ways to work, that they see and know a new Path, a path that leads out of the "dismal weary vale of Earth" into a peace "unlike aught known before where the will to good will flower forth as understanding and understanding blossom as goodwill in men."

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