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From 9:11 to Peace Day and the Mystery of a Hidden Light

Steve Nation
September 2011

While preparing for this Virgo full moon three themes have been presenting themselves strongly. Living in the US means that one cannot help but be struck by the fact that the tenth anniversary 9:11 National Day of Service and Remembrance takes place on the eve of the full moon. On Sunday the nation will be absorbed in dialogue, remembrance, and a focus on service. So what does it mean to look at this event through the light of Virgo?

The second theme has more of a global significance. The Virgo energy of the Mother nurtures the Christ child through the darkness of time and space. It purposefully shields, hides, protects, nourishes the relationship between soul and personality. This brings to mind the keynote of the Darjeeling planetary centre: I hide the Light. So I want to reflect a little on this with the thought that perhaps the London — Darjeeling — New York triangle is of special significance during this time.

And finally I am always struck by the fact that the United Nations International Day of Peace on the equinox, September 21st, takes place in the sign of Virgo. It is as if the group tension of our meditation work for world service needs to be held from this full moon through to the meditative focus so many human beings around the planet will be engaged with on September 21st.

One of the core rituals that is promoted by the United Nations on Peace Day is the call for people of goodwill around the world to observe a minute of silence at 12 noon on the 21st. So honoring this highly significant symbol of a mass relationship between the Soul (the Christ child) hidden within every human being on the planet and the personality, living in the worlds of time and space — let us now, together, share in a moment of complete silence as we turn our attention to the living reality of the Christ within — the spark of divinity or Buddha nature that is to be found in the higher reaches of mind and heart.

In the centre of all love I stand From that centre I the soul will outward move From that centre I the one who serves will work May the love of the Divine Self be shed abroad in my heart, through my group and throughout the world.

When a national centre, in this case New York, undergoes a trauma like the 9:11 attacks, with the shock and the earthquake of emotions that arise from such an event we know that something of huge significance has occurred in the life of the nation. It provokes a crisis — a crisis of consciousness and a crisis of conscience and, not surprisingly, leads to responses reflecting the full gamut of emotions. When the centre involved is also a planetary centre, there is an added significance. During the Second World War, London went through the trauma of the Blitz. Now, over 60 years later, as a new millennium was beginning, New Yorkers went through their experiences of death, fear, trauma, grief, vulnerability — alongside positive experiences of exceptional sacrifice, service, courage, inspiration and cooperation.

This year, 2011, marking the tenth anniversary of the event is being observed with a vast range of ceremonies, religious and spiritual services, concerts, broadcasts and, of greatest significance, a government sponsored National Day of Remembrance and Service when individuals are encouraged to commit themselves to acts of voluntary service. Listening to Public Radio this week it was heartening to hear the focus on inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue and understanding, and to notice the enormous boost to interfaith work provided by the traumatic events of 2001. It is as if, in spite of inevitable base-level expressions of separation and scapegoating, the Aquarian spirit of oneness is shining through the national conversation. And the conversation itself is reflecting a conversation between soul and personality — the two aspects in relationship. Sometimes this conversation can be raw and upsetting — yet what is important is that it is real, reflecting a real tension between spirit and matter, a conscious relationship.

The fact that this anniversary happens in the build-up to the actual time of the Virgo full moon needs to be noticed. Through countless events across the nation, and around the world, but most especially within the national life of the United States, it is as if a collective ritual is being enacted. And it is a ritual over-lighted by Virgo. So we can imagine that in the group silences, in the moments when assemblies of people are most deeply moved by a coherence between: their memories of the human experience of 9:11 with its heights and depths; and, for example, a moment of pure beauty in a musical performance during an anniversary event, or by an uplifting story of one person's experience — collectively soul and personality are, for a moment, serving each other. And so we can see this 9:11 anniversary as a psychodrama in which there is a moment of quickening when the soul in the womb of time and space of the national life moves in a new and palpable way. We can imagine a moment in time when the new nation yet to be born, the United States as disciple, begins to flex its muscles within the womb of the mother.

The keynote of Virgo for the disciple is I am the Mother and the Child, I God, I matter am — the Mother, the personality, with the fetus of the Christ child gradually developing within. So we think of ourselves, of our personal selves as a womb nurturing, protecting and providing an environment within which the soul can establish itself, find itself within the domain of time and space.

We read in Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology: Virgo symbolises depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventually "brought to light"; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crises and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light. It is the "blinded stage" which is found in Masonic rituals and which ever precedes the gift of light. Virgo stands for the "womb of time" wherein God's plan (the mystery and the secret of the ages) is slowly matured and-with pain and discomfort and through struggle and conflict-brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time. [p. 260]

Reading this again, for the umpteenth time over many years of preparing for the full moon I was reminded of another region of the planet and another of the five planetary centres: Darjeeling that Indian Hill Station in the foothills of the Himalayas, famous for its tea and for its views of Mount Kanchenjunga. In the Bailey teachings there are said to be five major inlets for spiritual force driving the evolutionary process in humanity and each of these five inlets is associated with a city of spiritual importance in the same location. [Destiny of the Nations, p. 92] . Darjeeling is a slightly curious oddity in the five centres. For one thing it is not a major city of global significance like the other four centres (London, New York, Geneva, Tokyo). On the basis of these other four centres one would expect that Delhi Mumbai or even Calcutta would be the centre in India. Darjeeling had a population in 2001 of 109,000 — not a large city by any means. It is even more startling to recall that at the time DK was communicating with Alice, Darjeeling was a British Hill Station with a planned population of only 10,000! The other unusual aspect to the Darjeeling centre is its keynote — the phrase used by DK to symbolize the nature of the spiritual energies flowing through the centre and into the consciousness of humanity. The keynote for Tokyo is not given — but the other three centres all have very understandable and clear keynotes — suggesting discipleship qualities: I serve the whole — London; I Light the way — New York; I seek to fuse and blend and serve — Geneva. These are positive qualities that one can meditate on as qualities to be developed over time by the nations influenced by the aura of each of the five centres. Darjeeling keynote is other-worldly: I hide the light. It is hardly a quality that the peoples of India and Central Asia might seek to emulate. In fact it is hardly human — why would a culture or a nation seek to hide the light. If anything India and the East in general has traditionally been seen as the source of Light. So while it would be logical to think of Darjeeling in terms of revealing the light, it is not so easy to understand the centre as hiding the light.

I am only touching on this dilemma here, but I bring it up because it seems to me that the Virgo focus on depth, darkness, quietness and warmth gives us a way to approach the mystery of the Darjeeling inlet. The fact that Darjeeling is not a city of worldly significance tells us that it is to be approached differently from the other planetary centres. Geneva and Darjeeling are both close to major mountains and DK comments that pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility through these two centres than the other three, and their influence is more subjective. Darjeeling is a first ray centre, the energy flowing through the centre has not yet reached its full strength.

In contemplating the act of hiding the light we need to think from the perspective of the Great Ashram and of Shamballa — hiding the light of life itself so that through the darkness and warmth of time and space humanity will discover the hidden wisdom of the soul — and then with all of the refinements of wisdom shaping human expression the deeply hidden Light of Life itself, the Initiatory Light, can safely be revealed. Darjeeling suggests therefore a Greater Shamballic Presence that protects, hides and only allows to be revealed when the time is right an Awesome Light of the Future. In the meantime there is a subtle sense of that which is hidden — a palpable sense of Presence. And this Power, hidden from human eyes and from the intellect can be used by the Ashram for carefully releasing Shamballa Forces at times of special urgency. DK makes the comment, in relation to the World War: The effect of the force flowing through the Darjeeling centre is not so immediately apparent but it is of major importance as a distributing agency for the Hierarchy and particularly for those Members of the Hierarchy who are dealing with and influencing current human affairs in this time of momentous crisis. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 457].

The International Day of Peace observations on September 21st have now become a major part of the human response to the Virgo energy. In fact this year there is a very direct link with the full moon because many activities are being organised around the world for the period spanning September 11 and September 21. The web site,, for example, is supported by over 90 organizations, listing events from around the world for the campaign 11 Days of Global Unity, 11 Ways to Change the World. Every day in the period September 11 to 21 has a theme: Interdependence, Human Rights, Economic Justice and so on. lists a vast array of activities to observe UN Peace Day. And this year again Intuition in Service will coordinate an Invocation Vigil encouraging widespread use of the Great Invocation and other invocations for peace and unity every 15 minutes for the 24 hours of September 21st. I encourage you all to register for this Vigil and use the Invocation as many times as you possibly can on this important Day.

We can imagine the invocative potencies of millions of people around the world actively thinking about peace, the causes of peace and pathways to peace, visualizing peace and consciously acting in a peaceful manner. Remember — this is a new phenomenon in human history. Never before have there been these global, organised movements of focused meditation and outer action for Unity, Justice and Peace. Think about the invocative potency of such days and events — imagine how esotericists of all faiths and spiritualities can focus the prayers of millions into a cry for the Return of the One of Many Names — the Christ, the Maitreya, the Mahdi, the Lord Krishna. May we do our part?