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Now is the Time to Work

Steve Nation
June 2010

This month we are reflecting on the masses of ordinary people in the world — souls immersed in matter. Looking through the eyes of the constellation Cancer our attention is drawn to the world of form — bodies, things, substance. As human beings our relation with the form side of life tends to be unconscious, instinctual and automatic — it reflects the culture in which we live.

For ordinary people — those whose thinking and behavior reflects the dominant patterns of those around them — the fact that issues of climate change, environment, energy and technology are so dominant reflects a deep Cancer influence.

We speak of society being addicted to oil and fossil fuels — an addiction that is so deep that it is instinctive, automatic, unconscious — psychic even. This notion of addiction makes us think of the Cancerian energies — watery, dark, and unfathomable in many ways. It seems almost impossible to shift the course of events and bring about significant changes in our use of energy and our care for the earth and even our care for our own bodies.

Two issues in the global conversation at this time highlight the problem. The G8 and G20 Summits of world leaders in Canada this weekend are confronting the fact that the great masses of the world populations do not express a strong will to tackle climate change or start out on a new path of sustainable development. Mass opinion lacks any sense of urgency about these issues — and tends to be more concerned with competitive national advantage. What will be needed to change this apparent lethargy? And in the second issue, the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico — peoples lives, their jobs and their life-styles are so tied to oil exploration that it is easy for powerful economic interests to lead public opinion away from any serious debate about ending the dependence on fossil fuels.

The fact is that the pull of matter is a dominant force in the human psyche. It has been so for thousands of years — yet in recent times our enthrallment to matter has been concentrated through the industrial, technological and electronic revolutions. Our addiction to things has reached a crisis point — it has crystallized.

Esoteric astrology teaches us that the long, slow rhythm of mass life and of imprisonment to form begins to break up as the individual steps out of the mass and becomes absorbed in independent, personal development. The focus of identity shifts from tribe and family and nation. It narrows in to become absorbed in the struggle to become a powerful, successful personality.

For those who are further along on the path this personality focus is something they need to leave behind. But for the masses it is to be celebrated — requiring as it does a development of the rational, concrete mind.

One of the ways forward in national conversations is to appeal directly to a future of personal, individual growth — research into new technologies and energy sources will lead to more desirable things, enhancing and empowering the lives of ordinary people. Oil related jobs in the Gulf States of US could be replaced by more secure, higher paying jobs in the new technologies. This story is already being told — yet in the light of Cancer it seems that the arguments for personal development need to be repeated again and again, with a multitude of voices appealing to the wide sections of the population.

Esoteric astrology also suggests that very large numbers of people are now at a stage beyond the focus on the personality. Millions of people are now involved in the dynamic of establishing a relation with the Soul — the source of Light, Love and Spiritual Purpose at the core of our being. This process advances through the development of the higher regions of mind and of heart — abstract mind, higher mind and intuition. Soul, because it is a centre of Light and Love, is empathic — is aware of the whole of Life and sees the bigger picture of the Common Good. And today the soul vision speaks strongly to large audiences of people. It inspires many in their approach to energy policy, climate change and the environment.

On this higher turn of the spiral the Cancer energies are all about the call to build a lighted house — to consciously bring order, beauty and harmony into our relations with the material world. We become co-creators, consciously manifesting the good, the beautiful and the true. This calls us to be builders and creators rather than philosophers. To build we need discipline, experience in our craft. We need to put down roots and let them grow deeper over time. Now is the time to encourage those drawn by the new vision to put away their dreams, roll up their sleeves and Work at building the new — from the foundations up.

Much of the work needed now, for individuals approaching the higher turn of the evolutionary spiral, is serious, concentrated work in and with mind. The recreation of our relations with the material world represents a spiritual opportunity — an initiatory opportunity. Building a lighted house essentially requires work with the organ of illumination, the mind. That means daily work in meditation to build the alignment between higher and lower mind — and to establish the necessary detachment that will allow the intuition to impress the higher mind.

Right now the two stories of Cancer need to be emphasized: the story for popular culture — inspiring people to make better lives for themselves, and the story for those whose mind is awakening to the touch of soul. The principles at the heart of the Millennium Development Goals, and the sense of responsibility for healing the earth reflect a new consciousness, already alive and strong in the world.

In earlier times of industrialized societies the world of form and matter was rejected - almost despised by religion and by spiritual thinkers. And so it was that a culture emerged in which the material world could be used without respect or care. What is happening now is that a new relationship with form is in process of emerging. Things need to be valued, appreciated, respected — used with care and gratitude. This new materialism does not reject form — rather it consciously works to beautify and enlighten all that is outer and manifest.

The Tibetan reminds us that the polar opposite to cancer is Capricorn — the sign of initiation. Resolution of the crisis of the human relationship with form is intimately linked with initiation — indeed we should welcome the current situation and the fact that it challenges us as nations, peoples and a species to build a new relationship with the material world.

… in this sign, DK tells us, all the energies concerned tend to bring about the incarnation of the soul in the three worlds of experience and human expression. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 340].