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Sensitivity to Higher Impression and the Goal of A Blended Radiance

Steve Nation
March 2011

Recent happenings make it seem as if the momentum of change in human affairs is speeding up. It is as if time is compressing into a series of events, each having a profound impact on the heart and, as a result, carrying unusually rich potencies of meaning and significance. We are stirred as individuals in our inner life, and as communities there is an almost visceral pressure in the heart. At times like these the world is, as the novelist Colum McCann writes, charged with meaning. As with significant dreams, everything takes on added levels of meaning. He gives a simple example of one of many of his experiences during the 9:11 trauma in New York. The author's father escaped from one of the Towers and walked a long distance to his son's home, where his family were waiting for him. My daughter, Isabella, jumped into his arms. She recoiled from the hug and asked if he was burning and, when he told her it was just the smell of the smoke on his clothes from the building that had collapsed, she said, no, no, that he must be burning from the inside out. [Colum McCann, 'walking an inch off the ground' in Readers Guide, Let the Great World Spin, pp. 357 - 8]

Think of the richness of meaning experienced by those involved with the Egyptian uprising; of the courage, the dreams and the suffering of the Libyan people; of the massive impact of the Japanese earthquake destroying the lives of individuals, communities, animals and environments and reminding all of the dangers of nuclear power; and think of the people of the small country, New Zealand, still in shock from their own earthquake experience. Through quality reporting in the media we are all becoming increasingly involved. There is a physical sensation suggesting the One Heart being stirred.

All of these events force us to confront death, the vulnerability of physical life and of what we think of as real, hard, solid, dependable. They shock us out of illusions of comfort. They reveal raw emotions of pain and loss, while at the same time, showing everyone the incredible altruism and selflessness of the human being. And, more than this they change the way we think about the future. In all these senses these massive events in the global life are Real — more real than most of the things that happen to us. There is a sense that the Soul is closer in our awareness during these times of collective crisis.

In the midst of this environment of a stirring, alert and active common heart, we sit as a community of meditators asking the question how can we best respond to the opportunities of the special flow of energy that comes with this full moon, when the sun is in the sign of Pisces? What are we to make of the keynote of the soul in this sign: I leave the father's home and turning back, I save?

There are a few points to highlight before entering the silence of the meditation for world service where deep impressions can be invited into our thinking.

One thing about this keynote is that it shocks us out of the little thoughts that see things solely in terms of this world of personal or worldly experience. It reminds us of the source of being — the fathers' home. It speaks of this incarnation of ours in terms of a sequence of lives, a grand cosmic journey undertaken by our soul. It reminds us that all manifest and subtle units of life are expressions of a purposeful Being, a point of Light and Life, working out a destiny in and through all the layers and levels of time and space.

'I' leave the fathers' home. How often do we think of ourselves as 'I' in this essential, radical way? At the deepest level of my being, deeply buried within this personal identity which has been built through all the experiences of this life and the quintessence of lessons learned in previous lives, there is a pureness of 'I', a vitality of 'I' that is Real in the sense of eternal, timeless, indestructible and without birth or death. At the core of each one of us there is a doorway into the eternal Being-ness of the Fathers' Home.

The Pisces story invites us to consider the ultimate Reality of Who I am. It speaks of a Pathway of Experience — a path that is the cosmic narrative of every human life. I leave the Fathers' house to embark upon a journey that, from our human perspective, seems to be ageless — stretching through thousands of years and a seemingly endless round of incarnations. In order to redeem and release the elemental lives imprisoned by the bounds of substance, of time and of space I leave the Father's House and enter into a cycle of incarnations. In Pisces I become bound into an environment of duality: soul and matter are locked together by a silver cord. Each is bound to the other, unable to escape the other.

I leave the father's home and enter into bondage. I become a prisoner of the world of illusion, glamour and maya that I have freely chosen to enter into. I chose to be imprisoned because only in this way will I become fully immersed in the nature of substance with its limitations, its unconscious and sub-conscious. Only in this way can I begin to work with substance, to befriend substance, to see substance, not as enemy or alien, but as an aspect of self and a place of work. Within this place of work I am called to be myself - freely in relationship with form, able to see the Life within form, and as a result able to cooperate with the Life within form, to be identified with the life within form.

Pisces initially presents us with an awareness of psychic fluidity, of animal instinct and unconscious mediumship. These are seeds of what will later develop to become intuition; but before this can happen mind has to awaken in its concrete and analytical levels as well as its higher regions of insight and understanding. The mind is necessary to give definition, and clarity to intuitive perception.

When the Great Turning of this story of our deepest journey begins to work its magic, and we become seeker, aspirant and server, the esoteric ruler of Pisces, the first ray planet, Pluto, begins to exert its influence. Pluto gives death a new meaning as the cords binding soul and personality into bondage are cut. We cease to be a prisoner of our emotions, ambitions, and illusory self-importance. Pisces reminds us that the imprisoning illusions and delusions of separateness will end — they will, in time, die a natural death and no longer distract us during our phases of incarnation. The task of those who have undergone the Great Turning and who are now entering or walking upon the path of Discipleship is to understand the significance of death and to see death, in its many symbolic and practical aspects, as liberator.

The phrase I leave the fathers home and turning back, I save speaks ultimately of the final phase of the Great Drama of incarnation. It is a final phase that lies ahead for a few rare souls — for whom the journey will be completed in Pisces when having, in full incarnated consciousness, entered into a state of nirvana, the eternal I chooses once more to leave the fathers home — this time with no other purpose than to save — to take on the rare Christ-like role of savior and redeemer.

In the life of Jesus we see the potential of Pisces fully demonstrated by His sensitivity to immediate and unbroken contact with His "Father in Heaven"; He was in constant communication with the Monad, thereby proving to the world that He was initiated into states of consciousness of which the third initiation is but the beginning. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 565].

There is a section in the book Esoteric Astrology on the Mutable Cross of the four zodiacal signs that, in their synthesis, represent the fluid, constantly changing body of experiences needed by a soul in incarnation before it is ready to become integrated as a personality and begin entrance onto the discipleship path. The four signs of the Mutable Cross are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Each of these signs, we are told, offers a particular perspective on the challenges and goals of the evolutionary process. At this time, when humanity as a whole is in process of entering the discipleship path, Pisces is the most potent of all the signs of the Mutable Cross. Pisces presents a culminating challenge of a blended radiance. This blended radiance is the result of life, intention and energy being focused into a radiant point of power. [Esoteric Astrology, 562] So we might ponder on what this blended radiance might mean — where the Life aspect shines through every aspect of the personality in a blended radiance: not the radiance of the personal, nor the radiance of soul, nor even the radiance of the Triad (the esoteric heart of the soul); but rather the radiance of monad and personality blended and perfectly fused.

Finally, from the same section of Esoteric Astrology, there is a fascinating passage on themes for meditation during the periods when the sun is in the four signs of the Mutable Cross. DK is actually writing about individuals whose sun sign is in any of the four signs of this cross, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. He makes the comment that someone with a sun sign in Gemini, for example, can avail themselves of the three energies of the other signs of the Cross. So in Sagittarius they can endeavor to practice one-pointedness along some line ; in Virgo they can know that it is possible to bring the form more under the influence of the hidden Christ; and in Pisces they can know that sensitivity to higher impression is [their] right and privilege. [Esoteric Astrology, 564]. It makes sense to widen this approach to students of all sun signs — pondering in Pisces what sensitivity to higher impression, and correct interpretation of higher impression truly means — pondering, in other words, the potentials of the intuition.