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Building a Lighted House requires that we Attend to the Soul

Steve Nation
July 2011

In Cancer we will be meditating together on the seed thought: I build a lighted house and therein dwell. This is very much a meditation for our time in history. Whole nations and groups of nations are immersed in the apparently impossible task of rebuilding and transforming a crystallized, industrial civilization. Amongst forward thinkers there is a recognition that the reliance on oil, as the primary source of energy and an essential ingredient in many of the material 'things' we surround ourselves with, must end. The material form of civilization is known to be unsustainable in its present structure.

There is the vision amongst thinkers and people of goodwill of Sustainable Energy for All. There are political programs at national, state, district and local level in many parts of the world to pour energy into creative initiatives in solar energy, wind power and the sustainable manufacture of things. There are important battles taking place around these issues in local councils as well as national and international forums. Creative entrepreneurs alongside some forward-thinking established businesses are using carbon-free or low-carbon manufacturing processes and smart energy-efficient technologies - and there are boardroom battles taking place over this issue. This year, 2011, is being observed by the United Nations as International Year of Forests, among other themes, and next year, 2012, will be observed as International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. Also next year, in June, a historic international conference, popularly known as 'Rio + 20', the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, will be held in Rio de Janeiro, marking the 20th anniversary of the 1992 Earth Summit. Rio + 20 is scheduled to start on June 4th, World Invocation Day, the day of the Gemini full moon, and continue through to June 6. We must begin planning for the 2012 World Invocation Day Vigil now with this important event in mind.

Building a lighted house is a dynamic that is very much a force in our times. The political and economic power of the 'sustainable energy lobby', if we think of it like this, ebbs and flows depending largely on circumstances and events. Yet the fact is that the urgency of climate change, the depletion of oil reserves and the 'peak oil' scenario will only escalate through time. So the tension between those who are aligning themselves around a need for a new civilization that is gentler on the earth and those whose natural inclination (and personal advantage) is to resist deep change will become more intense and more central to national and international affairs. This is all very Cancerian - very much concerned with a reorientation around the work of building a lighted house.

When we think of the energy of Cancer we think of mass, instinctual, consciousness. A part of the politics of the shift towards sustainable energy is about generating a popular desire amongst the peoples of influential nations, like the USA, to be part of the transition into a more lighted and earth-friendly civilization. This means valuing material things that do not harm the earth as well as valuing simpler life styles. The desire of peoples to build a lighted civilization, where beauty, goodness and simplicity are enjoyed and a source of pleasure and happiness is a part of the meaning of our time - it seems to me. Just think of how the words 'natural', 'organic', 'wholesome', 'healthy', 'energy efficient' are emerging as desirable characteristics of the things we buy, not just expensive luxuries.

During this Cancer full moon it is interesting to reflect on the impelling energy, that comes from the Divine, and pours through the Tokyo planetary centre with the suggested keynote: I reflect the Light. As a result of an on-going economic crisis and the natural disaster of the tsunami combined with its impact on nuclear energy Japan and the peoples of Japan are very much in the minds and hearts of people of concern around the world at this time. In a sense the fallout from the tsunami in Japanese politics, economics and the energy industry can be contemplated with the Cancer keynote in mind: as an opportunity to build a lighted house in line with the keynote of reflecting the Light.

A good way for us to approach this full moon is to ponder the quality of the light of Cancer. It is said to be The Light within the form. And to fully understand the significance of this we need to contrast this quality of light with, for example, the light of Leo (The Light of the Soul), or Capricorn (The Light of Initiation), or Taurus (the penetrating light of the Path). DK writes of the Cancerian Light within the form that it is the diffused light of substance itself, the "dark light" of matter … It is the light awaiting the stimulation coming from the soul light. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 329]

This suggests that the work of building a lighted house requires that we work from the soul perspective - shining the soul's light upon the diffused light of the personal vehicles, and upon the organic, dark light of matter. This is very different from the view of the personality as evil or the material world as 'dead' and lifeless. The Light within the form awaits the stimulation that will eventually come from the soul light. It yearns for the leavening, transforming, enriching light of the Solar Angel. We tend to give the Soul so little attention - and when we do think of the Soul we see it from the perspective of our incarnated humanity. In esoteric work we need to begin to consider the Soul, our own Soul on its own plane, with its agenda, its group identity, its particular qualities of Light, Love and Sacrificial Will. This Angel at the core of our being is the Redeemer. While our personalities, our rational, reasoning mind along with our emotional sensitivity will die at the end of our incarnation - the Angel persists to return again to It's work of Building a Lighted House. We may think that it is we, the personality, who must do the building. Yet what is required, and where evolution is leading us, is for our activities and our doing to be led by the Beingness of the Soul. Building a Lighted House requires that we attend to the Soul and that we learn to align our action with the vision, purpose and love of the Soul. We learn to do this, in part, by learning to see from the perspective of the soul.