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Balancing is an Active and Willful Process.

Steve Nation
September 2010

It is always a delight to be sitting with the Libra energies during the period of International Day of Peace, when the mental atmosphere of the planet is saturated with the prayers and meditations of countless folks around the planet. Thoughtforms of peace are held in the light on this special United Nations Day - September 21st. And thoughtforms of peace are central to Libra.

The image of the scales of justice, moving up and down on a central fulcrum, is an image of dynamic, active energy. Balancing is going on. We sometimes think of peace, and of balance, as a passive state. Yet balancing is a verb - it is an active process requiring a measure of purpose, design, planning and will. Peace too is a process - something to be worked at throughout our lives.

Balance, and peace, speaks to our deepest, most intimate private thoughts and to our experience of life as a human being. We yearn for balance within ourselves. This is because being human, particularly as we approach a measure of maturity, is all about relationships between the different dimensions of our self: Spirit, Soul, Body; Mind, Emotions; Physical. These different elements are to be integrated - to be balanced. This is one of the primary metaphors for the human experience in these transition times. We are all about balancing, peace making, peace building and peacekeeping.

When we are awake to the reality of the soul, and to the incredible potencies of love, wisdom, understanding, and sacrificial will that are hidden deep within the soul - then life becomes a balancing act as we feel our way towards establishing a relationship of integrity with the higher order. In a sense we are always on the verge of great mysteries - and this balancing act calls us to find our own creative ways of being and of living here on earth with these mysteries in mind. There is no right or wrong - what truly matters is that we are engaged in the process - that we are balancing things out within ourselves and in our relations with the community of people, animals, plants and all the kingdoms of the Earth.

It's really important to see that this intimate process going on inside each of us is also reflected in the world at large. The community (our neighbors, the families we relate to through the lives of our children and grand-children, our cities, towns and villages, our nations and the whole wide world of nations) is also immersed in a process of balancing as we feel our way towards right relations with the principles of interdependence and wholeness that are so crucial to our Age.

The act of balancing - the Libran act - is about standing back, observing the opposing forces of immediate desire and higher vision and over time making a conscious choice to be grounded 'at the centre' not identifying with either of the two poles. Values are carefully weighed. The action takes place on inner levels. In time a path forward becomes clear. And our future changes once we have seen the possibilities that the Path offers. The key point about Libra is the making of a choice to set out upon a middle path.

In tracing this process in the world Alice Bailey directs our attention to three prime areas in which Libran energies are most active: law, money and the relationship between the sexes. It is in these fields that balancing is most actively taking place. This gives us an incredible lens through which to look at what is happening in the world. These three fields are central to the debates and muscular discussions in the General Assembly of the United Nations. For the three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week heads of state from around the world have been gathered at the UN headquarters in New York - remember that the actual land where the UN buildings are is international territory - it belongs to no single nation - it is the only land on earth that belongs, legally, to the representatives of the peoples of the world. The high level summit is focused on two themes. Firstly, and occupying most of the time, it is the eight Millennium Development Goals that are the point of attention for the heads of state. At issue is how can the very specific, well-defined and achievable goals be met by the target year of 2015? These goals set the world on a clear path towards eliminating poverty, ending the disempowerment of women, and mobilizing action for sustainable development. They represent, to my mind, a practical plan for implementing the Declaration of Human Rights - making the realization of the principles of this Declaration the primary challenge for our time. The second focus of the Summit at the UN, which is also a part of the Millennium Goals, is on the urgent need to reverse the on-going loss of precious species and habitats. The trend is for the planet's biological diversity to be reduced as every year passes. In spite of efforts to save vulnerable habitats the situation continues to get worse. The Summit focus leads into a major global summit in Japan next month when it is hoped to reach agreement on specific actions to conserve particular environments and species.

The MDG's, as the goals are called, are an embodiment of the Libran energies working out through law, money and the empowerment of women. We can visualize the act of balancing - of choosing to govern our national and international affairs by principles of interdependence, oneness and right relations - being hugely empowered by the Libran energies this full moon.

A principle is not simply an abstraction. From an esoteric perspective it is a living potency. In the book Esoteric Healing Alice Bailey writes of a principle as: the germ or the seed on each subplane which embodies some aspect of the divine unfolding consciousness; it is that which is fundamentally related to some form of sensitivity; it is that to which the bodies as they evolve find that they can respond. A principle is a germ of awareness, carrying all the potentiality of full consciousness on some particular level of divine activity. [pp. 611-2]. In A Treatise on White Magic she writes: A principle, when really fundamental, appeals at once to the intuition and calls out an immediate reaction of assent from the [person's] higher Self. It makes little or no appeal to the personality A principle is that which governs always the ego [Soul] on his own plane, and it is only as we come more and more under the guidance of that ego that our personality conceives of, and responds, to these ideas. [p. 116]. So these principles of oneness and interdependence at the heart of the momentum around the MDG's - and also the biodiversity agenda - are higher potencies working themselves out through the choices we make as societies and nations. With this in mind we can see the living seeds of the principles germinating and putting down strong roots in the fertile soil of human values and desires.

The keynote for meditation this Libra full moon is "I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force".