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It's All About Balance

Steve Nation
October 2009

When the Great One's look into the dynamics of the life of an individual, a group, a nation, or humanity as a whole, we are told that they see two horoscopes superimposed on each other - the horoscope for the soul and the horoscope for the personality. It is how, we can imagine, life truly is - soul and personality present, in an evolving and interacting relationship. It means that we cannot even begin to look from an esoteric perspective until we are able to get a sense of what is happening in a particular life (what is the focus of development that is taking place? Is the person awake to the presence of soul? Is there a battle raging between soul and personality? Is the person beginning to serve in the light of the soul? ). The same questions apply in looking from an esoteric perspective at the historical development of a nation or of humanity as a whole.

When the Masters look at the two horoscopes of soul and personality they see patterns of relationship and pronounced points of opportunity: present conditions, possible developments and relationships, and the immediate future objective appear with clarity. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 59]

The meditation work we do at the full moons is training us to look at the world from this perspective - helping us to see the present situation, possible developments and relationships, and the immediate future objectives in the light of the qualities of particular constellations and planets. We are training our intuitive faculties as individuals and as a group to see things as they are and, in this context, to see evolutionary possibilities through the lens of each particular sign. As we do this we are able to work creatively, visualizing and invoking seeds of will energy, imaginatively stoking the fires of soul in the mind and the heart of humanity.

This can all sound abstract and remote from the grain and grit of a human life. But if we stop thinking about this in abstract terms - in other words thinking 'about' seeing things as they are - and begin taking steps to actually see things as they are we find that seeing something in the light of reality changes us. When we see the unity of all life through the eyes of the intuition we see that we are part of that life and constructive effort becomes inevitable. Our own little will begins to be experienced in relation to the greater will. This happens in deep and subtle ways. I am not speaking here about the superficial (but no less real) will of the fanatic.

In Libra we look out at the field of consciousness and at human affairs as a balancing process. It's all about balance. In nearly all of the other signs attention is given to transformation through crisis - in this sign we are looking for something that may not be so obvious or noticeable. It builds over time - is deep and lasting. Balance is not about the burning away of obstructions - it is about detached observation and choice. In the personal psyche the issue highlighted is the balancing of the pairs of opposites in the emotional life, and the ability of the mind to begin to regulate and govern the life in such a way as to bring balance and order. In terms of what we think of rather lightly as a separation between head and heart - balance is about finding a middle path that is Real and takes us into a place of poise and deep understanding, valuing both head and heart and developing what has been called the heart in the head. In the world at large we look at the United Nations in terms of an on-going process whereby the actions of nations are being harmonized for the common good, paying special attention to law, money and the balance between the sexes.

So, to begin our work together can we imagine a set of scales - think of the scales of justice often depicted above courts of law. We need to see the scales as if they were alive - to sense the vitality in the image. Reflect on how these scales are a metaphor for human experience. At the feeling level human beings sometimes find themselves swinging between heights of happiness and depths of depression. For some this can be extreme, a primary note of their lives - for others the swings can be subtle and less obvious. The scales direct our attention to the fulcrum - the point at the centre, the midway point where the opposites are balanced. In esoteric work, in all traditions, this point of balance is found when the mind is able to observe the emotional world with detachment, understanding and love. The point of observation becomes the point of balance.

Think of the billions of human beings learning, through their life experience, to balance their passions, see things as they are, and choose the way forward in their life.

Think of all those people in the world whose lives are about their will to love and to serve - think of how, for them, balance is a place from which they will make wise choices - choices that are line with the forces of evolution. Think of balance as a positive process at work in their lives. We often think of balance in terms of poise - but it can also be approached as the act of balancing - or the work of the balancer.

Think about the opportunities presented to humanity by climate change in terms of the scales - balancing consumer desires against the needs of future generations and of the earth; balancing demand for products against the demand for a healthy and secure future. The conversation and negotiation around climate change can be seen as a great balancing process, leading to a choice to legislate and regulate our carbon footprints and create an economy that balances human relations with the earth against the human need to end poverty, hunger and preventable disease. Imagine the scales in the process of balancing - knowing that in that balanced position wise laws will be enacted and money, capital, will be used for the common good. Balance is the end result. Balancing is the activity that leads to this result.

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers
May the Love of the one Soul characterise the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones
May I fulfil my part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.

So many of the big, soul-sized issues in human affairs at this time reflect the play of Libran energies. I am thinking especially of conversations, debates and negotiations at local, national, regional and international levels concerning: climate change, the regulation of capital and financial markets, birthing a green economy, disarmament, women and their role in the eradication of poverty and achievement of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals. These issues are very much in the world mind as a result of last months opening of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the Special Session for Heads of State at the UN on Climate Change, and the G20 gathering in Pittsburgh, USA. A number of these issues are also very much alive at the local level of town councils, boards and city authorities.

From the esoteric perspective all that exists can be understood to have three aspects, or elements: epitomized in the most basic triplicity of spirit, soul and matter. The constellation Libra (through the ray influences of the six associated planets) puts all the attention on the third aspect - the world of form, expression, and manifestation. Through creative work in balancing and harmonizing different energies universal principles are brought into objective manifestation.

The manifesting process of Libra can be traced in three primary and archetypal areas: law, money and sex. Each can be explored in terms of humanity's ability to balance competing and conflicting pairs of opposites in such a way as to lead forward into Aquarius. In the maturing approach to these three issues humanity is taking an initiation, moving forward on the probationary path in preparation for entrance onto the discipleship path.

Think about this - it is a key to Libra. Balancing pairs of opposites leads to choices. In these three archetypal fields, law, money and sex, we are collectively, through experience, preparing ourselves to choose to regulate our activities. The intelligence of humanity is now strong enough and well developed enough to make a choice for the common good. There is enough information, widely disseminated to lead people to choose to put their self-centered desires and their desires for the good of the whole into the scales, to balance them out so that neither dominates - discovering in the process that the two are complementary.

Think of how carbon is in process of becoming a tradable commodity - in a market that is designed and regulated with the sole purpose of bringing humanity into a more balanced relationship with the earth. Think of how law is being used to regulate markets in a global context. These are all very Libran activities and they are on the agenda, not of high-minded think tanks, but of governments. Through this process our understanding of money is undergoing a radical transformation.

And in the field of sex there is a massive focus now on balancing the lives of men and women so that women are fully valued for the contribution they bring to all areas of life.

In these three areas we see evidence that humanity as a whole is walking along the Probationary Path - the path of purification and of moral and ethical choices in the most practical areas of life.

When, in meditation, we work with the keynote: I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force, we will be holding this process in the light - seeing with clarity that opposing and competing desires are being balanced out - that circumstances are leading us to make choices as a species about the civilization we want to create. The fields of law, money and relations between the sexes provide a lens through which we can see these choices being made. As meditators it is our task to hold all this in the light - and in that light to see the place of balance taking shape. We human beings, as a collective, are, through the opportunities of the climate crisis, preparing to 'choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force'.