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Purpose, Intuition and Copenhagen

Steve Nation
December 2009

Science represents one way of knowing – it is an approach to truth through deductive analysis, experimentation and reasoning. Astrology represents a different way of approaching truth, using the language of analogy and symbol, myth and metaphor. Science is not a better way of seeing things as they are – it is simply a different way.

One thing we do know from science is that the attitude of the observer changes what is observed. It changes substance at a quantum level. The way we look – what it is that we are looking for – changes the thing we are looking at. Group meditation leads us to see the world in a fresh way. What we see has a subtle effect on humanity and the world – it energizes possibilities and potentials in small yet significant ways. The challenge is to see humanity (see where we are now) in relation to the Plan – in other words in relation to the future and to where we are heading.

During these meditation meetings we look at what is happening to humanity and the world through the lens of astrology. Through analogy, symbol, myth and metaphor we strive to see the world from inside out – strive to enter into the meaning of our time. When we do this with authenticity, when it is real for us, we find that the meaning enters into our heart – an image or an understanding takes root in the heart, becomes a part of who we are – and so we ourselves are changed. We always need to remember that ‘heart’ embraces much more than what we superficially think of as the place of emotional knowledge – it includes the heart in the head – that place of knowing where we enter into the essence, the core, the life of an idea or insight. We see the idea stripped down to its naked essence – see it is as living fire.

One of the primary understandings of the full moon work – an understanding that changes us profoundly when we allow it to find a home in our heart – is the idea of group fields of consciousness. When we sit for meditation during the full moon period our first and primary task is to enter into a group field of mind and heart. If we are open to it, this group field will become as real to us as our own breath, and we will be able to identify with it, sensing the group mind.

We may come to the meditation room with a focus on the dramas of our own life, yet when we enter into the field of the group mind these dramas quietly receded as we begin to see through the eyes of the group.

The group field of mind and heart is a continuum. It reaches upwards into the mind and heart of the ashram, and downwards through the mind and heart of all the people of goodwill. It is so important to effective use of the meditation formulas given to us by DK that we give attention to our experience of the layers of the group field – the discipleship group, the new group of world servers, the people of goodwill. These are fields of dynamic energy in humanity that we need to train ourselves to recognize.

One way to do this is to work through the years pondering the keynote for each astrological sign in relation to these different fields of incarnated consciousness – discipleship group, new group of world servers and people of goodwill. We should expect to be clear about the mental feel of each sphere of the group – and about the role that each sphere is playing in the great evolutionary drama of our time.

So friends – to work! We meet with the sun influenced by the energies of Sagittarius: purpose is our theme. Our keynote: ‘I see the goal, I reach that goal and then I see another’. Our image: the dynamic tension of the bow and arrow, just at that moment when the archer is about to release the bow on its trajectory towards the target. Imagine the energy embodied in the phrase: ‘purpose itself am I’. And imagine what this energy contributes to the spiritual path: the will to love: ‘purpose itself am I’; the will to serve: ‘purpose itself am I’; the will to understand: ‘purpose itself am I’. Imagine these elemental aspects of purpose seeping, through time, into the life of the meditating group. Sense the dynamic tension held in the group mind – the tension of a violin string, perfectly tuned for a particular piece of music.

Imagine what is happening to the collective human consciousness – to that great field that is sometimes referred to as ‘the world disciple’ - as it comes under the influence of Sagittarius: ‘I see the goal, I reach that goal and then I see another.’

Sit for a moment with this energy.

So, let us reflect briefly on the role that purpose and goal play for the different layers of the group field. We should begin with ourselves – ourselves as symbols of the universal human being. Purpose is a driving force on the spiritual path – it is found in the will to enter into the hidden secret at the heart of life. Think about the keynote in terms of a mind that is in process of becoming increasingly intuitive. The intuition, in its deepest sense, represents our ability to enter into the simple essence of any idea, principle, value or law. It is straight knowledge where we simply know – we see into the heart of things as they are seen from the perspective of the soul and the divine. Through the intuition we see life and events as we will see them after we die. And we see them in their right relation to the various levels and gradations of being. DK writes of the ‘intuitive and focused attitude of the pledged disciple’ as ‘a clear shaft of light’. The direct knowledge revealed burns its way into the heart in such a way that we see a clear path of action and a way of being of use to the evolution of consciousness. We see directly, and simply, our own relationship to this great and universal principle.

So, at the level of the spiritual seeker, who has traveled for several lives on the spiritual path, the keynote: ‘I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another’ has a fiery immediacy to it. Another layer of illusion is removed so that I see into the hidden core of life – in the process a goal, immediate and achievable, becomes clear and I set my feet towards that goal.

For the meditating group – the group of all who are meditating for world service at this time – the keynote directs our focus towards intuitive perception. Let the group be less literal, less didactic, less contrived and dogmatic in its thinking and more sensitive to the living essence of the opportunities facing humanity at this time. Imagine the group mind filled with a sense of purpose and direction in its approach, both to the Higher Worlds and to the human world. Our purpose is to see the world in the context of its initiatory transition into a new era. Let us see the world as it is, in all the magnificence of the harmonics of higher and lower, inner and outer.

For the discipleship group in the world – all the people from all the different spiritual pathways whose sense of meaning and purpose is focused and one-pointed in its orientation to future possibilities - workers in human rights, in ecology, in finance, the arts, meditation and consciousness, education and so on – imagine this group held by the energy of the keynote: ‘I see the goal, I reach that goal and then I see another’. Think of the whole group, the whole field of consciousness, as if it were a perfectly taut bow and arrow.

The New Group of World Servers includes disciples as well as a wider circle of people whose meaning and direction is to some extent shaped by their will to be of use to the ethical transformation occurring in humanity. The new group includes all who have a natural inclusiveness in their thinking and who have a natural wish to serve others. All who stand at the centre of service groups, in any field of activity, are part of the New Group. Imagine this wide group of human beings deepening their sense of purpose and direction as a result of the incoming energies during this full moon period. Imagine what a difference this would make at a local level as well as a regional and global level.

And consider the keynote of purpose shining into the minds and hearts of all the people of goodwill in the world. The net of goodwill is vast – it includes all those people who have a natural inclination to goodness, even if the mind may not be particularly acute or if there may be little apparent focus to the life. Think about the radiation of all people of natural goodwill – healers in family and community, those who are naturally drawn to support movements for basic human and environmental welfare. The net of goodwill represents the fundamental level of wealth (wealth of goodness) in any community; it provides the base of support for all the activities and programmes launched by the New Group of World Servers. Imagine purpose being a little more refined, a little more educated, a little more directed in this vast field of consciousness.

And now, finally – let us do a piece of concentrated work together. Much of the story of human evolution in our time has coalesced into the story of human response to climate change. Through this issue a new civilization is in process of emerging. So, in the light of Sagittarius – in the light of intuition and of refined purpose – can we take a moment to link with the visualization of the Cycles of Conferences meditation outline on Earth Stewardship and send a seed of living will energy into the heart of the thought form under construction on earth stewardship? See the myriad seeds of living will energy as a presence at the forthcoming Copenhagen conference. And know, without any doubt, that through the ritual of Copenhagen humanity will be taking one more step on a pathway that is leading to initiation – an initiation that will leave us, as a species, with a sense of universality and a clear ethical will to be worthy stewards of the natural world. See Copenhagen as a staging post in what will later be told as the story of how a new global civilization, a new economy, and new more vital religious sense took shape.

I see the goal, I reach that goal, and then I see another. This is the energy pouring into the psyche at this Sagittarius full moon.

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