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What of Pisces at this time of Transition into the Aquarian Age?

Steve Nation
February 2008

Ever since the hippy culture of the 1960s there has been a popular recognition that the future lies with Aquarius and the past with Pisces. The idea of an Aquarian Age and a Piscean Age exists as a nebulous, vague notion in the modern psyche. These words 'Aquarius' and 'Pisces' have become part of the language of our times, in ways that the other astrological signs have not. And I suspect that what when they are used they conjure up images of new and old - with deeper overtones whereby the new is associated with notions of inclusiveness, freedom, and a fluidity of thought while the old is associated with dogma, authoritarian ideas, and a rigidity of thought.

In the light of this popular mythology, and also in a way that is true to the deeper meaning of these energy flows, it is interesting to note that the first full moon festival of the millennium, in the year 2000, was held in the ambience and lightness of Aquarian impulses. In a very down to earth way that is imprinted on the minds of hearts of all modern peoples we started out on a new era. This is what a new cycle in the calendar means in popular culture.

So how do we understand Pisces in the midst of this notion of a fresh cycle in the history of civilisation? What does the energy field that is Pisces have to contribute to the creation of this new cycle? Well, in reflecting on these questions I don't want to get too technical. After all this is not an astrology website. Our work at these festival meditations is to draw upon our higher sources of creativity and imagination. Meditation for world service is our theme - thinking contemplatively and reflectively so as to create a group field of mind and heart that might be useful in the evolution of human consciousness. Our aim is to work in the spiritual environment of the collective field of thought and emotion - it is to work with the higher, the subtle, the fiery and the sweet qualities of consciousness as they impact upon the human heart and mind - it is to work with the divine plan for the redemption and transformation of what it is to be a human being in incarnation in the world.

Thomas Moore is a modern American writer whose books, The Care of the Soul, Soul Mates and The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life, have been international best sellers raising the profile of soul in our excessively secular and rationalist times. One of Moore's qualities as a thinker and writer is that he draws on a deep interest in astrology alongside his more fundamental concerns with Jungian and transpersonal psychology and with religion. I especially like his view that the reason the modern climate of thought desperately needs some sort of an astrological dimension is to counter our repression of what is 'higher' and 'divine' within us - and to enable us to find meaning in the cosmos in which we find ourselves. This is what he writes in The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life:

An astrological perspective opens up the mind, heart and imagination, bursting the limited subjectivity that has been a harmful characteristic of modern life, embracing nothing less than the universe itself in our very definition of mankind. Many judgements, kind and unkind, are made about the European Renaissance. In my view, the greatest rediscovery of the Renaissance was the reclaiming of the cosmos as an essential element in our conception of human life. Philosophers, poets and magi of the time were able to reconnect nature and culture and cultivate a constant interplay between human decision and natural phenomena. This aspect of the Renaissance was tenuous and didn't hold for long. Instead, we created modern technological life and abandoned magic.
Our current hope for enchantment lies in a recovery of the Renaissance appreciation of macrocosm/microcosm dynamics, spelled out so imaginatively by Fludd, Ficino, Paracelsus, and others. This could be achieved by a fresh appraisal of astrology, moving away from any hint of superstition toward an intelligent, sensitive, poetic, and existential intimacy with nature, who shows herself in the enchanting light display of the night sky. We can look deeply into that night sky and see ourselves. [P. 322]

I want to try to keep this spirit in mind while looking at these basic questions concerning the meaning of Piscean influences at a time when we are absorbed in the creation of the new. But first, we should pay attention to our group alignment. So can we centre ourselves within the pool of lighted energy that is the group soul, seeing with the minds eye that this group soul is embedded within the group soul of all who are working in incarnation at this time with principles of intelligent and conscious love. And as we identify with this lighted field of energy within the collective mind, mentally lift the horizon of our vision looking upwards and inwards towards the centres of wisdom and compassion on the inner side of life. We can know that we are working as part of a planetary group, in alignment with Great Ones on the inner side of life, and with the infinities of hierarchy. We can stretch the horizon of our vision to sense the presence of the world saviours- of the Christ and the Buddha, of Muhammad and Krishna - their radiance fills the limitless expanses of mind and heart - perhaps, too, we can sense the spirit of the saviour of the future - the Christ/Maitreya/Messiah of our millennium. And beyond, we sense that centre of peaceful silent will, Shamballa.

We know o Lord of Life and Love about the need,
Touch our hearts anew with Love,
That we too, may love and give.

So, what of Pisces at this time in history? Firstly there is the thought that as we are in process of transition into the Aquarian age, this, the culture of our times, is not an Aquarian culture. The negativities of Pisces, the shadow side, the elements we are in process of leaving behind, are still potent influences. So although we are on the threshold of a new era, we must not forget that we still have to deal with the unredeemed aspects of the past. We have to take responsibility for addressing what is 'old age' about Pisces. And that means authority, dogma, duality, a mystical sensitivity that lacks any mental sharpness or clarity.

The old age is still with us - and in a sense we need to be truly disillusioned with these old age energies as we continue the process of choosing to live in a mental environment conditioned by the new Aquarian energies.

Yet Pisces is not all about the shadow. What does this energy flow from the cosmos bring to aid us in the task of building a new era? To answer this it would be useful to reflect on the symbol used down the ages to signify the sign. Two fishes are bound together in some way. They remind us of those two aspects of being soul and personality, or spirit and mater - held together by a bond of living energy preventing them from swimming their own separate ways. Early on in the evolutionary process the bond is often thought of as an imprisonment - the soul is held in bondage by the desires and preoccupations of the personality.

After the evolutionary process has passed through a critical turning point, and the individual in incarnation is working at consciously uniting the higher and lower aspects of Self- then the two fishes depict unity in its highest expression. Pisces, as it stands ahead of us on the evolutionary path, speaks of a time when the fish of the personality and the fish of the soul swim together in a pattern and a path determined entirely by soul. It speaks of a society transformed by a living religion - where the culture is potently centred on a sense of the sacred - where the intellectual and artistic environment is conditioned by ideas that carry a note of joy and love and unity and where politics is inspired by individual leaders and groups standing for ethical principles.

Yet this has not touched on what is the central gift of Pisces. The idea of a world saviour represents the heights of this energy. The true saviours who have been transforming agents in history, forever lifting consciousness, have been rare individuals. We think of Christ, of the Buddha, Muhammad. These agents of divinity have been a source of revelation for humanity as a whole, and they have given us our sense of God's plan and purpose for the world.

More often than not it seems that the religions of today have lost much of the vital spark of the revelations that lie at their heart. The living spirituality of our time tends to be most alive outside of religion. Ours is a primarily secular world and we are rediscovering the sacred in the midst of life, often without any reference to religious institutions.

Now, at this full moon in Pisces, we might think of religion in the future - we might think of a coming saviour bringing a revelation for our time - and in the process becoming a point of unifying coherence for the newly emerging culture of unity. We might think of our small communities, our national communities, and the world as a whole sharing in common rituals that are full of the vital life of spirit bringing richness and wholeness to our collective inner lives. We might think less of a common world religion, and more of a new religious sensitivity shared by the various cultures of humanity, and centred on the revelations of the saviour to come.

In addition to the coming world saviour, at this full moon of Pisces, think of the role to be played by all human beings who are working with a spirit of inclusive, intelligent love. As a planetary group, together, they represent a saving force for humanity. The group of all who love and serve, regardless of their philosophical or religious affiliations, are surely, together, lifting the consciousness of humanity as a whole and at the same time focussing a potent call to the Coming One to return to Earth.