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Light in a Multi Dimensional World

Steve Nation
May 2011

We are multi-dimensional beings, living within a multi-dimensional universe. In such a universe it is possible to conceive of The Great Ones honored and acknowledged in all the world's religious and spiritual traditions as Real Living Presences - a part of the multi-dimensional fabric of Life.

So often we think of Great Ones such as the Buddha and the Christ as historical figures. We share stories that have been told down the ages about their experiences in the world of time and space. And we think of them now in a three dimensional sense, imagining them as incarnated human beings. It is a very different thing to approach the Buddha and the Christ as if they are a Real Living Presence - Points of Radiation within us and within the world of mind and heart.

Every year during the full moon when the sun is in the sign of Taurus, it is said that these two Great Living Beings, the Christ, the Prince of Peace, and the Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One, meet in a hidden valley in the Himalayas: eye to eye, heart to heart. At the exact hour of the full moon, legend has it that the Buddha enters the physical world of this remote valley from the sacred realm of Shamballa, bringing with him a blessing of Light.

In the valley we are told that the Christ stands, together with other Great Ones and with a group of human beings, some present in their dream life and some who have traveled from throughout Tibet and further afield to witness and be part of the event.

We are told that there is an atmosphere of intense expectancy in the valley, as if the world's aspiration is focused, concentrated and raised up into this annual ritual. Three words 'demand, readiness and expectancy' best describe the atmosphere in the valley. Just a few minutes before the time of the full moon, legend has it, that the Buddha can be seen to descend in the sky until, bathed in light and colour, with His hand extended in blessing He hovers over the heads of the Christ and the two great Lords accompanying Him. An invocation is intoned by the Christ: "It marks", Alice Bailey writes, " the supreme moment of intensive spiritual effort throughout the entire year, and the spiritual vitalisation of humanity and the spiritual effects last throughout the succeeding months". The blessing is poured forth, received in trust, for distribution by the Christ as representative of humanity.

So today, as we prepare ourselves for the Taurus full moon, let us remember how very special an event this is in the inner planes. Imagine what it might mean, in a multi-dimensional sense, for the Guides and Guardians of humanity to be absorbed in a peak of spiritual effort. In the realms of Soul, and of the dimensions beyond or within soul, there is a heightened focus and attention and a flood of light. Imagine, worlds within worlds flooded with light. And imagine this light being directed into the field of human thinking and seeing and being. Imagine how this impacts response to the big global issues like Sustainable Energy for All; the Right to Protect peoples being persecuted by their government; momentum to achieve the Millennium Development Goals; questions of health and healing, food and the environment. A stream of light supernal pours in, shining through the collective mind for the next twelve months. Every year we can imagine a Grand Enlightenment taking place at Wesak: human affairs, human relationships, human thinking and the evolution of a more compassionate world is at this time, supremely, held in the Light of a Greater Wisdom and a Greater Presence.

The Taurus keynote for meditation is: I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light. Each one of us will have had the experience of the light that lies within us - a light within the mind and a light within the heart. We find this in meditation - and the light shines for us during moments of significant realization. Revelation comes when the light within opens a doorway into a higher light - a doorway into a Living Radiance that is immediately known to be of another dimension.

Alice Bailey and the Tibetan write: The whole theme of revelation is the revelation of light, and that implies many different interpretations of the word 'light'; it concerns the lighted areas of being which otherwise remain unknown, and therefore hidden. We create light; we employ light; we discover greater lights which serve to reveal to us the Unknown God. It is the guiding light within us which eventually reveals those brighter lights which usher in the process of revelation.Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II, p. 436

Elsewhere it is written that LIGHT and the full expression of perfect LIGHT, is the engrossing life-purpose of our planetary Logos. We human beings know this as we walk upon the path towards the Light of Knowledge, the Light of Wisdom and, ultimately, the Light that is revealed through direct apprehension of Truth. The Soul is a body of Light, and when we experience a physical Light within the head, something that is experienced by many seekers and students of spirituality, DK tells us that this is brought about by the junction or fusion of the light inherent in substance itself and the light of the soul.

From the very centre of Life on Earth, presided over by the great mythical figures of The Eternal Youth and the Lord of the World, we are told that the Light of Life, the Light Supernal streams forth. For light is a symptom and an expression of Life, and … essentially, occultly and in a most mysterious way the terms, Light and Life, are interchangeable ….

…only when the will of the personality and the will of the soul come together-evoked by love-does the light of the soul dominate the material light of the personality. This is a statement of importance. Only when the will of the Monad and the will of the Hierarchy of souls meet and blend in the "upper brackets" (if I may use such a modern business phrase) can the radiant light of Life dominate the blended lights of Humanity and of the Hierarchy. Faintly this group fusion and junction can be seen to be taking place. The Rays & The Initiations, pp. 142 - 4