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Why is Invocation so Important?

Steve Nation
June 2009

The full moon is the time of the month when the Earth receives the maximum flow of sunlight - direct sunlight during the day and sunlight reflected off the moon at night.

It makes good sense to work in meditation with this flow of lighted energy - not simply from the physical sun but from the heart of the sun and the spirit of the Sun, what is referred to as the Central Spiritual Sun.

Today, at the Gemini Full Moon, the alignment between humanity, the Heart of the Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun is said to be at its Peak. The Christ, we are told, stands radiant at this time - bathed in the Light of the Central Spiritual Sun - and distributor of that light of the Father to humanity. The Gemini full moon is known as the Festival of the Christ.

The Christ's gaze today is said to be upon humanity - the human kingdom. The significance of this full moon festival lies in the relationship between the Christ and humanity. We can imagine the Christ standing with His assembly of Saints, Rishis, Masters, Elders and representatives of the Divine Feminine - as a great Potency of Light, Love, Wisdom and Radiant Power.

Imagine humanity standing before this overshadowing field of Light. In the dynamic tension of this relationship between humanity, the Christ and the Forces of Light we take our stand as a global community of inner workers.

As well as being known as the Festival of the Christ, the Gemini full moon is also known as the Festival of Humanity. It is the festival of humanity in transition - humanity in the process of becoming a global community of cultures and nations relating to each other with a dominant note of goodwill and integrity - and relating to the Earth, the animals, plants and minerals with goodwill and integrity. We need to be thinking of humanity as one unit - the One Humanity on the threshold of a new, integral relationship with the One Life.

In service of evolution, at this Gemini Festival the task is to foster a spirit of invocation between humanity and the Forces of Light. Esotericists, people of faith, everyone who values prayer and meditation are called to Labor in this Festival. One way of looking at this is to affirm that each will do the work of invocation in a way that is natural to them - a way that grows out of the traditions and revelations of their faith. Based on the revelation of the Bailey teachings, the Gemini full moon marks the most auspicious time for human beings the world over to focus on a great call to divinity.

And so is this day observed as World Invocation Day.There are two ideas that I want to explore about this Day - firstly the idea of invocation itself and secondly the role of the Great Invocation.

Why is invocation so important in the relationship between humanity and the Forces of Light? The numinous reaches into the world through, what Teilhard de Chardin called a within to things. In the interiority of the human the numinous is found in Soul and Spirit. At our core, in the hidden spaces of the within, we find that the Essential Self is an aspect of the Divine. This is what it is to be human - to be a mix of spirit, soul and personality. Inner and outer is welded together into one incarnated life.

Because of the interior / exterior nature of human consciousness, the flow of thoughts and emotions that endlessly stream through our outer awareness as incarnated personalities carries a hint of the mysteries to found within. These are no more than hints, passing sensations, fleeting impressions. Personal awareness tends to mask, hide and obscure our perception of this inner touch of the divine. The clearest element of this masking process is our sense of separation - the separation between people and between people and other living things that our physical eyes make us believe is real. In the world of the within a different view emerges - a view of synthesis and wholeness - a view of electrical energy fields and dimensions of height and depth. If from the outer perspective our eyes are adjusted to see division and separation, from the inner perspective our peripheral vision reveals relationships within a seamless net or web of relations.

At this time in the cultural life of humanity the greatest need is for us as a species to approach the divine in new, intelligent, vibrant post-modern ways - from a wholeness perspective. Firstly we need to affirm the reality of the Inner Worlds - their Presence and the Lighted Loving Potencies that are to be found there. There is no One Way in which these potencies are to be found or recognized by human beings - different cultures offer a multitude of ways of approach. What matters is that, in Mao Tse-tung's words, we let The Hundred Flowers Bloom. Let the inner worlds of Soul be known to be real in the intelligent, post-modern mind and heart of our twenty-first century culture.

With recognition of the Inner Worlds there comes a natural call - a natural invocation for the energies of mind and heart carried by the Great Ones to flow into our human field of consciousness. These energies are needed because the life and death issues we now face as a human community require levels of wisdom, understanding, compassion, and will that are frankly beyond the capabilities of our rational selves. In our hearts and minds we need as individuals as well as families, communities, nations and as the human species to call on the Great Ones of the Hidden Worlds - asking for Their aid in the work we ourselves are already doing to transform the values, ethics and identities of human beings and bring them into line with our sense of interdependence and wholeness. Invocation is the essential quality we should be looking for - and we should look for it not just in our religious lives, but also in our thinking about economics, international relations, race relations, and environmental issues - and in all the agendas of the United Nations. Just imagine an intelligent, modern culture that carried with it a spirit of invocation!

Finally, on World Invocation Day, what is the role that the Great Invocation has to play in the awakening of a spirit of invocation in the world? Clearly there is much the Tibetan has to say about this, from the perspective of the Inner Worlds. Yet, even without the riches of DK's revelation about the Christ's use of the Great Invocation at the time of the Gemini Festival, its significance is clear. In the wording and simple mantric rhythm of its different stanzas the Great Invocation pulls in all the invocative prayers of humanity (conscious and unconscious) into a concentrated appeal to the Mind of God, Heart of God, and the Centre where the Will of God is known. It is an appeal for Light, Love and Purpose. Its imagery is universal - calling to the 'Point of Light within the Mind of God'; the 'Point of Love within the Heart of God'; and the 'Centre where the Will of God is known'. The Community of Great Ones on the inner side of life is acknowledged in a way that can appeal to all religious and faith systems - the phrase 'Masters' suggesting all the Masters of all traditions - Saints and Rishis, Dakinis and Goddesses, Immortals and Wise Ones; and the phrase often used 'May Christ return to earth' is more correctly used in a variety of ways, depending on the faith of the user - 'May the Lord Maitreya Return to Earth' or 'May the Mahdi return to earth' or 'May Krishna return to earth. Hence the new phraseology of the adapted version of the Invocation: 'May the Coming One return to earth'.

Light, Love and Purpose are universals - they are the most basic, simple and verifiable qualities of divinity, able to be recognized within each of us. And it is these qualities of divinity - or rather we should say these powers or potencies - that are most needed to break through and dissipate all the illusions, fantasies and masks of reality that lead us to think we live in a flat-land world of separation. To see life and ourselves whole we call for light to shine into our mind; love to flow into our heart, and spiritual purpose to guide our will.

With Light, Love and Purpose we become creative, intelligent beings able to cooperate with the evolutionary momentum of the divine Plan. And this is our destiny - as incarnated human beings - as a species on the planet - to act individually and collectively with a natural creativity and intelligence in ways that enhance the well-being of our fellow humans and of the creatures of the earth - the animals, plants and minerals. A centre of lighted, creative intelligence on the planet - that is where humanity is headed. The long path of reaching that goal is what emerges out of the millions of life stories of individual human beings who have lived and died, are living now, and will live in the future. Our life story gives each of us, the most precious, most intimate and most significant glimpse of that evolutionary path.

Invocation of the Light and Wisdom of the inner worlds needs to be as real a part of our individual journeys as it is of our engagement in the journey of humanity. At this Gemini Festival, when the full radiance of the sun shines onto the face of the earth and into the psyche of all of the creatures of the earth - including us - may we grow, mature and deepen our skills at invocation. Perhaps the best way we can do this is to use the Great Invocation with regularity, allowing the mantric formula of the Invocation to lead us, and teach us.