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Tom Carney
May 2007

According to the Lore, Love is the energy signature that exists between Spirit and Matter. To understand this energy we must realize that Love does not ever stand alone. Love always and only co-exists between idea and form, between impulse and manifestation.

To make this cosmic Principle understandable to humans, the ancient Teachers, the original revealers, resorted to metaphor. They clothed this cosmic reality in what is perhaps the most common and deeply held human conception of all, that of the father, the mother and child. Thus they referred to Spirit as Father and to Matter as Mother and to the Mysterious and Omnipresent energy we call Love as the Child or Son. This metaphor, Father, Mother, Son has become the most basic of the "archetypes" presently known to us Humans. As a metaphor it both reveals and, alas, as does all art of any genre, hides the Truth.

This revealed fact of the always and only co existence and appearance of These Three was at one time in humanity's past seen and unquestionably accepted as Truth. As we have seen over the past few thousand years, this basic archetype has been greatly obfuscated and dimmed by both design and tradition. The actual existence of the Formless or Spiritual aspect of this Trinity, not being accessible to the lower 5 senses, had been all but dismissed as imagination, wishful thinking, superstition or just plain non-sense. With the denial of the Spiritual or formless aspect of this Truth, Humanity lost not only the concept of The One Will which Fathers forth throughout the Cosmic dimensions of Universe, but the Son, the Child, as well. When we lose the Child or Son, we lose Love the divine linkage between Spirit and Matter.

The loss of Love, literally the Heart of the Life, also resulted in the whirlwind of intellectual dissection of the Matter or Mother aspect of our beloved planet. With this lower mind driven matricide of the Mother we lost Her Mystery, her very nature. She had been reduced to forms, to periodic tables, to protons, electrons and strings, pieces of stuff. Gone with the Son was all the mystery of Her Purpose in the Grand Design. Gone was the fact of Her living presence, Her service, Her Divine Intelligence, Her Mothering, Nurturing, Protecting powers and co-creative contributions to the Intent of the Father and the Cosmic Whole.

Millions of people, the world over, walk daily through the splendor of Her nurturing power with blind eyes. Few of the seven plus millions of souls who live here in the Southern California, for example, notice that in spring the rolling hills will suddenly turn from delicate shades of green to a vibrant chrome yellow, and shortly later will be covered in a purple carpet of tiny, flowers. How many of us stop and resonate to the deep mystery of the magic and power of the Mother at work.

In its place we see the planet, the Matter as a thing. She is reduced to mere substance, resources, oil, coal, timber, minerals, flesh, fish, fowl-something to be dominated and used. There is no understanding, no reverence or appreciation for Earth as a living essential in the Co-Creative process of Father, Mother and Child and the manifestation of the Divine Plan.

The world's religions for the most part have been of little help in maintaining the clarity and beauty of the Grand three part Design of Father, Mother and Child. On the one hand they have preached the notion that the world of matter, of flesh, the body of the Mother was evil, the source of Sin. On the other they preached that salvation was only possible through the renunciation of the world or the denial of the Mother and the acceptance of a transcendent Father. A very large number of Humanity's most grievous actions against the Mother, the Father, the Child and even each other can be laid at the doorstep of this bit of darkness.

Even so, the ageless and deeply embodied metaphor, the fact of the One Life, of the Father, Mother and Child has, from the beginning, reverberated, with out a pause, through the fabric of human consciousness. This ancient archetype still resonates deep within the core of Humanity, and today is responsible for the burgeoning, in fact exploding, renaissance of Love. It lies at the heart of our growing re-cognition of our basic relationships on all levels of living.

The pulse of this strong and deep truth is steadily shattering the limes and veneers of illusion and half truths that have been layered over the basic truth of our essential divinity and our basic belonging to not only one another but to the very Earth upon which we walk, to the water we drink and the air we breath. There is only One Life within which we live and move and, with countless others, have our being. And we Humanity are beginning to re-awaken to it.

Just as the Master D.K. pointed out that, "There is no your soul and my soul, but only the One Soul." We are beginning to realize that there is no my "I" and you "I". There is only Us. And even within the shell of our own "I" we are beginning to understand that the Soul, the personality and the wrongfully maligned subconscious self are really aspects of the One Self. We are realizing that we are not three separate and separated hunks of stuff, but the One Self. We are a single "I" and as Mathew said, "When the eye is single thy whole body will be full of Light." Or as the ancient Mantram chanted by applicants for the third Initiation indicates, "There is a Power that makes all things New; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as One.

As we re-cognize the ancient varieties-rather than remember them because what we remember is a collection of old and for the most part illusory thoughtforms-we gain understanding of the true nature of reality and move from the darkness into the Light. We are able to fuse our "I" with the "I" of others to create groups. With each unifying effort the whole new body becomes full of Light. We see better and deeper into the nature of Life. Our point of view shifts from the self-conscious, separative view of the isolated "I" to the expanded view of the group and We began to realize what Group Consciousness means.

So, we start by discovering and unifying the three parts of our own self. Then realizing that there is no separate "I" we are able to fuse into groups. Soon we realize that there is no my group and your group but only the One Group, the Ashram.

From here, It is only a brief step to the realization that there is no my ashram and your ashram but only the Hierarchy, only the Christ Who always and only co-exists between the Mother and the Father of the World. And there is, of course, no my Earth and your Jupiter and our Mars, no my planet and your planet but only the, the Father the Child and the Mother Whom we call the Solar System.

We could, if we liked, go on a long way with this synthetic dance, for it is the nature of Life. Although I do not know what a group of Galaxies is called, I am sure there are such gatherings of Great Ones within the "body" of the Cosmic Mother.

However, the simple practical point for here and now is to reveal and emphasize the fact of the One Humanity, and the importance of the one group of group conscious individuals to that unified whole and our role in the Living Plan. In Gemini, which is often called the Christ Moon, our function is to present a single "I" not a uniform but a unified "I" to the Christ so that we can become full of Light, Christ Light, the Light of Love. For it is Love, friends, truly, Love that makes all things possible, even a heaven on Earth.