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The Lions Last Roar

By Tom Carney
August 2006

Everybody knows about Hercules' encounter with the Nemean Lion. Well, I have been thinking for sometime now that we need a new slant on this old Hercules versus the Lion thing. This bit has been going on for untold eons. Having relived it hundreds and hundreds of bloody times in hundreds of incarnations we know this story inside out and backwards. It's always the same.

We have this problem, a non-cooperating lion who, actually, is just one of the little friends with whom we all live. Of course they all think they're lions, especially when they get to throwing their weight around. However, we are trying to lead the good life here, and this fellow is grossly interfering with our service efforts, our effectiveness and usefulness. It's out there running amuck, eating our lunch or, as the old myth has it, the villagers. Same thing.

These villagers are the people about whose welfare we are supposed to be concerned. Instead, this out of control lion is causing all kinds of screw ups. Mainly, the problems occur in the communications and right human relations departments of our program, but depending on what the operation is, they could be anywhere.

Well, after who knows how many bodies have been piled up, besides the Lords of Karma, (We should have a Home Land Security Agency as good as these guys!) we take some corrective action. This probably will not be the first time we have dealt with this particular lion. He will in all likelihood be a younger version of an old acquaintance, one of those individual quirks that helped generate the INCORRIGIBLE label that was pasted on our "jacket" or Personal Cumulative Folder by some second grade teacher 30 or 40 years, or maybe 2 or 3 life times ago.

Anyway, we, once again, undertake a deep personal search called "Looking Within." Besides doing our own meditation, we might consult a counselor, therapist, friend, somebody, anybody for help. Eventually, we figure out what the problem is, track it down in some cave or other and confront it. That means we take a close look at the problem, and we accept it as our problem. Then, we kill it.

Simple! Great! We come out of the cave, all cool, brandishing the skin or whatever trophy we can get. We go about our business of trying to lead a good life, resume our disciplic service project, which is to help salvage the villagers, i.e. Humanity.

Well, all goes well, as the old song goes, for about two weeks, and then the casket springs a leak. Low and behold, we have another out of control lion. Maybe it's a brand new lion, but usually, it's a cousin or brother in law of the recently dispatched one. You would think that this relationship aspect would make tracking this version down easy, but no. This new lion is every bit as shifty and cleaver and hard to get a handle on as the previous one.

So, Problem Lion appears. We go into automatic response mode. We do the figure it out, track it down, accept responsibility and kill it thing… again. Meanwhile, the bodies and the karma are piling up. None of this is easy, as we all know, and it always hurts like you would expect hell to hurt. But we do this over and over and over.

Well, it is becoming obvious that we are running a closed loop program here. This is a very old program or thoughtform, and from its conception, it appears that its basic assumptions concerning the nature of reality were decidedly skewed. We are beginning to understand that the problems are not the problem. These "problems" the out of control and running amuck lions, are simply the effects of a basic alignment flaw. There is some basic flaw that keeps us on this treadmill, and fixing the problems or dealing with the lions has not, to date, solved this basic flaw. Furthermore, there is no indication that killing the next, sure to appear, lion will do the job either.

Now, there has got to be a better way. Time for a change.

Here's the new program. First thing.

We need a new perspective. We need to download a "Point of View" update. Or, to be more precise, you might say we need a new alignment which will generate a new point of view from which we can understand our relationship with our selves and our place in the world.

Lets consider the old point of view for a minute. For at least the past 2000 years, we, people in the Western countries at least, have been, and are still being, taught on a daily basis that we are very much less than worthy, that we are un-clean, that we are sinners, that the only way we could possibly be acceptable to God would be to live a "Christian" life during which we would not commit any sins. Then, when we die, we might get to go to heaven. But, probably not, because when we understand what constitutes sin, we can see that it is virtually impossible for anyone to live a sinless life. Additionally, we have this problem with these constantly reappearing lions, to say nothing of the issue of the "original sin" with which we were born and which, apparently, nobody knows how to get rid of.

Of course, there are "indulgences" available for those who can afford them, and then there are several categories of individuals who are "elect" or members of some special, superior sect, recently referred to as "the haves and the have mores." However, the vast majority, will have to pay off their sin accumulation in this wonderful place called purgatory or something. The really bad ones among us, which includes just about anyone who is or was a living, thinking person, would have to go the this other place called Hell.

The effect of this 2000 year long program was to create this huge, extremely powerful thoughtform, which actually is "The Program." (Sounds like the Matrix, doesn't it?) As we know, a thoughtform is a "veil", an astral/mental energy field that lies between a person's brain and mind. This veil conditions, modifies, manipulates, and modulates signals that are trying to reach the brain. So, virtually any signal that tries to enter a person's consciousness will be unconsciously filtered and colored by this overwhelmingly powerful, world girdling thoughtform. The impression which is eventually made in brain consciousness fits this thoughtform's reality. Consequently, just about every individual, who lives, in the Western world at least, is absolutely convinced- if not on a relatively shallow conscious level, at a very deep unconscious psychic level- that he or she is, if not disgustingly un-worthy, not that great.

Basically, this particular thoughtform had its origin in the concept that the physical plane is not a principle. As Master R points out, "The natural, the automatic interpretation which resulted from this statement (and it is a statement of Truth) carries the connotation that if it [the dense physical plane] is not a Divine Principle, then it must be evil, evil in its very nature." The Creative Process of Internalization P. 7

This is the genesis of humanity's original assumption that we are basically evil and separated from God or Good. This is the alignment which generated the program which has been running our lives for, well, who knows how long?

The conclusion upon which this program is based is wrong. It is simply not true, and the alignment that it established precipitated a basic illusion, a veil, a thoughtform, a program, concerning the nature of reality. The truth is that the physical plane is a dense precipitation, a sub frequency, of the etheric plane which is a Principle. "Therefore while [the physical plane] is not itself a principle, it is derived from a principle." The Creative Process of Internalization P. 7

Being very much identified with our dense physical equipment as most humans are, it is this delusion, this overwhelming thoughtform which carries the imprint of evil concerning our basic nature that spawns the lions with which we contend again and again. Actually the thoughtform that was created by this misconception is so powerful in human life that we have given it its own name. We call it the Dweller on the Threshold. Just the name causes us to pause, and generates fear and loathing. (Check out the color plates in The Rainbow Bridge which depict this guy.)

So, this is the point of view from which we work. What we have here is not a problem we can fix through another application of the automatic response mechanism which we have generated over the millenniums. In fact, this problem is unfixable because it is a natural unavoidable effect or result of the concepts that are driving it. We are simply being what we think we are. We are proving to ourselves that we are in fact evil.

This is what is meant by deluded. We have been fed the fruits of the Great Illusion of our separation from God and are blindly following the blind. Still, we struggle. We struggle because in spite of the delusion, the self loathing, the fear, there is, deep within our consciousnesses, this spark of Divinity that says we are good. It keeps speaking to us. We hear it usually in the deepest parts of our stress and discouragement. It is that tiny voice that helps us to rise once again and to continue the struggle into the Light, or at least toward the Light.

We keep trying, and failing, to be good. We keep trying and failing to get in touch with that spark of Divinity, until finally, one incredible day we actually began to get it. It isn't so much that we gradually learn that we are good that matters. What matters is that we realize, finally, that we are not and have never been evil.

Once we can get to the realization of our basic goodness, our point of view shifts dramatically. We will stop fearing, loathing and hating the dweller, or as modern psychology calls it the sub-conscious part of our three part equipment. Instead, we start loving it, appreciating it, hooking up consciously with this deva life.

We realize, when we can gain an objective view of it, that it contains the knowledge of everything we have learned about surviving and building and just plain existing on the dense physical plane since our very first incarnation. It is, one might surmise, the container for what we call the physical and astral permanent atoms and the mental unit.

Currently this deva, because of the extremely negative and fearful aspects of the thoughtform within which it is held prisoner, acts as a powerful negative barrier to all of our creative efforts. However, if we can shift our attitude and understanding of this being, it can become an invaluable ally in our co-creative efforts with the Ashram. So, lets quit being lion killers and start being lion lovers. The body count will drop really fast and our effectiveness in the world will be startling, especially to us.

So, to bring it full circle, we start building the New Alignment, the alignment that hooks up with our Essential Divinity, the alignment that eventually flows directly from the Halls of Wisdom. This is the New Alignment.

Problems, we understand, are effects, the effects of infidelity to the Archetype, the natural results of glitches or inaccuracies in the basic alignment. Wisdom does not fix problems. It does not deal with the past. Wisdom solves problems by aligning the manifestation with the Archetype. We co-create or implement the manifestation through the use of loving intelligence to build a brand new aligned system.

Starting now, we can dump the old notions of being basically bad and all the problems which are associated with and flow from this maladjusted alignment. Starting now, we can create new relationships, generate new programs, build new systems that are in alignment with our Essential Divinity, based in Unanimity and carried on the power of Goodwill.

It will be a different world, friends. If we could see two or three hundred years into the unfolding plan the difference would blow our minds. I think that Planet Earth is just starting to move into its destined place in the Solar Lord's Big Plan.

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