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Calling for the Light

Steve Nation
May 2007

In the monthly rhythm of full moon festivals Wesak is a time of particular focus and opportunity. As the second of the three major festivals marking the beginning of the spiritual year, it represents something of a pause or an interlude between Aries and Gemini — a time of deep inner focus, of contemplation. The mental atmosphere is conditioned by Light and by the radiations of the Buddha. Can we for a moment just imagine the Buddha bathing the field of human consciousness in a flow of right understanding and of loving kindness. And can we expand this image to think of the Christ and the Buddha standing together, looking out upon the vast ocean formed by the mind and heart of incarnated human beings.

In response to the Wesak gaze of the Buddha and the Christ the mind and heart of humanity is undergoing an extraordinary change. Fresh understandings and insights on wholeness, synthesis, universality and the nature of Self are seeping into the way we think and act — as individuals, groups, nations - and as a species. This synthesis thought-form confronts us with challenges that have never been faced before in the history of the planet. These challenges bring with them stresses, trauma, unsettling crises and a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability.

Esotericists are trained to look at the processes of history from inside out, putting the emphasis on consciousness (light and shadow); thinking in mythical, intuitive ways; allowing for the possibility that great Forces of Light, divine Avatars, Arhats and Lords of Compassion are dynamic factors and co-creative agents in evolution.

From this perspective we begin to see that what Alice Bailey has called a great and vital thoughtform is in process of construction upon our planet and within our planetary aura. This is a thoughtform of wholeness and synthesis and it is being built by the magnetic pull of invocation and by the force of desire-substance, animated by the power of thought (Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 223).

Think for a moment about the invocative process taking place in the mind and heart of humanity. There is the secret, unspoken, often repressed, longing that all people have to love and be loved and to live a happier and more meaningful life. This is the un-intelligent dream: if only we could all get on together; if only we could solve our problems; if only some divine being could come and lead us to the promised land. It is the great base of the invocative spirit, and we should never forget how essential this ground-swell of invocation is in the transformation process. Then there are the different levels of refinement of this wish for a better world. In every community there are people of goodwill, people whose basic goodness is recognised by their friends - people whose wish for a better world is empowered by their actions - taking part in community activities for a better environment, donating money to charities working for a better world... The invocation of the people of goodwill has some elementary understanding of the issues and is infused with a basic quality of will. People of goodwill want to do something. It lifts the note of the invocative spirit — increases its potency. At a more concentrated, refined level there is the invocation of the New Group of World Servers, the millions of people who find a substantial measure of their life's meaning and purpose in their active participation in initiatives to give expression to the wholeness principle. Think of the intelligence and heart-felt depth of the invocation that comes from the New Group of World Servers. And then, at the heart of this Service Network, the World Esoteric Group - those who, in addition to their involvement in outer service projects, use spiritual practices to serve with selflessness; and who go out of their way to develop skills of mind and heart so that their mind may be an instrument for the radiation of energies of love and of the will to good. The esoteric group has an understanding of the illusions and glamours which colour the incarnated perception so they are not nave in their redemptive work . There is an ability to think with the loving mind in the light of the soul. This means that the invocative spirit can be focused with vitality and power on the mental plane.

We need to see this invocative spirit as a whole — the groundswell of desire for a better world; the more focussed desire for goodness that comes from the goodwill networks; the deeply felt cry for people to act with responsibility and spirit that comes from the New Group; and the call to Great Ones on the inner side that comes from the Esoteric Group. And then we need to see clearly the great army of Inner Workers with the Christ at the centre and with the Buddha bringing the energies of the Father's House — the centre of Spirit and of Will. We need to see this assembly of Great Ones responding, empowering the soul of human beings and enabling them to carry forward the creative work of building cultures of wholeness, co-operation and peace.

Can we now pause as we align ourselves to this Wesak full moon festival - and together use the invocative call of the Noontime Recollection:

We know, O Lord of Life and Love about the need;
Touch our hearts anew with love,
That we too may love and give.
[Externalisation of the Hierarchy, p. 154]

The Wesak Festival is, above all, an opportunity to appeal directly to those Great Brothers, the Buddha and the Christ, for Light — forces of light and enlightenment are said to be especially available at this time. The Buddha, through his piercing of the veils of illusion, brought light into the material substance of consciousness and demonstrated this in the simplicity of his teachings on the Noble Eightfold Path. He continues to throw the light of wisdom, experience and understanding into the human mind.

For each of us as individuals, the soul, the Self, is the source of Light. As it shines into the lower levels of mind it dispels darkness and ignorance so that what we see with the mind's eye changes. Spiritual light helps us to see the wider picture — it helps us to see issues free of ego so that we are not seeing through the lens of our own agenda but are rather seeing things as they are. As light filters into mind it reveals the dark spaces — in a way that makes liberation from these unredeemed spaces possible. This can happen because light reveals not only the shadow, but it reveals the shadow in its relation to light, and this enables us to work with shadow. In other words soul light allows us to see future possibilities — it exposes us to the Plan as it exists in the Mind of God.

There is another thing about light — it enables us to see goodness, beauty and truth. Without soul light we don't see these elements of life — we simply don't notice them — they are in the shadows of our mind and it is as if they are not there. This completely transform the way we experience the world. For as we see the good, the beautiful and the true in ourselves and all around us life becomes immensely rich.

In conclusion, let us attend to the Buddha and the Christ. Consider the two standing together and looking out on the field of mind. The radiation of light and the radiation of Love pour through these great Beings. Imagine the gifts they bring. Imagine what a transforming affect the Light and the Love have on the minds of the New Group of World Servers; on the minds of the lovers of humanity; of the artists, the writers, the thinkers

Our invocation this Wesak Festival is a call for such an inflow of Light and Love so that it might 'bring to light' the presence of the Good, the Beautiful and the True and so that it might stimulate the will of human beings to participate in the creation of cultures of co-operation, compassion and peace. It is this inflow of Light which is needed now if we are to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

As we hold in mind the image of the radiation flowing from two Elder Brothers, the Buddha and the Christ, let us reflect on these words of the Buddha:

However men may speak concerning you, whether appropriately or inappropriately, whether courteously or rudely, whether wisely or foolishly, whether kindly or maliciously, thus my disciples must you train yourselves.

Our minds should remain unsullied. Neither should evil words escape our lips. Kind and compassionate will we ever remain, loving of heart, not harbouring secret hate. And we will bathe them with the unfailing stream of loving thought. And proceeding further we will embrace and flood the whole wide world with constant thoughts of loving kindness, wide, ample, expanding, immeasurable as the world, free from enmity, free from ill-will. Thus my disciples must you train yourselves.