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Reminiscence: The Evolution Thing

By Tom Carney
March 2006

Reminiscence: The apprehension of a Platonic idea as if it had been known in a previous existence.

There has been a lot of talk lately about evolution, about this thing called Intelligent Design, and Darwinian Naturalism and so on. Well, I've been following the discussion in the media, and I've been thinking a lot about evolution, too. I should say, I've been thinking about what evolution actually is. I've been thinking about the unfolding Plan and the latest impulse driving that Plan into manifestation. So, Aries, as we know, being all about initiation or impulse or that without which there would be no evolution, I thought I would share some of that thinking with you this evening.

Aries is the initiator on the Path of Light which moves from Aries to Pisces via Taurus. This is the Path of Discipleship, and this is the Path upon which we the disciple Humanity presently find ourselves. It should be no surprise then that Humanity is being subjected to new and unprecedented releases of impulsive energy. The energy that flows into our system through Aries is Purpose-driven Principle. We register Purpose, the pure impulsive, often overwhelming intent, of Aries long before we register the new very subtle wave of Purpose which it carries.

It is not that easy to put a start date on these major new impulses-which, essentially, is what the Aquarian Age is- but, certainly the three releases of the impulsive Shamballa energy in the past 65 years or so has something to do with that huge aspect of the Great Unfolding. Some of us have been calling the collective concept of which these impulsive energy releases are a part, the New Evolution Impulse. To understand the New Evolution Impulse, it would be good to have an idea about what constitutes an impulse and the relation between the impulse and evolution.

Having traveled around the planet a bit, I have first hand experience that our globe is full of mountains, some higher than 5 miles, and canyons some as deep as 7 miles. However, if one were high enough above, or far enough away, the planet would appear as a perfectly smooth sphere or ball floating in space. I first heard this analogy from Buckminster Fuller. He used a steel ball bearing to make his point. The ball bearing looked perfectly smooth as he held it between his thumb and finger. This was like Earth seen from space. However, when he put the ball bearing under a microscope, it was full of canyons and mountains which were relatively as deep and high as the earth's mountains and canyons. The point being, I guess, is that what one sees depends on one's point of view.

This analogy also works in terms of time. Because humans are not very long sighted, we think of things happening in extremely brief time frames. For example, we think of an explosion as something that occurs in mille-seconds. This is true if one is focused on a small enough piece of what is in reality constantly occurring all around, and even within us. However, if we back off or expand our vision to include a greater span of time, say a 6 month period, we might see that the blooming of a Jacaranda tree is an explosion, too. What we call an explosion is simply what appears to us as a very rapid unfolding of events, an extremely rapid change or transformation of some thing from one state into another. You could say that, depending on your point of view, the physical plane of the planet is in a constant state of cyclically occurring explosions.

For example, one such explosion which is presently occurring and which we are just now seeing is called global warming. It took a long time to see this explosion because it is so big and is happening, from our relatively time-myopic point of view, very slowly. The results, however, are promising to become overwhelmingly obvious, even to the extremely shortsighted Bush Administration.

If we back off even further, or expand, you might say, our consciousness, we will be able to recognize explosions that are occurring between the dense physical plane and the formless planes of abstract life we call Ideas. For example, if we expand our view just a couple of thousand years, we would be able to see the development of governments, educational systems, medicine, economic systems and so forth as explosions too.

In these cases, we have the movement of Ideas from their relatively pure state as formless energy configurations moving into a field of matter. This matter will eventually coalesce around the energy configuration and give it a dense physical appearance. As humans evolve the ability to become receptive to or to register or become impressed by the pure energy states we call ideas, we are able to bring them into our mental equipment where they are nurtured much like a zygote and eventually develop into a kind of form we call thoughtforms.

These thoughtforms are the individual's best effort to reproduce the essence of the idea by which he or she was impressed. These thoughtforms are like blueprints. They provide the plans from which we fashion the superstructures, the systems like government, of our civilizations and cultures.

Some people have a several thousand year view of the explosion or evolution of this living idea we call government. However, considering the extremely limited point of view of the average person's time frame, it is hard for us to see these movements of Idea into ever evolving forms as explosions, so we say they are evolving, or as I think of it, we say they are unfolding.

Let us, if we can, take just one more step back, or probably I should say in. This step is not a step in space or time, or even in consciousness. Although this is probably not going to make any intellectual sense to anyone, this is a step into Principle and Purpose, or Will and Intent. This, as a step into the Way It Is, into the Eternal Now, is a step into the place from which Ideas come. If Ideas are living energy configurations then this place is the sea of Life.

And so, we arrive at the event in time and space we call the Aquarian Age. This Event is a Life, a Principle-driven Purpose which is going to take us about 2500 years to completely unfold. The three releases of the Shamballa energy over the last 65 years or so could be like the Overture to the Aquarian Symphony.

Actually, we are talking about evolution here, about the unfolding in time and space of a Life. If we look at the last Great Unfolding, what we call the Piscean Age, we can see that the initiation of that Life release was probably around 400 BC with the appearance of the Buddha, and the Golden Age of Greece with Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato. It took the next 400 years for the great Avatar Christ to bring in and anchor Love on the planet. The interesting thing to note here is that here we are 2000 years later and Love is just beginning to be understood and implemented for what it is. These are Principles we are talking about. They are Lives. They take time for humans to understand. That whole story, however, will have to wait for another evening.

Going back to the Aries role in this eons long, chain reaction explosion, it seems that each Aries acts like a booster or capacitor to these major releases. Each Aries cycle reinitiates the initial impulse and brings a slightly new and slightly higher level frequency into the range of the disciple Humanity. All we have to do is reach for it.

To actually touch these Lives, of course, takes a group mind. Individual human units are not able to touch these Lives. If they could, they would not be able to withstand the contacted energy potential. It tends to make them really goofy.

Incidentally, the lack of human groups has been one of the major blockages to the evolution or unfolding into human living of the Life we call Love. The present advances the disciple Humanity is making in the understanding and implementation of Love are being brought about by the development of humans who are able to work in true groups. This is evolution.

The evidence that Humanity is actually beginning to understand and implement the Life we call Love is the onset of the Aquarian Age. In Discipleship In The New Age II, D.K. talks about meditating, "…to establish the knowledge of and the functioning of those laws and principles which will control the coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture." I think that it is precisely these Laws and Principles that the recent releases of the Shamballa Life into our systems, what some of us are calling the New Evolution Impulse, is carrying. As I said, these laws and principles are probably the Overture to the Aquarian Age, and I doubt that they could be approached or even faintly understood if the Life we call Love were not well planted in the human psyche.

So, to try to tie all this together, let me say that evolution is what happens when God breathes. I know that that comment is not going to satisfy either the Darwinians or the Intelligent Designers. However, with all due respect and humility, it seems clear that at this point in time, these folks are really not thinkers. They are not pursuing Truth. They have become politicians or soldiers protecting an idol.

This kind of devolutionary phenomena is one of the interesting things that happens to ideas as, over time, they move down into form and approach crystallization. Gradually, it seems, the spark of truth, the jewel of divinity which originally animates the forms, is forgotten. The forms move from being embodied ideas to ideals, and eventually they become idolized. They are made into some sort of statue, and then they develop around themselves a whole system designed to protect themselves from ever changing. They become anti-evolutionary forces of Retrogression.

The system will be an army, a priesthood, a dogma that will be used to maintain the personal power of an exclusive group at the expense of unfolding the inner jewel in the form. Such was the group of "scientists" that were marshaled to prove that smoking was not a health hazard, and such is the group of "Spin Doctors", scientists and politicians that has been marshaled by the forces of greed to deny that global warming is a direct result of human environmental mismanagement and its resulting pollution of the atmosphere.

You know the story. It is just one of many.

This progress of an idea, a spark of Divinity into an idol is really weird, but it seems to happen to just about every idea that has ever been brought into the range of human intellect. I have come to suspect that this movement is simply a natural line of development for intellect. If intellect is allowed to be the supreme aspect of the system, its end will be in stone. It is very clear, certainly, that these ideas cannot initially be touched by intellect. Approaching them, as we have come to realize, requires something more than intellect, and it does appear that we must continually return to the source, continually bring in the next breath. I really think that this drive, this inner urge to constantly return to the Well is the engine of evolution. I mean how long can we be expected to hold our breath?

Perhaps as the Planet is carried ever more deeply by the Great Unfolding into the arms of the 7th Ray Lord, Humanity will be willing to let intellect go, and depend more on that other something, on the Well Dippers, on Identification, on Being or something like what Plato and the Buddha talked about a few thousands of years ago.

In the meantime I can think of no better way for us, for those who can meditate, to help evolution or the Great Unfolding to unfold than to follow the suggestion that D.K. makes. "…[T]here must be organized…a group of men and women in every country who, under due and proper organization, will 'simultaneously and unanimously' meditate upon those juridical measures [The Principles of Essential Divinity, Unanimity, and Goodwill] and those basic laws [the laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavor and Spiritual Approach] upon which the rule of Christ will be founded and which are essentially the laws of the Kingdom of God, the fifth kingdom in the evolutionary and natural processes of planetary unfoldment.

And let us remember, friends, that we are talking about Lives here. It is going to take some time for us, for humanity, to really get a handle on what these New Kids on the block, these Cosmic Beings are, actually.

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