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The Saviour To Come

Steve Nation
February 2010
March 2012

Shall we begin with a moment of alignment?

  • alignment with the planetary family of those who are meditating for world service during this full moon period;
  • alignment with the network of all who love and serve (can we think of the human qualities of this network - of the radiance that is coming from human beings who are developing skills of compassion, harmlessness, self-forgetfulness, wilful purpose);
  • alignment with the esoteric group (the group of men, women and a few rare children from differing faiths, cultures, spiritual teachings and philosophies whose mind and heart are, focal points of fiery intelligent love);
  • alignment with the Great Ones on the inner side of life. Think for a moment of the radiance of the Christ - a radiance that encompasses all beings in the planetary life. Think of the radiance of the Masters of the Wisdom, a radiance that permeates the service network in all its inner dimensions (healing, meditation, faith, grace, forgiveness) and its more gritty outer appearances (human rights, law, economics, organisation). Think of the radiance of the Bodhisattva's (Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and his female companion, the White Tara, permeating consciousness with her gifts of peace, prosperity, long-life and good fortune; Manjushri, the Prince of Wisdom). And think of the Father's House - of that centre of peaceful silent will in the hidden secret abode of Shamballa.

And as we hold this thread of living, lighted substance which stretches from the known realms of human consciousness, through the service networks and the meditating groups in humanity, through the inner ashrams of the Great Ones, the Christ and the Buddha, to Shamballa and beyond can we sound together this simple Mantram of the New Group of World Servers:

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.
May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.
May we fulfil our part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.

Pisces is a sign that leads us to think about the dominant spirit, the 'mass' thoughts and emotions of popular culture, national thought-forms, soap-operas, collective emotions and desires. In early stages of the evolutionary processes, this mass human level of awareness is predominantly instinctual: mediumistic, fluid and unthinking. The seeds of the intuition are there, but they remain dormant because the mind is still largely unawakened.

But evolution throws the soul into life after life of experience where the mediumistic, instinctive, almost psychic levels of mass mind and heart are thrown into the 'prison house' of individualised consciousness. The soul becomes lost in the self-centred realm of the personal as it learns - it becomes anchored, fixed, earthed in the substance of the separated personality. The fluidity and psychic openness of Pisces is lost. Then the mass consciousness changes - it becomes much less centred in community and far more focussed on individual families, individual lives, material and emotional desires. Gradually the individual learns to think for him or her self. In the process what tends to happen is that the sense of the sacred, instinctive to Piscean mass awareness is lost, repressed and becomes largely unconscious.

Yet this is all part of the great turning of the wheel, all part of the Plan. The individual, and the culture, that has suppressed the sense of the sacred, begins to miss that which has been lost; begins to seek out, search for the higher Self and the living sense of the Divine. There is angst, conflict, and turmoil as the duality of higher and lower, inner and outer becomes a dominant theme. The Great Awakening, the quest, the path becomes then about finding stability, balance and a harmony between inner and outer.

I wonder if this is not the sort of turning that is occurring now amongst so many people in so many parts of the world. Mind has been awakened giving Pisces a new significance. Now it suggests a distant goal lying ahead of us. For some that distant goal continues to be liberation, Samadhi or Nirvana. In the light of Pisces a greater goal shines forth for the community of seekers. The steps forward we take on the path, now - when I say 'we' I mean all seekers from all traditions - contribute to the greater goal of a World Saviour's emergence - an Enlightened One Who returns, consciously, to the valleys where human experience appears to be reality - and Who returns to reveal - to Save - to show the Way - to be a Light - to communicate the Word.

The keynote we will be using in meditation captures this goal for the community of seekers aspirants and disciples, this extraordinary possibility that lies ahead. Through lifetimes of experience we are all, together, as a community, a brotherhood, learning to redeem the substance of the subtle energy fields, emotion and mind that give us our humanness. It is not that we are removing our humanity - rather potentising it - making it more vital and more truly resonant with the infinite reservoirs of goodness, beauty and truth.

We are learning as a group of incarnated human beings, a community of seekers and servers, to sound the Great Word of the monadic life: 'I leave the father's home and turning back I save'.

At this full moon let us contemplate the coming saviour - recognizing the part we are all playing in the necessary preparations for that Coming. In the past there have been Saviours - avatars whose life has changed and transformed the direction of history. Consider the influence of the Christ, the Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed on human affairs. Yet these things happened so long ago. In recent centuries there have been great Saints, messengers of the Great Ones, in every field of life - but Saviors who change the course of history only come at times of tumultuous change. Ponder what it would be like for such a Saviour to be present in our time - a modern human being who brings the charge of the Divine into the thinking and the culture of the age. The issues of our time (environment, justice, health); the way in which human beings are being transformed through their engagement with these issues; the way in which the issues are calling forth wisdom, strength and love in the hearts of so many of our brothers and sisters around the world: these living realities are calling forth the new Saviour. Just as we step towards that future so too is the future Savior taking steps towards our world of incarnation.

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