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Meditation and the Personal Life II
Wheels Within Wheels

By Tom Carney
June 2006

These full moon periods always pull my attention toward the Luminaries. As I have told you on other occasions, one of my favorite things is to stand high on a mountain, usually in the high Sierras, at 1 or 2 in the morning, and to look straight up. Instantly, one is encountered by the presence of countless millions of Luminaries. In this vast panorama, punctuated by the occasional shooting star, a traveling One, we can also imagine the planets, moons, comets and what have you wheeling across the horizon of our sky, and later, if we are so blessed, the horizons of our imaginations.

It takes only an easy movement of the heart to move from this earthbound, fleshy crucible into that immensity and simply be, for a little while, with the Luminaries. Then, being One, there is nothing to realize, nothing to visualize. Infinity means nothing.

Wheels within wheels, a deep concept.

Once blazed, the trail to the Mountain Top and the Luminaries is always open. Only a heartbeat away, it eventually becomes a two way trail. What we learn or realize, once anchored again on the outer or downward side of the trail, is that we can not go into such places without opening the way for that which is there to come out. In essence, we become the trail, the Path, the substance of the Plan.

And so, we turn to Gemini, the third of the Three Linked Festivals. Shifting our point of view a tiny fraction we can think of these ceremonies in terms of energy rather than individual personalities. According to the ancient legends, in Taurus, the Waters of Life, energies of an incredibly potent and abstract level, towards which we-the assembled meditators of the planet, including the entire Spiritual Hierarchy- reached and which we invoked in Aries, were brought to the valley through the agency of the Lord Buddha and his co-workers. At this festival, these extremely potent gift waves played upon or impressed the magnetic aura, the receptive energy field engendered by the assembled meditators and the Hierarchy.

These impressions have since been "moved" into the group chalice, a containment area which is really the energy field or the aura of the Christ. There, they have been held in trust awaiting the window of alignment when they can be safely and most effectively moved through the pillars of Gemini into the energy field we call humanity. For obvious reasons, this window of opportunity is called by us, The Festival of Humanity.

When we see Christ in this light, that is as an energy field in addition to being an Individual Being, we can see that His aura is far greater than is usually considered. Remember that an Ashram is the consciousness of its Master. The Hierarchy is the Ashram or consciousness of the Christ. In this sense, the Hierarchy is the Christ, the Heart Center of the system, and His aura consists of that frequency of Christ Light that abides within each of the Masters, Initiates, Disciples and others who are aligned with Him and His work, including those who came to the valley only in consciousness. This is the Christ in us and the hope of Glory. And this, I take it, is the significance of the "water ceremony" during which the water that was in the great bowl and was transformed by the presence and impression of the Buddha into the living water of the Christ is shared by the assembled participants.

The Life that was brought in by the Buddha is now focused and held within the body of the Christ, His Ashram. We, anyone, in fact, who has even the tiniest point of the Christ Light within his consciousness is a part of that Greater Ashram. And now standing here on the brink of the full moon of Gemini, we are ready to participate in the outpouring of the blessings reached for in Aries and registered in the stillness (dynamic stuff, stillness.) of Taurus.

Let us pause here for a moment and try to realize the significance and importance of this situation. Let us try to understand, after all these years, that we are more, much more than passive receivers of these blessings.

We participated in the reception of these energies. We helped construct and were a part of the magnetic aura upon which the highest impressions brought to us through the efforts of the Buddha and his helpers could play. And just so are we needed to play our part as co-workers, co-creators and collaborators of the Christ in the distribution of these blessings released into the waiting world in that magical moment we call Gemini through the Christ in us, the hope of Glory.

If we do not embody and distribute these energies into the energy field we call Humanity, they will simply not get there. The Hierarchy is externalizing and the Christ is reappearing through Humanity. No doubt they could just pop in if they wanted to. But what on earth would be the point of that?

So, it is up to us to distribute these energies, and how and where will we do that? The answer of course, the only possible answer, is that we will distribute these energies in the lives we daily lead, in the environments within which we live and move and have our being. In a word, we will distribute these energies in the only place we can, each of us in our own personal lives.

Anyway this realization got me thinking about the whole issue. Without boring you with the details of several years of exploration and experimentation, and lots and lots of deep reading and meditation, I will tell you that I decided that this whole notion of the personal life being separate from the so called soul life was a mistake. First of all it contributed enormously to the Great Lie of separation. Next it traded on and empowered the ancient thoughtform that the physical world and all its aspects, including the physical, emotional and actually the lower mental bodies were evil, or at least very bad actors. (It is, by the way, this thoughtform of the lower vehicles being evil that gives rise to such absurd concepts as "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." A conclusion which kind of indicates that God, who is "All Powerful", is all corrupt too.)

Anyway, the very soft conclusion at which I arrived years ago was as follows: In the three worlds of incarnated living, there are not two separate lives, one pure and "Soulful" and the other bad and not soulful. There is only one life, and that is the personal life. As a result of this conclusion, I wrote a little article for Thoughtline called Meditation and the Personal Life. You can read it in lots of places.

The intervening 35 years or so of continued exploration, service, study, meditation and experimentation have only reinforced my sense on this subject. While we, the soul, are incarnated, there is no other life but the one we live day to day. Our personal life is a whole. It contains all of our relationships, actions, thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreads and so forth.

This present life, here now, at the kitchen table, or in a chair in your back yard under a tree, or wherever you are reading this, this is our life. It is our life because we incarnated into it. We incarnated into it because this is how evolution is done on this planet at this time. We are evolving toward the light and doing so according to Divine Law and Order. This is our life because we earned it. It is our karmic path and our dharma.

Recently, the role of the disciple's personal life has again come into the discussion, so I am writing this little essay to help clarify once again, at least from my point of view, what that is all about.

The point of course is consciousness. While the illusion of separation dominates the consciousness of our soul expression-the personality, or the dweller in the equipment, call it what you will-we will exhibit all of the behaviors associated with selfish living.

Contrary to ancient thoughtforms, these well known behaviors are not evil. They are the normal behaviors of a separative, self centered consciousness. As we, the incarnating soul, working patiently, lovingly, indefatigably and gradually, impose a new rhythm and a new kind of awareness, inexorably causing the consciousness to expand or become more and more inclusive, the livingness of our expression, the personality, in the three worlds of our personal lives, the behaviors, the point of view from which he or she acts, shifts.

When as aspirants and young disciples, we are working through a personal life that we have labeled as separate and are therefore actively denying, it becomes very, very difficult, and as we all know painful on all levels, to achieve this kind of shift in point of view, this consciousness expansion or movement. How do we correct errors in the existence of something which we deny? When we deny the fact of a self conscious personal life, or refuse to accept and own the fact of our separative kinds of behaviors, of our self centered living, of our human failings and weaknesses, we are in effect creating a serious split or schism within our own consciousness. We are succumbing to the glamour of shame and the terror of sin. We are creating a separated "personal life" and labeling it as evil.

Actually, over the past couple of thousand years we, as a race, have created just this kind of a schism in our collective consciousnesses. As a result we have conditioned the entire equipment to unconsciously resist and fight against any efforts we try to make to move forward into the light of the group conscious and loving soul. To see our personal lives as bad or evil and some other "soul" life as beautiful and to be longed for is an illusion/glamour of the most insidious kind. It sets up to fail, again and again and again, anyone who gets sucked into it, … as we all only too well know from much bitter experience.

So, to conclude here, what about those dynamic and salvaging energies invoked in Aries, delivered in Taurus, and presently being held in the Chalice we call the Christ? Where, I ask you, where, other than our day to day personal lives, do we distribute these impressions? Remember friends, we are receiving and distributing Principles, Love and Energy Lives of great power. We do not have to be high members, or important personages of great governments or corporations to distribute these principles.

The magic of Love, or of any Principle is that it is applicable everywhere. The Principle of Essential Divinity, for example, makes as much sense and has as much healing power when it is released and realized in the relationships between group brothers, as it would in the relationship of a husband and wife, or a child and a parent, or neighbors, or even between one's garden and one's dinner table or as it would if it were realized in the Halls of the U.S. Congress or the United Nations.

The same can be said, I might point out for the Principles of Unanimity and Goodwill as well as the Laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavor and Spiritual Approach. These Principles and Laws you will probably recognize as those upon which D.K. urged all disciples everywhere to meditate in order to prepare the world for the new order and the jurisdiction of the Christ.

Actually, I would not be surprised if the gifts from on high, which we are about to help release, concerned in a very exciting and new way these three Principles and these three Laws, something that would help us see them from some fresh and previously unconsidered point of view…. We just know with all of our being that there is something pending out there, something very, very bright that will put new light on Humanity's path, give us a direction home, and something that we will really, really want to share.

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