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The Planetary Meditation of Our Time

Steve Nation
May 2007

Gemini full moon marks- the culmination of the three festivals that form the high point of the spiritual year. Two months ago we celebrated the Christian festival of Easter, last month we observed the Buddhist festival of Wesak and now, on the Gemini full moon, we are here to celebrate the festival of humanity: World Invocation Day.

It's a day of intense spiritual focus throughout the planetary life. Students of the teachings reach out to involve as many as possible in a day of worldwide prayer and meditation. The Christ responds to this invocation by linking with Shamballa and with the Buddha and sending forth a blessing of light and love which radiates throughout the human kingdom and which will sustain the forces of goodwill in the world over the coming months.

From the early hours of the morning people from all over the world will linking in with their prayers and meditations, helping to build up an aura of concentrated thought and invocation around the planet. There is no way of measuring the number of people who participate but we know that the day is observed in all the continents - in the Russia and Eastern Europe - the Americas and Africa, in Europe and Australasia. Throughout the day the Great Invocation has been sounded and through broadcasts and advertisements it has been carried into the minds and hearts of a wide public.

In the vast continent of the Americas and the tiny nation of New Zealand there will be a coordinated sounding of the Great Invocation every 15 minutes for the twenty-four hour period of the Day And we can visualise that these regional and national Vigils will be replicated in other regions and countries. Just imagine, in addition to all the meditators and groups using the Great Invocation on May 31st a host of Vigils linking co-workers in a rhythmic pulse of invocation every 15 minutes for twenty four hours. Imagine a Europe Vigil; an Australasian Vigil; Russia and Eastern Europe Holding a regional or national focus means that there is a 'local' dimension to the invocation - helping to unite co-workers in each country or region in a piece of Work - an act of service - both evoking the soul of the country or region AND contributing to the global pulse of invocation. May groups in all countries or regions come together in taking the initiative to work together on these Vigils. Intuition in Service now has the software to handle registration for different Vigils. So lets visualise a flowering of World Invocation Day Vigils.

It is now 55 years since World Invocation Day was first celebrated.

Things have changed a lot since 1952. The external world is certainly a very different place now from what it was 55 years ago.

But what of the inner world of consciousness - how has this changed over the 55 years? That's a very difficult question to answer. It's only the enlightened masters who see things as they really are who can answer that question.Yet it's important that we make the effort to see the broad outlines of the map of human consciousness as it stands now - in our time. It's important because one of the things that we try to do on World Invocation Day is to recognise the nebulous, fluid invocation which is rising out of the thought-life and the desire-life of humanity in our particular time and to focus this into a sounding of the Great Invocation that will reach the ears of the Christ and beyond.

The map of consciousness at any time reveals vast patterns of unconscious meditation which are built up out of peoples' dreams and aspirations; whole sections of the world's population build their thought-life and their desire-life around dreams for better things; around struggles for desired benefits and around what has been described as the "longing for that which lies beyond their present possession and their present attainment". These aspirations, these dreams and vague nebulous visions make up the unconscious meditation of the race at any time. As the mind becomes sharper and moves into control, they become the ingredients of a more focused and concentrated meditation - building the thoughtforms that exert such a dominating, controlling influence on the world.

If we consider for a moment the field of unconscious meditation in the human kingdom - what might be called the outer circle of the planetary meditation we become very aware of how impossible it is for us to see this in its true light. We just don't have the insight or the depth of vision to be able to see to what degree the world has changed at this level over the last 55 years.But, having said this, I think there are some pointers that we can identify to suggest that considerable transformation has taken place in the world view of the great masses of the human family.

Think of the way in which education has spread across the face of the earth. It's as though someone has flicked a switch and the mind of humanity has suddenly woken up - for the first time in human history education is becoming universally available to all people across the face of the earth. We cannot possibly over-estimate the importance of this. No matter how unenlightened we might consider today's schools to be, they do give people the opportunity to develop the mind, to contact the world of ideas and to move out of the unconscious emotional plane of life into the planetary meditation that reflects on ideas and principles. People from every land and from every social background now have the opportunity to learn to read and to develop the mind. Through the United Nations Millennium Development Goals world governments have made the promise that primary education will be universally available to all children by the year 2015 - and millions of people are engaged in an effort to ensure that this does happen.

Another pointer to the change which has taken place in the outer circle of the meditation that is generated by humanity is the fact that people, and I mean all people, are now exposed to global issues and to a global perspective in a way that is quite new. The same books are being read in many different parts of the world; the same television programmes are watched by audiences from different continents and cultures; news of an event in one part of the world is able to be beamed to all peoples at the same moment in time. And through the internet there is an unheard of degree of access to information and people to people communication. The planetarization of the media and communications network means that different cultures have a much greater exposure to each other than was possible 55 years ago. And it means that some of the most powerful images of our time - the archetypes of our era - have been indelibly impressed on the outer circle of the planetary meditation. Several images come to mind: the photographs of earth taken from space; the remarkable images of stars and galaxies from the Hubble telescope; images of the breaking up of the Berlin Wall and the great symbolic walk by Nelson Mandela from prison to the global stage - a walk watched by millions on television; the joy and celebration of the 2000 Olympics; the Live Aid, Band Aid and Live Eight concerts that have united people around the world in a moment of compassion and brotherhood.

The spread of education and the emergence of a global communication network are two factors which must be having a significant effect on the dreams and the desires of the great masses of humanity.

But this is the outer circle of the planetary meditation. The most marked change over the last 55 years, and by far the most significant development for us to consider this evening, is the transformation that has taken place in the inner circle of human thought and aspiration. For here 'the invocation of humanity is taking shape in a powerful and intelligent recognition of the true crisis we face, Here stand the people of goodwill, the new group of world servers and, at its heart, the esoteric group of all who are trained to work in meditation with the energies of light and love.

Today this entire inner circle in humanity is more conscious of itself, more aware of its task, more organised for action, and more lighted than at any other time in human history. Looking at the consciousness of the people of goodwill in the 1940s the Tibetan remarked that they stood out as a centre of "spiritual, dynamic meditation", a centre of invocation and evocation. He noted that it was made up of men and women who were generally unknown to each other, and who did not necessarily practise any special techniques of meditation. But, He wrote, the collective meditation of this group emerged out of their deep reflection on the problems of humanity and the fact that they are all creatively striving and creatively thinking towards the worldwide uplift of mankind; they are earnestly working at the creation of a new world order and at the manifestation of a more definitely spiritual civilisation.... (Discipleship in the New Age, Volume II, page 216)

Imagine how the light in this planetary meditation has grown since DK wrote those words. Consider how widespread the process of reflecting upon the causes of world problems is now. Think of the radio and television shows that present vast audiences with the fact that we must learn to work together as one humanity or that we will perish. And think of the fact that programmes like this are broadcast in many parts of the world. We can see them as points of concentrated thought, vitalizing the planetary meditation and helping to awaken the invocative cry for light and for love.

Within this inner circle of meditation power points radiate out to touch every area of human experience. When World Invocation Day was first celebrated many of these points of power existed - but they were new, relatively young, immature and unconcentrated. Today they are so much stronger and they have acquired a measure of wisdom, wit and strategic sensibility as a result of the experience of the past few decades. Global planning and global co-operation is quietly taking a hold in the human kingdom through these power points.

Let's identify some of them. First and foremost there is the United Nations If there is one centre in humanity that arts like a magnet drawing knowledge, money, skills and creativity in to the quest for a new spiritual civilisation and in to experiments in co-operation and sharing, it is the United Nations. Agencies like UNICEF, the WHO and UNCTAD stand out as the catalysts which are forcing governments and peoples to work together to attack problems of hunger and poverty and to consider how the gap between rich and poor can be eliminated. The Millennium Development Goals represent a remarkable achievement in planning and vision - something which would not have been possible in 1952.

In addition to the UN there are many power points for the new order. There are the regional bodies that link governments in a particular region: the European Union; the Association of South East Asian Nations; the Organisation of African Unity; the Organisation of American States; the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation, and others. Through these regional bodies nations are gradually sacrificing areas of national sovereignty and putting the interests of the group above the purely national interests of the state.

There are the vast planetary movements for peace and disarmament; for health and healing; for conservation and enrichment of the environment; for eliminating hunger and poverty; for interfaith dialogue and sharing; for new approaches to the soul and the spirit of man. All these movements have at their centre organisms, organisations and groupings that circulate ideas, stimulate thought and keep the meditation alive in the planetary mind. Consider the massive mobilization of popular movements around the theme of climate change - the power of global public opinion is a new phenomena.

A number of individuals also stand as power points in this great aura of creative meditation. I am thinking of writers, artists, teachers, politicians, scientists and broadcasters who communicate ideas which lift the focus of thought and become a part of the planetary meditation.

Thanks to the vast field of reflective thought that cycles through the inner circle of meditation we have become much more aware than we ever were before of the problems caused by self-interest and separateness. The world is so aware of its problems that the field of meditation suffers at times from despair - if anything, the problems of poverty, exploitation and the lack of freedom seem to be growing.

But we should welcome the fact that humanity is becoming so acutely aware of its problems - people are touched in a very real and personal way when they realise the suffering that these problems cause. And as the problem looms larger in the mind so does the call for solution go forth with that much more determination and heart-felt sense of urgency.

There is an intelligent awareness of the fact of human unity and interdependence. There is an awareness of the urgent need to express this in our personal lives and in institutions which can bring together governments in a common approach to issues of world trade, of poverty, and of human rights. And now, what is new is that, through the clear simple achievable objectives of the Millennium Development Goals there is a Way of responding to problems that is bringing human unity into expression.

Yet still there is a dilemma - even with the insights and clear do-able Millennium Development Goals there is still the question - can we achieve the Goals? Can people of concern mobilize sufficient energy to achieve the goals - through popular movements and through pressuring governments? Can we generate the will, the dynamism and push to act? This is the dilemma which is right in the forefront of the mind of people of goodwill at this time. And it's the dilemma that we should welcome. For if we could see things as they truly are I believe we would see that this painful dilemma is causing an intelligent appeal to rise from the very depths of the human heart - a call for the powers of light and love which come from the Kingdom of God to pour into humanity. For it is only with the aid of these spiritual powers that the people of goodwill in the world will be able to generate the will they know they need if they are to defeat the ancient evil forces that are blocking the moves to unity. Let us pause here for a moment and recollect that this aura of meditation in the human kingdom and this intelligent appeal for light and love sets the scene for the work that is being done in prayer and meditation on World Invocation Day.

What is happening through the repeated use around the world of the Great Invocation is that the planetary meditation upon the problems of humanity and the appeal for aid from humanity is being potentised and focused, drawn in to a concentrated act of invocation that is sent forth with a clarity of thought and feeling that enables it to be heard by the Christ and the Masters of the Wisdom and that takes it beyond, through the doors that lead into the halls of Shamballa.

On World Invocation Day the Great Invocation is used as a word of power to give voice to the demand from humanity for the energies of light, love and spiritual purpose to be released into the world where thinking, loving men and women ire already battling the forces of materialism and selfishness and endeavouring in their own different ways to liberate the human spirit.

The Great Invocation was given to humanity with the vision that it could become a world prayer that could be used by spiritually minded men and women of all faiths. It could become a universal prayer, used across the face of the earth.

It is a prayer for the ordinary religious person, capturing the unspoken appeal that comes from the mind and heart of humanity at this time. It is also a 'great method of integration". It relates the will of the Father in Shamballa, the love of the Hierarchy and the service and creative intelligence of humanity into one great "Triangle of Energies". The effect of repeated united use of the .Invocation is to seal the door where evil dwells and to "let loose" the Power of God in such a way as to enable the Plan of Love and Light to work out.

So far we have been looking at what is happening today in terms of humanity. But that gives only a very partial view of the picture. To get a complete picture we must look, to the Christ and the Masters, and the response that They make to the invocation from humanity.

It has been said that on the June full moon the love of God is more deeply focused on humanity and more concerned with the welfare of the human spirit than t any other time of the year.

A very special ritual is supposed to take place at this time. The Christ stands in His own place at a central point in Asia, remote from the throng and he impact of humanity. He stands as the representative of humanity and as the oldest in a great family of brothers. He blesses the world at the exact moment f the full moon and, in a high point of the ritual, He repeats the last sermon delivered on earth by the Lord Buddha. This action by the Christ is said to set p a rapport with Shamballa and to create a merging of the forces of light and he forces of love.

The Christ then returns his gaze to the world. He pronounces the Beatitudes which He first uttered when he was on earth and the ceremony is concluded with an outpouring of energy as the Christ sounds the Great Invocation.

These are the inner events that are said to take place at each Gemini full moon. To the extent that we can imagine them and build them into our meditation so we can cooperate with them and know ourselves to be a part of them. For we are a part of them. They involve the three centres of the planetary life: humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. And they produce a release, a blessing and a flow of spiritual energy which impacts upon the minds of humanity, bringing inspiration and revelation, and feeding the spirit of goodwill in the world.

The Hierarchy and Shamballa respond to the intelligent appeal from humanity with an outpouring of enlightened love and purpose which nourishes the inner circ1e of meditation and prepares the way for the soul to walk out into the world.

The energy released at this time will inspire and sustain the network of goodwill throughout the coming year.

We can visualise this radiation of love giving the strength and purpose that is needed to enable progress to be made in meeting all of the eight Millennium Development Goals. We can see the forces of Light conditioning the way in which the governments of the world respond to the Goals. And we can visualise these spiritual energies hovering over the United Nations - in New York, in Geneva, in Paris, in Nairobi, in Tokyo, and in all the other centres where the UN has its offices and holds its assemblies.