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The Arrow that Returns.

Steve Nation
December 2010

It is quite a time to be figuratively sitting together as a world group ready to be of service to human and world need. The five-day period of this Sagittarius full moon includes the Solstice — silent, deep darkness in the North; expansive, open lighted sunshine in the South. The full moon period itself sees a total lunar eclipse. The moon will be blacked out, hidden to human vision in certain parts of the world. And all of this is happening in Sagittarius when the Deities that are embodied in constellations and planets bring special gifts to humanity. We can sense these gifts as opportunities to refine and define the purpose and direction of our lives, individually and collectively.

Such times are ripe for inner work. The symbology of light, of dark, and of fire (Sagittarius is a fire sign) can be meaningful if we intuitively ponder their significance. The very act of pondering is invocative. The struggle to reach understandings sensed just beyond the horizons of awareness generates energy, fire; and this energy invokes a response from the higher understanding. If DK is to be taken seriously, it is the art of invocation that we need to develop, perhaps more than any other mind/heart dynamic during this period in the history of the human race. Invocation from the human to the super human, from the personality to the soul, builds the tension needed to release Gifts from the Realm of Light. It is these Gifts of understanding and of purpose that are enabling us to move forward into the new era of interdependent harmony.

When we meditate throughout the five days of the full moon period it will be helpful to work with DK's teaching on the particularly Sagittarian quality of light. Our mind can be thought of as our light body — that aspect of ourselves that we can train to work in and with light. In Sagittarius the natural or organic way of developing this light body is to work with the quality of a beam of directed, focused light — a beam of directed, focused light. Think about the mind in terms of light, and how a point of light, concentrated, protected, poised, balanced can become a beam shining into the darkness of an unknown future, revealing a greater light ahead … illuminating the way to the centre of light. A point of poised stillness becomes a beam of purposeful directed light.

Remember mind is so much more than intellect, rationality. It includes these but also penetrates into the essence, the being ness, of understandings, ideas, and principles. Through the intuitive mind, what has been called the heart in the head, we know from inside out. Straight knowledge sees the multiple dimensions of Spirit, soul and body in relationship, in movement, in dynamic tensions. It is the relationship that is alive and active. This is in contrast to the experience of a broken relationship between Spirit, soul and body where each dimension is seen as somehow separate, apart and other.

So - let us ponder for a moment: the mind as a beam of directed, focused light. …

The keynote for meditation in Sagittarius is I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another. For the individual treading the path of discipleship, and today that refers to a significant number of people in all cultures, the Sagittarian impulse is all about vision. What are the principles and goals that I am consciously in process of realizing and becoming in my life? Imagine someone who sees themselves in terms of inner achievable goals — someone who has a sense, for example, that I know that I have the potential in this life to be guided more directly by the Soul — I know that this means I will be more open to opportunities to serve and that I will see the world of time and space from a more detached and purposeful perspective. In Sagittarius these goals are experienced in terms of definite qualities sensed as being just over the horizon. So the goal is seen and there is a conscious focus on refining, defining and clarifying that goal. As that goal is achieved a new one appears.

Sagittarius has much to teach us about the intuition. There is an image of the mind as a taut bow, releasing arrows of directed purposeful thought towards that which is unknown. But this is only the first part of the story. The key insight is that the arrow returns as intuitive insight and fresh understandings. In other words the mind is focused in its effort to penetrate into a higher understanding of a particular problem or issue. Fire is applied — we do some serious mental work. Then we wait until the answer comes in terms of a fresh perspective — we see the issue in a completely different light.

How do we know if the insight is from the intuition — therefore right and true? We know because it has livingness, it has different shades of subtlety. Listen to this piece by Peter Kingsley from his book, Reality (p. 59):

Most of us think the greatest possible achievement is to come up with everything ourselves, to invent and be creative, put our stamp on the world. But there are those who consider that the greatest achievement is to listen, to change this world by bringing into it what no one else is able to hear. Into the humdrum and ordinary they bring something extraordinary, a magic: not the fabricated type of magic that we invent to try and escape from the tedium of existence but a totally different kind, far more mysterious and infinitely more real.
And this magic always has a sign it can be recognized by — in the same kind of way that an orange with its stalk and leaves still attached can be a gentle reminder of how it has been brought to us from somewhere else.
That sign is its freshness: a strange sense of wholeness so alarming and out of place in this fragmented, upside-down world of ours that we feel a desperate need to complete it. But however hard we try to change it, interpret it, force it to make sense, we can never persuade it to fit in.
This is because we are what needs completing — not it. And the only way we can understand it is when we learn to judge and assess ourselves in its light; not it in the imagined light of ourselves.

We can think about our time in history through this lens. The mind itself, the human mind, is in the midst of transition. The habits of our identity as individuals and communities and nations — all the inherited habits of institutional thinking, of science, politics, and religion are being challenged by the insight, the revelation, of wholeness and interdependence. In general terms the challenge is experienced in a linear way. We need to become more multi-cultural; we need to be more sensitive to the disempowered; we need to act to resolve the climate crisis. Of course all this is true. But in order for us to choose to do these things — really choose to organize and prioritize our lives differently — we first must free ourselves from inherited illusions and desires that have accumulated through the ages. We need to become something more whole, more open to soul and spirit than we currently are. Or rather we are, it seems to me, in process of becoming more whole and our thinking is changing in response to the soul's vision of wholeness, relationship and interdependence. When see that this is happening in ourselves, in the individuals we know, in our communities and in the world then the way we think about this time in history changes dramatically. We listen and we notice adaptation to wholeness — adaptation with integrity. We notice the breaking down of old thoughtforms as something wholesome and useful.

This way of thinking and seeing is fundamentally invocative — it calls forth the returning arrow of intuition. And so the magical energies captured in The Great Invocation are especially meaningful for our time and our approach to these early decades of the twenty-first century. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth. Light, Love, Power — these are the resources that wholeness brings. They are truly mythological, truly resources of the imagination. But at the same time Light and Love and Power are, in a very modern sense, energies of empowerment, of creativity and freedom. There is a physics of breaking down old inherited identities and sensitivities and bringing to life new identities and envisioned possibilities. Let us use the energies of mind to see the new that is emerging and to see it flooded with Light and Love and Power.