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On The Mystery of the Fishes and the World Saviour

By Steve Nation
March 2006

It is always helpful to begin our approach to the full moon meditation work with a moment of alignment.

  • Alignment with the planetary family of those who are meditating for world service during this full moon period;
  • Alignment with the network of all who love and serve (can we think of the humanness of this network - of the radiance that is coming from human beings who are developing skills of compassion, harmlessness, self-forgetfulness, wilful purpose);
  • Alignment with the esoteric group (the group of men, women and children from differing faiths, cultures, spiritual teachings and philosophies whose mind and heart are, focal points of fiery intelligent love); Alignment with the Great Ones on the inner side of life. Think for a moment of the radiance of the Christ - a radiance that encompasses all beings in the planetary life. Think of the radiance of the Masters of the Wisdom, a radiance that permeates the service network in all its inner dimensions (healing, meditation, faith, grace, forgiveness) and its more gritty outer appearances (human rights, law, economics, organisation). Think of the radiance of the Bodhisattva's (Avalokiteshvara, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and his female companion, the White Tara, permeating consciousness with her gifts of peace, prosperity, long-life and good fortune; Manjushri, the Prince of Wisdom). And think of the Father's House - of that centre of peaceful silent will in the hidden secret abode of Shamballa.

And as we hold this thread of living, lighted substance which stretches inwards from the known realms of human consciousness, through the service networks and the meditating groups in humanity, through the inner ashrams of the Great Ones, the Christ and the Buddha, to Shamballa and beyond can we can quietly sound the simple Mantram of the New Group of World Servers:

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers
May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones
May I/we fulfil my/our part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.

Pisces conjures up all sorts of images to the modern mind. There is the image of the two fishes, swimming together - two fishes that cannot be separated, that are tied to each other, unable to escape; two fishes in an unequal relationship of bondage, dominance and subservience. Then there is the image of Pisces as 'old age', as representing the past in relation to the new, open Aquarian Age - when we say something is 'Piscean', we tend to mean that it has had its day, that its authoritarian, lacking in synthesis, universality and inclusiveness - in other words that it is not modern. And there is the image, particularly for those who have a vague familiarity with the Bailey teachings, of Pisces as World Saviour, Messiah - as the Christ potential. So what are we to make of all these images? They seem to suggest notions of humanity in its infancy alongside the most advanced, highly evolved human state we can think of.

And I think that this is a useful way to approach the mystery of the two fishes of Pisces. This famous mythical pair, swimming side by side through the waters of time and space represent the two aspects of Self: soul and personality. The story of their relationship (they are said to be bound together by a thread) gives insight into the deepest processes of the evolution of consciousness, with as much to say about basic, immature levels of mind and heart as about the most pure and refined.

Pisces is a water sign, the two fish live in a water environment. In the earliest cycles of incarnation one of the fishes, the Soul, is completely blind and imprisoned in a sea of vagueness. It is the personal fish that sees for the pair and that totally dominates in the relationship - yet this is not the dominance of the strong, fixed, arrogant personality. This is the personal that is unthinking; open to psychic impression without any control of where the impression is coming from; it is a fluid, instinctual, primitive, astral focus that is sensitive to all the impulses and desires in the subjective environment. Perhaps the modern attractiveness to young people of drugs reflects a throw back to this primitive psychic/astral awareness. For it is where we have all come from, and it is a part of deep memory; of elemental, infantile awareness bringing with it something of the comfort of being in the womb, immersed in water and not having any responsibility for self, or for anything. Instinct rules. The Soul is a prisoner in this world, sleeping, marking time - yet on its own plane knowing that this is a process of incarnation to be experienced, and as necessary, vital and important as any other process or stage.

Perhaps we can relate this elemental stage of consciousness to aspects of our own selves - and to aspects of people we know, or aspects of mass consciousness. Perhaps yet while the human journey may, at times, seem to us to reflect infantile levels of mind and heart it is I think demeaning of ourselves and our compatriots in incarnation to consider humanity in this light. Yes there are elements of basic Pisces in people we know (and maybe in ourselves) - but these are in the main memories, dreamlike aspects of an earlier time that recur but are not points of great energy in human affairs.

Pisces is far more alive, I suspect, on a higher turn of the spiral when mind has woken up, when there has been some concentration of will and purpose, and when all of the tensions involved in the personal self recognising the presence of a higher, divine Self have begun to bring about radical changes in thinking and behaviour. Then it is the Soul, the hidden Christ, which begins to dominate. The two fishes still swim in a watery environment, but these are very different waters.

Now Pisces stimulates the higher reaches of the watery worlds, environments where mind and heart blend, where the waters of Buddhi, of the intuition, become a source of illumination and where the mind becomes sensitive to higher impression. This is very different from the psychism of the earlier stages, for the impressions are now concerned with universal principles, with divine law and with insight into the mind of God. And now all the potencies of mind are becoming alive, able to interpret intuitive impression, able to discriminate and divine meaning.

The challenges facing our interdependent world today, on the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius, and the challenges facing so very many of us in our individual lives are challenges of meaning, of the altitude of our vision, and ultimately of purpose. We need to use intuition to understand, or rather to find a way of relating to and aligning with, the mysteries of what is happening to the human species. Pisces shows us where we are headed, and it gives us the opportunities of a higher sensitivity and a new mythical, cosmological way of knowing.

How paradoxical that as we move from the 'old' age of Pisces into the 'new' age of Aquarius we are pushed into the higher potentials of Pisces; forced to draw the most sublime, the sweetest nectars of the old in order to fully transit into the new.

There is an interesting reference in the Alice Bailey book, Esoteric Astrology, to an important triangle in the heavens. It is said to be a 'triad of cosmic energy that is of supreme importance upon our planet'. We are told that the 'united influence of its three constellations will eventually bring about the initiation of the planetary logos', leading to the Earth becoming a sacred planet. The three constellations are Leo, Virgo and Pisces. Their influence is said to have its affect in the realms of Shamballa, impressing humanity as a whole. This important triad of energies conditions human consciousness in three aspects: the Leo energies lead to the development of self-consciousness; Virgo stimulates the soul within the form, including the soul within each atom of form; and the higher note of Pisces awakens awareness of the group, the whole and the universe - intuitional insight. Together, the combination of this trinity of impulses leads to initiation in Pisces.

It has been the steady impact of Piscean force which has at long last brought humanity, the world disciple, to the very door of initiation. For over two thousand years, Piscean influence has been playing upon mankind; it has brought about the demand for world adjustment; it has developed the international spirit and has led to the formation of groups in every department of human living and so laid the foundation for the future synthesis in Aquarius. The influence of this triangle finds symbolic expression in the life of the self-conscious individual who reaches self-awareness in Leo; in the culturing care of Virgo and the final self-release in Pisces.
P. 472-3

Pisces is not a sign that we normally think of as being related to crisis. Its deep, brooding, underground, watery, mystical influence can often appear to expand consciousness without the person having to do anything, almost as an act of grace. And yet, when we think in relation to this Leo, Virgo, Pisces triangle, we see that the initiation promised in Pisces; and the initiation of humanity into the Aquarian Age; depends upon all the crises that have preceded. It is an influence that culminates, and grows out of earlier crises.

This requires us to consider the purpose of soul crises, and the reason why being in incarnation as a human being often involves the repeated experience of crisis. In particular lives, crisis tests the mettle of the developing mind and heart; it evokes "the maximum of possible effort".

DK again from Esoteric Astrology:

Shirk not crises, hard and difficult though they may appear to be. Difficult they are. Forget not that the habit of confronting crises is a long-established one within the consciousness of humanity. Man has the "habit of crisis," if I may so call it. They are only the points of examination as to strength, purpose, purity and motive and the intent of the soul. They evoke confidence when surmounted and produce greatly expanded vision. They foster compassion and understanding, for the pain and inner conflict they have engendered is never forgotten, for they draw upon the resources of the heart. They release the light of wisdom within the field of knowledge and the world is thereby enriched.
P. 477

Ultimately, as myth and as symbol, the higher light of Pisces leads to the emergence of the world saviour. This is surely a collective process; as the mysterious plans and purposes of the divine mature; as human consciousness grows in wisdom, in balance and in the ability to organise the worlds of time and space in accord with universal law, so does a saviour emerge with the full impulse of Pisces to mark the transition into a new era and to sound the death knell of an old civilisation. There is the sense of the dolphin dancing as it flies through the water, now below the water, now above in the air - an emergence of joy, surprise, speed, precision and beauty. May this, possibly, be the note that accompanies the emergence of the saviour in the Aquarian age?

When we reflect on the keynote of Pisces in the mediation: 'I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save' - it is the collective process we look to. Out of all the bubbling currents of the evolutionary process, out of all the growth that occurs through the crises of individual lives and through the crises of the events that are the substance of history books, out of all of the dynamic energy of these crises - a saviour emerges in Pisces. The Coming One Who stands ahead of our path, Who watches now, waiting for the appropriate space, environment and conditions, sees all of the dramas of modernity as steppingstones leading to the Return and the Reappearance.

Now, in the influence of Pisces, it is useful to consider our world and our historical processes as if we were seeing it from the vantage point of the waiting Messiah. Time is speeding up. The cycles and processes of history are moving into the powerful surge of the dolphin as it generates the energy to fly through air and water. The pace of life is intense, and many suffer from the stress that this involves - yet there is a beauty in the concentration of energy as all of us go about our business of living in the midst of the wave leading into Aquarius. There is a beauty in the awakening and deepening that is occurring in the collective mind. The Resurrected, living Christ is Master of this time; conductor of the orchestra; overseer. He is engaged and involved, regardless of whether we can see it or not. As we, all of us, play our little parts - taking each day with its myriad of opportunities with a measure of lightness; doing our best and occasionally sensing the beauty of the human spirit and the beauty of the life in which we live and move - as we walk through incarnation step by step we are a part of a pathway which is leading inevitably to an omega point in evolution. A point which will be marked by the historical presence of a World Saviour, and which will be traced in literature, music and art as the final act in the emergence of a new culture and civilisation.