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The Spirit of God : Builder of the Lighted House

Steve Nation
July 2012

It can be a life-changing experience to ponder the keynote for the full moon when the Sun is in the constellation Cancer: I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.

As we enter into this koan we may well begin with a sense of 'I' as the one who is thinking about the koan. The incarnated person ponders his or her task in terms of building a lighted house — perhaps working hard to make the personal life radiant, lighted and pure, and the community life full of light and responsive to the Ethics of Universality — an appropriate place to dwell during an incarnation. And this is a wonderful meditation practice.

We might also ponder the work of our time — the Great Turning that so very many of us are engaged with — in terms of building a lighted house, designing structures of relationship, institutions and economic systems that are lighted, reflecting our emerging sense of the One Life and the One Humanity.

Yet there is something else we need to attend to in pondering this keynote. Cancer is a sign of mystery and hidden meanings. It is watery, vague and nebulous. What can be life transforming is to begin to think from a perspective outside of time and space — and even outside of consciousness itself. The Bible speaks of the Spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters.

What are we to make of this? Instead of looking up towards the Soul and the Spirit — imagine The Presence that is the Spirit of God — the Presence that is the seed of Divinity in all Teachings, all Wisdom throughout the ages. And now imagine sensing the Presence throughout the universe as we are asked to do in the Tibetan's Meditation for the Technique of the Presence. We are asked to: Make an effort to sense the Presence throughout the Universe — not theoretically but in vibrating response to its Existence.

It is in this spirit, and from this perspective that the keynote for Cancer can become so life changing. I, the Spirit of the Whole, the One who Breathed the Breath of Life into the nostril of the human — The Universal Presence … I build a lighted house and therein dwell.

History — recorded history, oral history, the myths that speak to us in the language of deep time — history becomes the recording of the Work of the Builder, the Neptunian architect, stirring the waters, breathing on the living substance of matter, the divine feminine, initiating the process whereby the Light within the form, the "dark light" of matter responds to the light shining from the other pole — the light of the Soul. And so existence, manifestation is about God's work to build a lighted house. We are so pre-occupied with our work — the doing, thinking, loving, creating we undertake either as individuals or as groups. In Cancer it can be helpful to ponder the Initiating Impulse — the Light of Life itself at work — breathing on the collective field of human thinking.

We rightfully spend so much time thinking about the challenges we face as a global community and the transformations asked of us individually and collectively if we are to respond adequately to challenges like Climate Change, Peak Oil and the need to overcome serious poverty. The Cancer keynote suggests that in addition to our work and our responsibilities it is useful to ponder the problems and our collective mass response to those problems as part of a story that flows from Creation itself. It suggests the working out of a dynamic in the relation between Spirit and Matter — with Spirit active — a pool of pure, fiery light — initiating an almost timeless task of clearing away all that inhibits the dark light of matter from being exposed to the light of the Soul.

There is an image of the Crab, the symbol of the constellation Cancer, as the one who clears the ocean of matter which flows around the [human] soul. This is not an image of rejecting matter or rejecting incarnation — rather it is an image of clearing out the shadowy tricksters of mind and heart (glamour, maya and illusion) preventing us from seeing that we are part of an environment of Unity, Oneness and Synthesis.

And what of us, individuals and groups that seek to be of use in the working out of the Plan as envisaged by the One in Whom We Live and Move and Have our Being? What guidance does Cancer give us, beyond the call to look beyond our individualities into the grand drama of the evolution of life Itself?

Consciousness and understanding of the larger purpose which lies behind … the consciousness in this solar system, in the planet and in man, has to be grasped eventually … This is what lies ahead of us as our understanding deepens, as the intuition unfolds and we become truly universal thinkers. When and as this happens we become a cooperator in the great creative process and purpose. We begin to hold an alignment that enables us to contribute to the awakening of the dance between the light of matter as it exists in the vast masses of human beings and the universal light of the soul. This may be something we wish to do or aim to do — yet everything depends on the actual living, functioning alignment between Triad, Soul and personality. To be a cooperator in a true sense means to radiate higher energies through the medium of a discipleship group — radiate those energies in such a way that they carry magic, nurturing growth, empowering purpose, truly supporting the Work and the alignment of other serving groups.

I build a lighted house, and therein dwell.