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Libra, Choice and the Wholeness Vision

Steve Nation
September 2007

Welcome to this full moon reflection. We call this the Libra full moon. In fact the moon itself is not conditioned by Libra. Our attention is focussed on the light pouring from the sun - the solar fires that reflect off the face of the moon onto the earth and that make the moon appear in the sky as this magnificent golden sphere. It is the flow of light that makes this such a good time for meditation work.

Our work is world service - that's the whole point of the exercise. Using the abundant flow of lighted energies coming from the heart of the sun during the full moon period we are called to stand as point of focus in the collective mind and heart of humanity. A point of focus - of poise and balance amidst all the hustle and bustle and busyness, amidst all the illusions and fears and separative thought forms of the human mind and heart. Just imagine the world group as if it were at a point of focus, 'fitted for contact with the real', with the mind held steadily in the light of the soul, without any effort by the personality.

And there we stand - naturally invocative to the light from above - allowing that light to impress our thinking and understanding - and then radiating the energy of our lighted thoughts throughout the wide field of the human mind and heart. These radiations serve humanity both as an irritant to illusory thinking and as a source of inspiration and an invitation to think from a higher, more inclusive and universal perspective.

We do this work in co-operation with the Great One's on the inner side of life - the Hierarchy - the elders of humanity of all traditions and spiritual heritages. And this is something we need to constantly remind ourselves of - the super-human vision and potency of the Great Ones - their collective reservoir of wisdom and of love which is so much greater than anything our human minds can fully comprehend.

So let us hold the group mind in the light : dynamic, poised, receptive, magnetic .

And let us sound together the Affirmation of a Disciple, saying it, as DK has asked: with your whole heart, as a soul

I am a point of light within a greater Light.
I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine.
I am a point of sacrificial Fire, focussed within the fiery Will of God.
And thus I stand.

I am a way by which men may achieve.
I am a source of strength, enabling them to stand.
I am a beam of light, shining upon their way.
And thus I stand.

And standing thus revolve
And tread this way the ways of men,
And know the ways of God.
And thus I stand.

Libra brings with it great gifts which are of special moment at this time in human history - or so it seems to me. In introducing comments on the sign in the book Esoteric Astrology the Tibetan makes the rather startling statement that because Libra is coming into a position of power in the planetary horoscope, governing the transition period between Pisces and Aquarius, there is "no need for real anxiety".

What a thought. What are we to make of it? We hear so much talk these days, amongst all sorts of good people from the esoteric community, religious communities and people of different spiritual traditions. For so many the world seems to be in a desperate and rather bleak state. And then we read this comment that because of the Libran influence, there is no need for anxiety.

This suggests to me that if we look at the world through the perspective of Libra we might see events and developments in human thinking and action in a somewhat different light. The context is the transition in human consciousness between Pisces and Aquarius. In 'outer terms' this transition in consciousness means a transition in culture - in all aspects of individual and community culture. Transition means conflict, change, stress, pain, discomfort. It does not mean that in Aquarius we will suddenly cease to be human and find ourselves relieved of all the relativities and complex discordances or conflicts of incarnation. As humans we straddle spirit and matter and all the tensions of that relationship are not suddenly about to disappear in the psyche and society of Aquarius.

It is simply that the dissonances in Aquarius will be different from those in Pisces. Whereas separation was the keynote of Pisces and psyche and society were oriented around that keynote - the culture of Aquarius will be centred around experiences of wholeness. The dynamics, the challenges and opportunities of Aquarius will be about incarnating wholeness and responding adequately to our awakened sense of interdependence.

In this transition time the challenge of incarnating wholeness has been something of a struggle with pioneering individuals and fringe alternative movements. Yet now we are entering a time when the systems and structures of society are consciously facing these Aquarian challenges - we see it with the challenge of climate change and all of the debate around this and I believe we see it in the global negotiations around world trade and the Millennium Development Goals. And we find ourselves deeply challenged to respond to wholeness - a part of a blessed unrest.

How does the transition appear through the eyes of Libra - and in what way does this perspective suggest that we need not worry about the future of the world and of humanity?

Three things stand out in the Libran perspective. Law - legislation; balance; choice.

Law. The image is of the scales of justice. In psyche and society Libra provides the environment within which we learn to regulate our actions and to take steps, to legislate, that will bring our actions into line with our principles, ethics and values. This is an accurate description of so much that is happening in the world at this time - through law and legislation societies are seeking to respond to the challenges of the time - internationally as the world discusses and debates conventions on such matters as climate change, ozone depletion and the land rights of indigenous peoples; nationally and locally as societies seek to legislate for environmental issues and such matters as advancing the rights of women and protecting the rights of children; personally as individuals consider regulating their own actions in response to the challenges of climate change.


. The image is of the scales swinging up and down as dualities come into more intense relationship and competition. These dualities include the central core dynamic of the psyche as soul and personality come into opposition. The quest is to find balance and harmony - not an extreme identification with one pole or the other - but a measure of stability and poise. One of the gifts of Libra is the ability to stop the swinging and to be still for a period of time. It may appear that nothing is happening - that things are continuing as they always were in this quiet. Yet below the surface in the recesses and shadows of identity and self-hood, deep changes are proceeding. Intuitive impressions are flowing. There may be no dramatic outer action but the quietening of conflict and the stilling of the emotions allows the core of the personal identity to begin to shift.

This is what I believe is happening through time in the international arena - gradually the ground is shifting. It is certainly not all peace and quiet - far from it. There is barbaric violence on a massive scale in Iraq and Sudan. There is movement in the scales - the Middle East for example, an area of great instability, is a focus of global attention with the scales swinging wildly up and down - without any clear sign of reaching a balance. The global nature of the world means that poverty hopelessness and a dark vision of the future in certain parts of the world affect all. The War on terror seeks to respond to this yet it deals only with the results and avoids all of the causes.

Yet in a wider sense I believe there is some calm - there is for example not the agitated fear of nuclear violence that dominated the Cold War. There is deep thinking at all levels about how to make a globalised world work for the welfare of human beings and the planet. In this deep, subterranean changes are occurring in consciousness, and in the shift from nationalism to a more universal identity. All the movement and debate around the United Nations Millennium Goals to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life amongst the poorest of the poor and to take strong action in response to climate change is I think a sign of this.

The final point about Libra: Choice. Above all Libran energies lead to and result in a moment of choice. All of the introspection, the engagement with law and the concern for balance is held within a purposeful objective. Libra may appear to sit still but beneath the surface there is a trajectory towards choice - so that we can speak of before Libra and after Libra. Hence it rules the transition time. And hence we should be thinking about events and developments in these early decades of the 21st century in terms of a lead up to decision time. This is choice as initiation - choice to act in line with the wholeness vision - choice to respond adequately to the clear message of the International Panel of Scientific Experts on Climate Change - choice, like Great Britain and Germany recently demonstrated, to really put some muscle into the Millennium Development Goals.

One way of measuring how we are doing in relation to this Libran moment of choice is to watch over, say a ten year period, how well the global community (us) responds to the challenges of the Millennium Goals and Climate Change.

What is the teaching - the insight that we can draw from Libra - that beneficent, benign and beautiful energy of balance. How might it affect our lives as individuals? We can expect to be moving into a time of deep, profound choice. We can mould our sense of the future around this expectation. Choice to attend to the presence of the Soul - to give the Soul some breathing space in our daily awareness - to commit to our spiritual practices with discipline and rigour - to begin to think about the world from the higher perspective of the soul - with all of the understanding, the love that this brings - and also with all of the quiet, steady sense of purpose to spread love in our surroundings and to respond to the events of life a if they provided us with endless opportunities to serve. Choice like this cannot be manufactured or imposed by the will of the personality or the concrete mind. But we should be preparing for the time and expecting the time when all of our being will say I choose the Way of the Soul: I choose the Way which leads between the two great lines of force.