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Libra and the Triple Light of the Intuition

Steve Nation
September 2012

And so we move again into the orbit of Libra. Year after year, decade after decade, we find ourselves pondering this energy of balancing, equilibrium, law and the intuition. While one approach is to consider balance and equilibrium, it is something quite different to think of the active process of balancing and moving into equilibrium. Balance suggests poise. The act of balancing suggests crisis and the fourth ray dynamic of finding harmony in the midst of conflict.

For most of us this balancing work of Libra focuses on our intent to be the soul and to act on the impulses we sense coming from the soul, while within ourselves there are habits, forces and impulses which are pulling us in another direction.

What this means is that Libra, for humanity at this transition time, and for those on the discipleship path, is all about deep processes of balancing: actively balancing personality and soul energies in the life of the individual, the serving group, the institution, the nation, the world of nations etc. In times of heightened significance, such as this time, these balancing, Libran processes are of huge significance. For discipleship work (in individuals and in groups) the balancing is all about the slowly emerging soul vibration finding expression in and through the personality life. Choices are presented to the personality. These choices need to be faced, lived through and settled before the soul can begin to move in to an ease of expression in the world. The quest for the midway point, order and equilibrium involves freely made choices — not choices that someone else tells us should be made but real, authentic choices to move, as a living breathing personality with all the characteristics and color of a personal life into alignment with soul vision, soul purpose and the Presence of the Soul. Libran balancing between soul priorities and the personalities desires and preoccupations often involves a see-saw, shifting and shuffling between the two points of being — 'ease' would be the last word to describe this process. And yet the unsettling balancing needs to happen before choice can be freely made and before the personality can see that the greater perspective of the soul is not a threat to its existence. Balancing precedes a period of testing which then leads to poised balance, equilibrium and what may be called 'ease'.

Right now we are at a critical time in human affairs. In the inner dynamics of astrological and cosmological alignments we are approaching a hugely significant moment for the planet. Students of the Alice Bailey teachings know this alignment as the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers, a seven-day cycle that happens every seven years from December 21 - 28, culminating this year in a highly auspicious Capricorn full moon on December 28. Others know this alignment by such names as Birth 2012 — a key moment in the birthing of a newly oriented humanity — and as the beginning of a new cycle in the Mayan Calendar. Whatever name we use, human beings from different traditions all around the planet are, perhaps for the first time ever, taking note that ancient prophecies of transition and transformation all point to the dates December 21 - 28, 2012 as being of unusual significance. One of the most remarkable results of this is the Birth2012 event, aiming to have 100 million people participate in a Global Birth Day on December 22, 2012; and inviting these participants to commit to actions that will help to bring to birth a new planetary culture. During the period from International Day of Peace on September 21 to December 22 diverse networks of participating organizations are calling on supporters to take a pledge to undertake actions that will contribute to peace on inner, family, school, community, national and/or global levels. The level of organization leading up to and into December 22 is unprecedented.

In meditation Libra represents the interlude between two active mental processes. This is a time for contemplation. Visualization and thinking have prepared a fertile field. Then it is time to pause and enter into what is often called silence or stillness. While the mind is stilled something is happening at a deeper level - a hidden, esoteric level. During this time of silence, stillness, the soul may be active, organizing itself — even if the meditator is not aware of this. Also during this time of silence the intuition may be actively receiving impression.

This focus on contemplation and intuition leads into a reflection on what we mean when we speak of 'esoteric'. Esoteric work is inner, it is hidden to the outside. As far as those who look from outside in goes those who work esoterically will often be considered to be doing nothing.

Yet it is important to recognize that what calls itself 'esoteric work' may be or may not be esoteric. It may be thoughtforms about the esoteric, concrete ideas about the abstract worlds and the way inner work should be. Real esoteric work involves action behind the scenes of the lower levels of mind and of heart. Real esoteric work affects the mental climate, bringing impressions and energies from the level of the Spiritual Triad (and hence from the Ashram) into relation with human thinking. Real Esoteric Groups which make up the One World Esoteric Group actually allow a flow of Light, divine light, Love, divine Love, and Purpose, Divine Purpose to be present and to release their radiations into the world of human thinking and being. Real esoteric work invokes these higher energies. Light, Love and Power at this level and with these frequencies are the source of real transformation in the way in which the soul embeds itself in the life of the personality and finds expression through the life of the personality. This is true of individuals on the path just as it is true of entities like cities, states, nations, groups of nations, and civil society networks.

We are told that: The keynote of the new yoga [is] synthesis; its objective [is] conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilisation of the mind as an interpreting agent. [Treatise on White Magic, p. 429]. In the sign Libra we can imagine that this new Yoga is leading to the development of the intuitive faculty, and we can consider what this will mean for the way in which servers and people of goodwill think about any of the big issues facing humanity.

In the book Glamour A World Problem there is an outline of a meditation attitude referred to as The Technique of the Presence. This technique involves work with what is referred to as the triple light of the intuition involving the light of the personal self, focussed in the mind; the light of the soul focussed in the Solar Angel, and a hidden light radiating from Life itself - from the Presence throughout the universe. Earlier in the technique we are advised to sense the Presence throughout the Universe - not theoretically but in vibrating response to its Existence.[page 180]

Work with the intuition, Libran work that balances these three core vibrations of light, leads us into true esoteric work. Awakening the intuition takes time. It cannot be rushed. This refers to the real, deep intuition where impressions from the mind of god are received and then assessed, interpreted and incorporated into ones being. It requires some experience in differentiating between the three lights: the light of the personal self focused in the mind — light that is experienced as clear thinking or what Buddhists sometimes call mindfulness; the light of the soul focused in the Solar Angel — this is a light of wisdom, love and understanding from the perspective of the Angel — so very different from what we usually refer to as love — it is a light that brings healing, balance and equanimity — deep understanding of a life's purpose and direction — where one has come from and where one is heading — an understanding that reaches out to include the groups we serve through and in and that looks upon nations and whole fields of being as in a process of evolution; and then beyond all of this the mystery of the light of the Presence — the germ or seed of divinity in all forms and in all presentations of truth — the stupendous vision of the Presence.

In this triple light of the intuition can we reflect for a moment on the Libran choices, the crisis of discrimination facing the US during this current election period. Beyond any party affiliations any of us may have, there are some clear choices being offered by the two candidates. We can imagine that the soul of the nation watches as the people weigh up these choices. In considering the good of the whole and the direction of the national life which vision of the future is closest to soul purpose? Which vision will lead the country forward towards authentic freedom, freedom that embraces the great vision of the Founding fathers and a freedom that allows the love and the ethical concerns of the soul to find expression as the country faces challenges in its economy, in its response to climate change, in its provision of basic health care for all people, and in a realistic movement towards harmony and justice between rich and poor, between different faith groups and ethnic communities. Let us hold this election in the light so that there is a clear choice of a path forward.